trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. Engineering Readiness is an Admiral Engineering skill that is available to all Admirals.There are three total skills each costing 1 Space Point to purchase. Thanks.

I routinely do Elite Ground Maps with my Fleet, I always play a Tactical Officer and I do quite well. Makes it comparable to a delta kit. Bekommt man den auf Nukara? So, I have a question.. figure this might be the best place to ask.

Engi: weapons malfunction, recharge shield, paradox bomb 1 (Temp ops), mortar.

I am not sure why I was underwhelmed the first time, but with the revamp it’s doing quite well now. The two Tactical Teams allow me to keep facing shields up most of the time. Also, I've seen people in the chat window talking about training up other people's bridge officers... how does that work?

You can pick up the Level I versions from the Romulan Weapon vendor on New Romulus and uprade until you get the desired mods. A Special Bridge Officer is a bridge officer which is unique in some way. Upon reflection, I concede that this is more of solo setup than for groups. and module wise the pull+dmg module from the discovery rep could be useful for some builds. Even on things that have no shields, like the nanite generators/transformers, I don't notice much difference -- maybe I'm doing something wrong. Training Manual - Tactical - Cannon Rapid Fire III, Support Drone Fabrication III is an exclusive engineering, Dampening Field III is an exclusive science. Your starting Federation Tactical Bridge Officer (Elisa Flores, Tarsi, Elisa Flores dressed in the skin of a Discovery Era Cadet) is a fairly solid choice as well, particularly as you have to keep them. September 23, 2017 at 1:57 am whicky1978 says: I have updated this to be correct with what I have in game. I am looking to experimenting on my own. What is the best modifiers for Ground weapons now that we have Re-Engineering? thanks. You'll want probably two copies of Tactical Team (rank I is enough) unless you're squeezing in an Aux2Bat build, but as you're new you're probably not. (This post was last modified: 11-26-2016, 07:50 AM by, (This post was last modified: 12-17-2016, 11:54 AM by, [/url][url=]Trill Engineering/Intelligence Officer. Ist alles aktuell und wir benutzden die crtd armor noch normalerweise soweit es geht. A good science ground boff is Nelen Exil from the Dyson Reputation as he has superior creative and can rise from the dead every 90 seconds. I am thinking set up the Mortar, place Mines in the heart of the battle. [Romulan Imperial Navy Combat Armor Mk XIV] (50% to secondary), [Kentari Fortified Personal Shield Mk XIV] And ofc.

The basic theme of what you’re running with is similar to mine. Any suggestions are appreciated. I have tried both tetryon and disruptors but didn't notice much difference between the two -- the tetryons strip shields fast... with the disruptor build, it probably did better on the hull but it seemed like it took so much longer to get through the shields. A great overall weapon would be the herald staff because its great. Can we get an updated link to your ground builds now that STO academy has changed formats? Best ground boffs remain Klingons with Superior Luck wearing pulsewave … Mark area for shield, hull regeneration, debuff removal. the most important for an eng with mines is actually to know the spawn positions from enemies. Which Armor are you using for the DPS – I had it, but accidently deleted it. ↑ Powers scale up with Entropy, but do not remove it from Foes.

Well, without knowing what exactly you want to do with your build (escort says DPS, tetryon weapons say shield stripper/flowcap build)... You'll definitely want some cannon abilities. This is also the case for the entire replica 23c enterprise tos holo boff set or Joe, the Voyager EMH. The gap might be longer depending on cooldowns. I’m sure, markus will fix that as soon as possible , Looks a bit like that there are missing some kit modules at sto-academy right now.

Maybe you blocked the scripts or the stoacademy website was down, not sure. Don’t miss our constantly maintained post for several build types like Support Ships, Science Ships, Cannon Ships, and Beam Ship.You will … They work wonders with pulsewave rifles or sniper rifles.

Before the tree revamp there was a build that was (which I can’t find anymore) that was effectively a reflection boat (I don’t know if that is the correct term for it). wo bekommt man den her? but in general its an external side and we’re just using them, try to contact their admin if the problem still exist . In the tables below, the background colour of the table cell showing the rank of the ability is specifically colored to indicate where the skill normally comes from. The normal armor just adds a bit more resistance. Markus, what is the last kitmodul in your build? They are typically acquired in an atypical way, such as a mission reward, C-Store purchase, or completion of a Reputation. Star Trek® Online game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of

Thanks! these abilities will recharge 0.2% faster. I usually just use the three piece Nukura ground. How does this sound for a damage focused build? Here we look at the basic lieutenant commander cruiser build, for those classic Trekkies.

For each point of Engineering Readiness skill.

crtd or dmg, both work. – Chronotron Mine Barrier Guides, News | 99. here is a list of useful ground modules. Chronoton Mine Barrier

any new suggestions to ground kits and modules after the skill revamp? I re-did my Drone Build and tested it this afternoon.. After a year and a half it looks like the Engineering tree has been abandon as I have not come across a Full Engineering build.

races/specials, for boffs personally i prefere holograms or so, because they dont need an ev suit ^^ Eng: (Sniper rifle, TR or even MACO set) Teleport to ally <50% health, defense buff, make ally immune, Modify weapons to reduce target damage, flight speed, turn rate, accuracy, Mark Foe - Debuff Movement and Flank Defense, +Dmg and +Resistance, Increases Over Combat Time, Damage and Recharge Bonus, Scales Up at Low HP, On Weapon Hit: -Acc, -Perception, Chance to Confuse, PBAoE Destroy Targetable Torpedoes, Kinetic Immunity, Continue on Current Course, but Turn Freely, Maneuverability Buff, Immune to Movement Debuffs, Rear-Facing Placate / Debuff, Speed Boost, Speed Boost but Damage Self; Ambush on Expire, Self Hull Regen and Dmg Res Based on Throttle, Teleport to Ally, Buff Both if Remain Close, Physical DOT that reduces Damage Resistance Rating, AoE Instantly shield drain; Self shield Heal, Create an unstable anomaly; pulls nearby foes, Afflict a single foe with a Physical DOT that grows, Reverse the effects of recent damage, restores health, AoE Shield hardness and damage resistance debuff, Long-lasting Physical DOT; Chance to Confuse, Slow, Root or Disable, AoE Instantly drain the shields\shield restoration, Create an unstable anomaly at the target’s location; pull nearby foes, ‘Store’ incoming damage received, then apply amount of damage again to foe, Radiation DoT, Kinetic Explosion when target dies, Sacrifice Shields for +Max Hit Points, +Hull Regeneration, +Damage Resistance, Power Drain, Electrical Damage, Subsystems Offline, Sacrifice Shields for +MaxHP, +Regen, +Res, PBAoE Confuse + Placate Electronics, +Ranged Offline Chance, Electrical DoT + Kinetic Explosion when target dies, The abilities that can only be obtained from. September 29, 2015 For each point of Engineering Readiness skill. This seems to work great as generic Romulan setup: [Romulan Imperial Navy Profession-Specific Kit Mk XIV … (20% to plasma) Basic Tanking Cruiser Build Garrett's notes: In part one of this series, my brother looked at low level escorts.

Does this look any good? Well like in space every % can count :-), its not that expensive to get twice, but start with the environmental version and if you have spare marks get the other one some other day. in addition, i would equip one of my ground bos with the omega 3 piece set (teamwide buff, always active) and one with the iconian 3 piece set (teamwide buff, used from the boff).

Unlike on a tac where you funnel much boom through your ground weapon (and the critters melt in front of you) the pets of an engineer do it on their own and do so more in the background from a visual impression. Ok, sounds good.. thanks guys. Many special bridge officers officers cannot be customized at the Tailor. Current Kit is KPerfx2, using the standard suggested DPS Skill Tree. Nevermind, found it.. it’s a Seeker Drone. Hypospray Dylovene (add a second Botanist). if you have more questions you should talk with @soludor directly ingame , Just to add sone visuals to Feli’s post, here’s my ground setup for my latest Eng: Gibt es bald ein Update für Bodenkits?

personally i like the boolean to use between placing mines and other stuff, fit well.

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