A lot of the dialog is very creatively foul and apparently ad-libbed. That should keep everyone I have a few favorites that are good enough to re-watch about every 3 months or so, and this is one of them. well thought out Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg screenplay. Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s easy-to-underrate performance as the friend who becomes entertaining as the film itself. This is an easy recommendation. It should * "Snakes on Jonah" (4:44): A prank where two men are sent to torture the animal-phobic Jonah Hill with a bunch of crawling creatures.

When you get to it, the main menu is loaded with content inappropriate for children. Superbad is an old school raunchy teen movie in the spirit of Porky’s and the first American Pie. Long story short, the movie is damn funny. That isn't really the goal here. That’s pretty damn important at that age. 1.85 X 1 digital high definition image was shot in HD and is one of the better before being forced to go to separate colleges as Seth just missed making the These guys are geeks, no two ways about it, but thanks to a fake I.D. Integrating the scenes into the film takes a few filtering processes to match the footage to the kinda faux 70s look they had going, and building the audio from the stereo source of the supplemental materials to 5.1 surround, basically building back channels and such. Deleted and Extended Scenes Gag Reel Line-O-Rama Cop Car Confessions - Ride Along with Clark County's Finest The Making of Superbad Original Table Read 2002 - Seth Rogen Reads the Part of "Seth" Commentary with Filmmakers and Cast!

If I have any complaint, it's that although the video seems to have satisfying sharpness with no visible edge enhancement or other artifacts, it also has something of a plastic appearance, without much fine object detail. “McLovin” played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, is where most of the humor is. 'Superbad' comes to Blu-ray from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment in a 2-Disc Unrated Extended Edition that adds a few minutes of extra foul language to the already bawdy theatrical release. The only scene that I caught on to right away that wasn't in the old cut was a much more lengthy conversation between Jules and Seth when they first start talking in class. A raunchy teen comedy with a foul mouth and just the right amount of heart, Superbad is a laugh riot where the rioting never dies down. From there, it's a downhill chase after the prize alcohol, a journey that, like a bad dream, keeps getting longer and more difficult, defying all logic or sense of time and one which can't be escaped. be absolutely no surprise and then that the film opens in a Soul-drenched 1970s Maybe not so much for his best friend Seth (Jonah Hill, Knocked Up), who talks a blue streak and has zero boundaries as far as topics. Although they must face the ugly truth of going to different colleges next year, there are two more things they absolutely have to achieve before they graduate: buying alcohol and losing their virginity. The first disc starts with a forced trailer before the menu that's extremely annoying but fortunately can be skipped.

(Or, I'm just nuts, and it only doesn't seem as big of a deal to me now.). * Audition Tapes (13:20): Footage of Cera, Hill, and Mintz-Plasse trying out for their roles. They intend to finally * Pineapple Express: Exclusive First Look (4:27): A scene from next summer's Rogen/Goldberg-penned comedy, directed by David Gordon Greene (All the Real Girls), starring Rogen and James Franco. crass and much respect, while Seth will go for broke no matter how screwed-up

The audio commentary on the movie is subtitled in English and Spanish, as are most of the bonus features on DVD 2. The key to a movie like this is to keep the story moving, keep the jokes flying. The rest of the bonus features--and there are a lot of them--are on DVD 2. Unlike the better films of the past (My Bodyguard, Little Darlings) that were about real teens and even as silly as admissions test.

This is

include a hilarious cast/crew group audio commentary so funny that it is the

The first is from 2002, and features Seth Rogen as Seth, and since it was on the set of Undeclared, also has Jason Segal as Evan and Martin Starr as McLovin.

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