So, if you enjoy tropical weather, diverse marine life, and a relaxed Polynesian atmosphere with a touch of French flair, a trip to French Polynesia could be the island escape you're looking for.

IT’S you’re play) you can buy in front of the carrefour supermarket at west coast at the bus stop.

For further information, please inquire with French customs services before departure, Just don’t look obviously stoned or smoking and you’ll be cool. Despite of its far off location, French Polynesia is considered a part of France and the EU and largely follows the same law. Marijuana is legal in California.

Simple possession of Group 1 drugs results in prison terms of four to twelve years. The Email address or Password is incorrect, World Nomads Contributor - Thu, 8 Oct 2020. read about lockdowns and border restrictions. Stick to somewhere with waves that are suited to your skill level, or ask the locals for their top surf spots. I'm at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone 4! The surf break often reaches up to 9ft (3m), and sometimes as high as 22ft (7m). Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3. The following visitors to Southeast Asia fought the law, and the law won — with often terminal results to the lawbreakers. You can hire a car, 4WD, scooter or bicycle. Tahiti is the most populous island. They may also look away, but there are fair chances of getting into trouble.

400 people were hanged for drug trafficking in Singapore between 1991 and 2004. Read This Handy Guide. Scuba diving is a popular activity all over French Polynesia, but there's only one decompression chamber, in Papeete. Located on the southwestern coast of the island of Tahiti, Teahupo'o is one of the most renowned wave breaks in the world. Tahiti is the biggest island in French Polynesia, whose foreign affairs, defense, and legal system are governed from Paris.

Police in French Polynesia have taken a further five people into custody in an ongoing probe of a methamphetamine distribution network. Specialist Listing (Find a Tahiti Specialist). Washington Drug Possession Laws at a Glance. here to see which countries are open for travel, Get travel insurance and read the policy carefully to make sure needs are covered, here are our top tips on safety during wild weather, may cause problems if you have to make a travel insurance claim for injury, Staying Safe During Civil Unrest: 5 Essential Tips, United Kingdom Travel Alerts and Warnings, You're required to carry identification at all times. You should still defer to local laws when offered a chance to indulge — your status as a foreigner does not make you less likely to be punished for drug use, quite the opposite. The Philippines has imposed a moratorium on the death penalty, but an unofficial “death to drug dealers” has resulted in suspected drug dealers and users being killed on the streets. Vietnam strictly enforces its drug laws. You do have to be careful with larger quantities as possession with the intention to … Warrantless arrest/detention may also be prescribed under Section 31 of Act 234; such detention may be extended up to fifteen days if the investigation can't be completed in 24 hours. Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! also there’s next to the university ,isep, you’ll see dark cars circling around: if it those it twice make yourself noticeable or wait a little the dealer may park his car next to you…. A Certified Tahiti Specialist® can help you uncover hidden gems. Small problem – you're in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, nearby is a really long, and expensive trip. Tahiti is the biggest island in French Polynesia, whose foreign affairs, defense, and legal system are governed from Paris. Get in touch with a Certified Tahiti Specialist®. Drug Laws in Singapore: The Strictest on the Planet, Be a Better Traveler in Southeast Asia by Avoiding These 10 Things, Drug Laws in Bali and the Rest of Indonesia, What You Should Know About the Marijuana Laws in Denmark, Don't Get Locked Up Abroad in Thailand: Know the Drug Laws, Marijuana in Sweden: Legal and Medicinal Status of Weed, Malaysia Information for the First-Time Visitor: Read Before You Go, First Time to the Philippines? In Tahiti, for the possession of a couple of grams of weed, you are only likely to receive a fine. The Philippines has imposed a moratorium on the death penalty, but an unofficial “death to drug dealers” has resulted in suspected drug dealers and users being killed on the streets. Strictly prohibited imports include live animals, all plant material, flowers, fruits, and cultured pearls of non-French Polynesian origin. However, it is possible to be exempted from paying duties and taxes on goods listed below (purchases or gifts). Media reports said a key suspect was a tour guide who allegedly smuggled the drug, in part by giving some of it to unsuspecting fellow travellers. Other well-known islands include Moorea, Bora Bora, Raiatea and Rangiroa. Often they will turn a blind eye for a tourist smoking a join and even if they don’t they are likely to just give you a fine, as long as they do not suspect that you might be selling. In 2007, 85 people were executed for drug-related offenses. Temaru is a leading figure in Tahitian politics. Adventure or leisure? Michelle Leslie - Australian model caught with two Ecstasy pills in 2005. Contact us for full details. You do have to be careful with larger quantities as possession with the intention to sell is very illegal and you could go to prison for that.

The death penalty for drug trafficking has not been imposed since 2004, but rehabilitation counseling is often imposed on convicted drug users. – bridge next to the commercial center “Carrefour” in Punauiaa, also in front of it ” Master Price” opposite from Carrefour and a little on the right of the building a lot of kids on bicycle and group of teens just ask them!! In this week's raids, a further 100 grams of the drug was found as well as $US600,000 in cash. I use hemp not marijuana based CBD oil for sleeping and pain. This includes the principle of "garde a vue". 2015-130 of 5 February 2015 amending certain provisions of the Internal Security Code (Regulatory Part) on Weapons and Ammunition in French Polynesia and in New Caledonia, 36 the Decree No. I saw on another Tahiti forum that the allowance for bringing in alcohol has gone up from 2 liters/person to 4 liters/person. Last week, the prosecutor in Tahiti said methamphetamine was imported from the US where it was bought for between $US10 to $US30 a gram and then sold in Tahiti for $US1,000. Southeast Asia’s governments impose the toughest drug laws on the planet. As prescribed by Article 96a and Article 203 of the Vietnamese Criminal Code, possession of heroin in quantities larger than 1.3 pounds gets you a mandatory death sentence. It is an offence under French law to fail to offer assistance to a person in danger. Create Your Dream Vacation With Expert Help. Note that when entering or leaving French Polynesia, certain merchandise is subject to special rules. The Philippines Dangerous Drugs Act prescribes the death penalty for drug traffickers caught with at least 0.3 ounces of opium, morphine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana resin, or at least 17 ounces of marijuana. But the islands' lawmakers can change drug laws without permission from the French government.

Carry on the outstanding work!

The courts are a bit more forgiving, and tend to release small amount private users with a warning. On paper, the law prescribes a minimum sentence of 12 years in prison for possession of .17 ounce of illegal drugs; in real life, drug users may just end up dead. What Are the Differences in Drinking Laws Around Southeast Asia? Is hemp-based CBD is legal in French Polynesia? All you have to do is walk around town and ask local people, teens or even men, about ‘ pakalolo ‘, that is the native word for cannabis. Avoid buying stacks of water bottles on your trip by instead boiling water (if the tap water is unsafe to drink) or bringing water purification tablets. Since the beginning of the year, 27 kilogrammes of the drug have been seized, implicating dozens of people in a number of cases.

However, tropical storms and cyclones may occur at other times of the year due to the tropical location. You can’t blame them — the legendary “Golden Triangle,” a patch of real estate bordering Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, is smack in the heart of the region and is a world hotspot of narcotics production. A recent revision of the code raised the maximum penalty for drug offenses — from 10 years imprisonment, the law now calls for death by firing squad for those found guilty of possessing more than 500 grams of heroin. Kevin John Barlow and Brian Geoffrey Chambers - hanged in.

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