Tony is obviously not a local. A local lady-- burst into silent laughter, which I found quite telling. But when Topix came onto the scene, it took gossip between friends, gossip that people would ordinarily recognize as just gossip, and made it into something more serious. He doesn't hold out hope for the possibility of becoming something other than a pedophile.

And have you ever acted on your attraction?

Calvin, Mouth, Bugs, who were all going back and forth on Topix, talking about Gene and thanking each other for their warnings about him-- they were all the same woman, a woman who had gone to the trouble of making multiple accounts and then having fake conversations between those accounts. a TIME subscriber. Let's put them in civil commitment facilities. He used to own an antique store, but it just didn't work out. I'm sure she was in shock, probably kind of horrified, but at least she was able to hide that. "But please don't write that. I'd never been so terrified in my life. I was surprised when Adam first told me the specifics of his attraction.

I explained to him, you know, to the best of my ability, that what he did was very wrong. He just wants to get away from everything for a while. And then she kind of said, so what are you here for? He didn't explain the source of the problem, and his mother never asked. You know what I'm saying? In the spring of 2003, two teenagers from the Ardoyne area of north Belfast were stripped, tied up outside the Shamrock Club and covered in tar, oil and paint. It was exhilarating. Yet, on the streets of Belfast, which is successfully rebranding itself as a tourist destination, with guided tours up the Republican Falls and Loyalist Shankill Roads, there was little doubt about what would happen if anybody started dealing drugs on the streets. Tarring and feathering was a tactic used by the IRA during the troubles in Northern Ireland.

What's the American version of--. These terrified women had their heads shaved before being dragged to a lamppost. At 17, Adam started searching online for other guys like himself, young men struggling to deal with their attraction to kids. You're a pariah. So she was a little calmer. But he's committed to managing it.

He cheated on his first wife. It's difficult to wrap your head around. Gene sued Sybil Ballew for libel and defamation of character. Jock Nelson was not taken to hospital after last week's incident. And he was new to town at that point. If I've got something to say, I'll say it to your damn face.

Sybil talked to me on the phone. I understand you probably have a lot to ask me.

Back, during the troubles, this would happen all the time. We've arrived at Act Two of our program. And the fact that she was able to do that, it meant so much to me. Yeah, I know. Once used against Catholic women caught having relationships with British soldiers during the Troubles, the first recorded incident of tarring and feathering came in 1191, when Richard I of England ordered soldiers to punish thieves in the Holy Land during the Crusades. I knew it was considered wrong. Eight out of the nine in Adam's group say they are nonexclusive pedophiles, which means they are also attracted to their peers or adults, in addition to kids. People might feel sorry for him.". And you ought to hear them scream and cry. I know Paulette and Gene well, and they were both sickening out in public, kissing all over one another. Play it now. Did it occur that someone else was abusing them by making these videos? We eat organic food, so--. Studies suggest that an astonishingly large number of men are pedophiles. This is their way of presenting themselves in the light that they would like to present themselves in, that they're defenders of the community. I found out in a heartbeat who these people were. On its face, it seems obvious. Fedup with the lack of police action against criminals operating in their locality, there is a long tradition of summary justice being meted out on the streets. Yet some experts suspect that these acts are not simply designed to prevent crime spiralling out of control. They just said, you have to show up. So we've been working on today's episode of the radio show for a while, and the theme of the episode is "Tarred and Feathered."

He was starting people off with drugs. Do they ever want to do something to stop themselves? The woman actually wanted to beat him. I asked them where they got the tar from.

Guys like Adam hit puberty and discover they're attracted to little kids. By Bernard Weinraub Special to The New York Times, BELFAST, Northern Ireland, Nov. 10 — A 19‐year‐old girl was tied to a lamppost and tarred and feathered in Londonderry last night while a group of 80 women shrieked: “Soldier lover! Like this woman I met in town. Yeah, he had a big gold chain. He's left Belfast for a while, went to Scotland. And it's not like I'm-- I had friends. Gene couldn't find another job in town. And I'm really confident that it's not just being scared to talk to people my own age. or debate this issue live on our message boards. When I had moments to be alone afterwards, I was very devastated in realizing the enormity of what we were dealing with. And all of a sudden, then they mention about Paulette. He was tied up, and a placard put on him. The guilty man did not take his punishment well. I mean, it seems like you're making a lot of assumptions.

And I said, no, sir. His business had only been around a year, and he couldn't afford trouble. A warning, before we start, this story is definitely not for kids.

Somebody poured tar on him and then stuck feathers to the tar, and not in the year 1850 or something. Our program is produced today by Brian Reed with Alex Blumberg, Ben Calhoun, Sean Cole, Stephanie Foo, Chana Joffee-Walt, Sarah Koenig, Miki Meek, Jonathan Menjivar, Robyn Semien, Alissa Shipp, and Nancy Updike. I've caught doctors, a dentist, a state representative. Children questioned by their parents had admitted he had been selling them drugs - not just "weed", but also crack cocaine and heroin. This one didn't normally treat minors, and he was reluctant to take Adam on. I'm truly fearful that this is not the end of this tragedy. Once tied up, they had hot tar poured over their heads. And you know, the moment you walk outside your house, everyone you see has read it and is talking about it. You did it.

Jock Nelson was not taken to hospital after last week's incident. And if they do, who can they turn to? By every definition of the medical term, I am one. Did his organization do the tarring and feathering? Act One.

Belfast's politicians were horrified, saying it was a "barbaric act" that had "no place in a civilised society". I'd already had two people call, and say, hey, did you know that there's a reporter over here in town? Let me go. See the article in its original context from. "He's not here. A few times, he's found himself trying to convince potential members of the group that having sex with children is wrong. I knew it was illegal. I am, that's for sure. Hey, everybody, Ira Glass here. ", A close friend of Jock Nelson's said he had gone away for a "few days" with his estranged wife and children until things calmed down. She had to plead with him to accept her son as a client. And he just told me pretty much get the F-word out of here. Not that I could hear from a distance. Screaming for mercy, he was tied to a lamppost outside the local shops, opposite the park where he had been selling the drugs. We don't want them to, but they do and it's probably not going to kill them in the long run. Someone named Mouth then said, keep that creep away from the children. Here's the first of many distinctions, I wasn't clear on when I first met Adam. But if they see it in writing, they're going to believe it. She kind of put her arm on my shoulder and squeezed a little bit. The son of Jonny "Mad Dog" Adair, the psychotic former leader of the Ulster Freedom Fighters' notorious "C" Company, was shot in both legs in 2002 after being named as a drug dealer, leaving him maimed for life. It shows just how little we've scratched the surface. They were seriously considering bringing in stocks. You know, the local people were very annoyed at what this fellow had done. But Nelson started coming back to the streets around the social club, dealing drugs, locals say, to teenage children. You have to remember, 10 years ago, this fellow would have been found, shot dead, [INAUDIBLE]. I'd been using it for two years, before I started to think these children are real people.

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