This website uses cookies. Together the pair thought they were invincible and look where they ended up. Another area of criminal behaviour that I find particularily fascinating!

The night they died, they'd been coaxed into a meeting by three men they'd previously threatened to kill.

One moment they would be laughing and joking, the next they would be plotting to murder someone they claimed had upset them. In the first case in UK history, Damon Alvin was the defendant and a prosecution witness in the same murder trial. Rubbish, because if he did know the real identity of the killers, he would have had to divulge that information to the police or face charges. The principal witness in the prosecution case, his evidence saw Ricky Percival convicted and sentenced to four counts of 28 years in prison in December 2006. More violence followed with an armed assault on the Tretton family believed to have been responsible for the death of Malcolm Walsh.

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Nobody knows what happened to him. I'm older now, and I think about their kids, and how they have to live not knowing what really happened to their fathers.

They were 3 bullies who thought they were untouchable. Shortly afterward, the rave scene emerged and clubland was hit by a shit-ton of drugs. He'd been the catalyst of all the trouble that had been caused and so it was deemed essential that he should watch the murder of his friends before he was executed. Twenty years later, it's time to move on. Tate was determined to make up for the wasted years that he had spent behind bars. Things were getting crazy.

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