But… on June 10th, 1983, Buck assaulted Tracy for the last time.

Thank you for appreciating my blog and the hard won accomplishments for other victims of intimate partner violence in Connecticut. treatment that violates the equal protection clause. He had sliced three holes in her esophagus. violations of her rights under the U.S. Constitution. This entire site and all of its contents are copyrighted.

Police officer may not meaningfully refrain from intrusion in such violence, and may inevitably decline to make an arrest simply because the accoster and his victim live in marriage. After being rushed to the nearest hospital, where I was for seven days, I was moved to the nearest spinal injuries hospital, where the doctor showed me my x-rays, they meant nothing to me, he told me that I had broken two bones in my neck, C4 and C7, and that I was lucky to be alive, and that what the doctors in the army told me, that I had just “pulled a muscle in my neck” was untrue, if these doctors had given me x-rays, they would have realised this and I wouldn’t have been paralysed. Reeves has seen law enforcement evolve in the ways it responds to domestic incidents since he joined the force in 1997, he said. Mrs. Tracey Thurman stands as a courageous memory in her pursuit of justice.

He served nearly eight years in prison and five years probation. Hello!

when Storrs or someone else would try to get the I just wanted to note for those interested in viewing this movie which was a good movie especially in view of how the police treated the entire situation and the final interaction with Buck and Tracey. Others simply had her name, and Torrington, Connecticut. Mrs. Tracey Thurman stands as a courageous memory in her pursuit of justice. police officer, Officer Petrovits, arrived on the I had to leave with my four year old step daughter who loved me and I her, (she looked to me as her protector as her mother’s mother allowed her boyfriend to abuse her in her presence and she knew that she was always safe from any abuse when she was with me), as though we were blood related in her bedroom crying her eyes out as I was forced from our home!

It took twenty-five minutes for the police to arrive, In her legal suit, Tracey claimed a violation of her constitutional rights. speak to Tracey Thurman. The fact that no one in the movie referred Thurman to an agency where she could receive counseling or medical treatment stood out to Vanessa Wilson, manager of operations for the YWCA’s domestic abuse services. I could not go back to my own home until a judge granted me thirty minutes in the presence of police to clear out the rest of my posessions!

Nerve damage left her with sensation but limited control on her right side and control but no feeling on her left. Petrovits retired shortly after the attack, after 35 years with the department. Help, please!!! During eight months of hospitalization, she learned how to eat and walk again.

Time has allowed her to laugh at the memory of her sister, Cheryl, who died of cancer in 1996, driving manically trying to follow the ambulance to Hartford. She survived Thirteen stab wounds, a broken neck.

Thurman went on to win a settlement of 2.3 million dollars, and the high-profile case spawned widespread legislative action around the country aimed at defending victims of domestic violence from similar catastrophes.

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