Featuring the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Chloë Grace Moretz, you too can get a killer style. For women, updos and hairstyles that thin Once you’ve applied the eyeshadow, be sure to use mascara on both sets of eyelashes to finish the look.

Steve Granitz / Contributor / Getty Images. This short hairstyle is the perfect example of what doesn't suit triangular faces. This shape will work in straight and curly textures. There are many different makeup hacks and beauty tricks that can be implemented to strengthen triangle shaped faces. The middle part also helps to top divide the face into two long narrow portions to create the illusion of length. Just like the eyes, using a darker colored lipstick will help minimize the width of the bottom half of the face. This neat and elegant hairdo is the front hair sleekly tucked away behind the ears, almost giving it the look of an updo.


Your jawline is wider than your forehead. This middle-parted effortless look is easy to carry and will suit your every occasion.

Find out easily with FaceShape. Similar to the more commonly seen heart-shape face, to have a triangle face means that your forehead is the widest part of your face, paired with a pointed or angular chin. In some cases, The sharply inclined bang curled outward at the end gives the look its edge. This asymmetrical bob tucked in at one side is a keeper. Side-swept bangs that allow most of your forehead to show through will keep attention on the top section of your face. Pretty smart styling, rght?

The thick retro bob is defined with waves curled outside. The hair curved outward at the ends give a perky and vibrant touch to the look. Although this hairstyle depends on the natural texture of your hair, you can always use the heat-styling tools at your disposal and rock the wild curls every once in a while. The length of the bob defines your face shape in a flattering way.

For example, as you’re reading an article about triangular-shaped faces, you probably know that shorter hairstyles suit your face shape better, whereas the opposite goes for the heart-shaped face. Here click on the “Privacy & Security” options listed on the left hand side of the page. If you want to wear your hair up, make sure you pull out a few tresses of hair to frame your face.

Bangs are perfect for adding versatility to your look and for giving your hair a makeover without sacrificing your length, but they can also make such an impact that they totally change the way you look. top with a bold upper rim, such as the browline frames. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This is because the look, style and length of bangs have the ability to shape your face - for better or for worse. This hairstyle consists of shoulder-length hair framing one side of the face. Or you can view TheHairStyler.com's entire range of hairstyles for triangular face shapes. This hairdo consists of a precisely done low bun. This style kicks out at the bottom and sides and only draws further attention to the jaw region, while the heavy bangs, although to the side, still make the face look shorter and wider. This is one of the most popular hairstyles at the moment. This adds softness to your face shape and looks flattering.

Worse still, due to the sides being layered in short, the jaw area actually appears larger and wider than it really is. Matte Dry Shampoo does a lot more than just refresh greasy hair. Because the triangular face shape has so many prominent features, it is best to avoid slicked back tight updos. Triangle faces have a narrower forehead compared to any other point on the face.

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