Call us for warranty service at 1-800-328-8251.

So drop me a comment or like the video if you thought it was helpful. Tighten cup, replace seal or check valve. Farbwalze vs. Farbspritzgerät: Was deckt besser?

Disassemble and clean gun, and check valve.

It is entirely possible that the priming or spraying valve is clogged with old material and gunk.

Call us for help at 1-800-328-8251.

Material drying too fast. Compared to conventional airless devices, High Efficiency Airless reduces the spraying pressure by around 50% with the same material flow rate. I'm sorry, we do not ship to the Philippines.

Here is the first road test of the Wagner 250m where we repainted our entire house on the inside starting with the living room where we used the Aeromax 4000 which was a total nightmare.the Wagner control pro on the other hand is a revelation in how good a decent airless system could be. This combines innovative nozzle technology with a highly efficient but pressure-reduced pump.

The perfect gateway to WAGNER's world of airless paint spraying. It will not do well with latex paint. Reliable, fast and versatile, they are always ready whenever dirt or graffiti needs to be removed from wall surfaces and stairs, or when long fences or even large areas (e.g. Is that it? Material not properly mixed, or improperly filtered.

The Control Spray 250 is a staining and finishing sprayer for small to medium sized projects.

Disassemble and clean (a straight pin can be used to clean fittings).

It has the power and control to cut time out of staining projects like fences, railings, furniture and trim while keeping the mess down. These are HVLP sprayers that use a turbine to create air flow for atomizing paints, stains and finishes. The Control Spray 250 is a staining and finishing sprayer for small to medium sized projects. You can conveniently download a detailed list of materials and a sketch of the construction plan.



Refer to material application chart for correct combination. HVLP, Conventional Sprayers Air-Line Regulators. Very easy to use! Gun too far from surface.

Can you help please? Compare Products. For more help call us at 1-800-328-8251. Typical projects for the ambitious DIY'er, such as complete interior design or house renovations in which a variety of objects need to be painted, such as walls and ceilings, doors, frames, furniture, timbers, radiators, railings, steel beams, window sills or carports.

This is a different problem. Clogged cup pressure tube or fittings. Now too much paint is coming from the spray tip. I refinish furniture and use it almost every week. ... Airless Sprayer Control Pro 250 R . Turn material control knob clockwise to reduce flow.

Refer to "Operation" for spraying instructions.

I would give it 5 stars except for the fact that I can not find a replacement air filter for it.

Purchased a Wagner Control Spray 250 at my local Ace Hardware store and it was AMAZING!

I have used my sprayer several times on some furniture and cabinet doors we have done and really like the results. Take a look here - * If you feel particularly generous you can DONATE directly to buying building supplies through my paypal account: \"[email protected]\" You'll get a mention in the next video and Ill even sign your name on the next project! Illustrated step by step and with the help of pictures, your project will also succeed quite simply. Even if you are not trouble-shooting your HVLP sprayer there is a lot of good information here that can help you spray better finishes.

I really don't want to have to buy another entire unit, but not even on this site do they have spare parts.

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