Visually, the Gilded Zaw will have a modified appearance over a newly-built one, namely having all rust traces removed, the Strike being smoother and glossier, the orange Links becoming gold, and finally the blade having Ostron characters written on it. The Strike is the blade of the weapon. It will also prepend the "Arcane" prefix to the weapon's name on the Arsenal, though the weapon's name will not have the prefix during missions. Depending on the Warframe type you can enhance its by mods.

A Zaw is a melee weapon crafted by the vendor Hok in Cetus using 3 parts purchased with Ostron standing. ", Hok also sells fully assembled Gilded Zaws on his, As there are eleven Strikes currently available, the maximum amount of Mastery Rank points that can be earned from Zaw crafting is. Here, players must choose the crafted components they have available to form the weapon. We know how passionate and dedicated gamers are towards their obsession and we want to not only help those who are casually spending time but also those hardcore full-timers with unquestionable ambition.

(Item will not Preview until all 3 parts are selected). Zaw is a single weapon with three parts. The polarity slot will appear once the player returns to their, On the first in-game day of applying a Lens to the new Plague Strikes, the Lens will not drop convergence orbs or gain Tenno Way experience. Once the component parts have been crafted, players must return to Hok's Anvil and select the Forge a Zaw option. Fixed some two-handed Melee weapons (i.e. Afterwards, players must return to Hok's Anvil and select the Gild option under Other services, which will cost 2 Cetus Wisps and 5,000‍5,000. Zaw is a single weapon with three parts. After meeting the trader you can fast travel to Hok whenever you want. What Do Most People Really Think Of The Hat You Wear In…, © 2018 - 2020 - Gamer Tweak. Different parts grant different stats and abilities when used in crafting a Zaw, and players are able to mix and match different combinations of parts, resulting in a much wider variety of base stat customization for the weapons. You will only be able to earn Mastery Rank points once you Gild your Zaw. Players can also use the Forge screen to preview builds of Zaw components they do not yet own. Zaw is a melee weapon, modular type weapon that can be assembled with three parts. And Ekwana boost status but cost crit. There are 11 Strike attachments, 10 Grips, and 14 links. The names of the Links are indicative of the stats they change, and the degree to which they change said stats. Fixed equipping a TennoGen Skin onto a polearm Zaw removing the Sugatra placements at both ends of the polearm. You can purchase different blueprints of Zaw from this trader in Warframe. Do you have a dream of a perfect blade? This appears to fix itself at Daily Reset. You will have to meet Hok, an Ostron Blacksmith who runs Hok’s Anvil in Cetus. Unlike traditional weapons, Zaws utilize a modular components system with interchangeable parts when crafting. Fixed Zaws remaining in your Warframe’s hands when switching Arsenal views to your Primary/Secondary. As reported here: Fixed clicking on chat-linked Zaws overlapping UI screens that are already open with the Zaw inventory select screen. You can now include “&” in your Zaw weapon Entitling. A freshly-built Zaw (above), and a Gilded Zaw (below). The combination of a Grip and Strike decides what type of weapon is created. The name you Entitled your Zaw will also appear in the list that populates from typing in Zaw. For example, if you need more speed Kronsh, Peye, and Vargeet II Jai are the three best parts to assemble. You will have to meet Hok, an Ostron Blacksmith who runs Hok’s Anvil in Cetus. The Grip is the handle of the weapon.

The three parts of Zaw are Strikes, Grip, and Links. Well, dream no longer! Called as build each one has its own area of focus. In Warframe, Zaw can be your perfect sword a weapon with multiple parts that allows you to craft it the way want. For example more Damage or higher Speed. A newly built Zaw cannot be renamed, customized, Polarized, upgraded with an Orokin Catalyst, equipped with a Focus Lens, have Exodia Arcanes installed, or earn Mastery Rank experience.

Hok's Daily Special might contain unreleased Zaw parts. So your Zaw Build must come with the best combination of all three. Rank 30 Zaws or Gilded Zaws can be donated to Hok's Anvil in exchange for Ostron Standing. Links do not affect the weapon type created, and can be freely used on any Grip and Strike combination. We now allow the use of Skins on Zaws - this 2 year old request is finally seeing the light of day after some under-the-hood restructuring. Links are the various weights and decorations attached to the hilt of the weapon's handle, which grant a variety of stat bonuses to the weapon with corresponding penalties. Strikes are the head of the weapon, which determines the weapon's damage distribution, critical chance, critical damage and status; while also altering the final base speed of the Zaw. What Does Your Among Us Color Say About You? So with the list of Zaw part, you will see some recommended mods. Fixed custom holstered locations for Zaw Staves defaulting after exiting the Arsenal. If the weapon is satisfactory, players can then proceed with the Build Weapon action, which will instantly craft the weapon for 4,000‍4,000. The first mission is to find Hok, a trader on Cetus. Zaw Handles now use Fish Oil instead of Fish Scales. This is why Zaw is quiet a good weapon to work on in Warframe.

This gives players the freedom to pick the best possible combination to craft their own unique Zaw build. Below is the build that can bring in high damage, you will be using Balla as the head of the weapon giving you a high range attack.

It provides the majority of the Zaw's base stats. With Fortuna's release, we applied some general economy changes based on takeaways from Cetus.

Names can also not include any profanities such as swear words. Final stat values are calculated by adding values of the Strike, Grip, Link and the Gilding bonus if applicable. Zaws are modular melee weapons created and assembled at Hok's Anvil in Cetus. Zaws can now be linked in Chat! Change is the name of the game - thank you for all feedback on our economies and for being receptive to change! A Gilded Zaw will have all of the functionality available to other weapons, and it will have enhanced stats over the newly-built version of the Zaw - It gains +10% critical chance, +0.6x Critical Multiplier, +10% Status Chance, and +12 base damage, which is spread proportionally between the weapons base damage types. These are the components that earn Mastery Rank points for the weapon. Fixed script error resulting in loss of functionality when attempting to rename a Zaw. Each Strike can give two types of weapon depending on the Grip used (one-handed or two-handed).

Zaws are modular melee weapons created and assembled at Hok 's Anvil in Cetus. It resides in this place between yourself and Hok, master craftsman, waiting to be born! Fixed incorrect Melee sounds playing when using a Gilded Polearm Zaw with a Skin. To make it more simple I am going to list all Zaw components below. Each component is centered around a particular aspect of the weapon, and these components can each have various parts to choose from, which changes the type of functionality that the component provides. Links are attachments to the weapon that affect its damage, speed, crit and status chance. Players are also free to give Zaws a name of their choice to further enhance customization. Hammer Zaw (Rabvee), Heavy Blade Zaw (Dokrahm)) sticking to your hand no matter what you’re doing. While any Strike can be combined with any Grip, the type of weapon that results is dependent upon the exact type of parts that are used, and certain weapon types are limited to certain combinations of parts. Ruhang link focuses on damage but costs attack speed. This process will reset the weapon's level back to Rank 0. Changing Holster Style will have no affect on certain Zaws, such as the Oothla and Seekalla, If a newly Gilded weapon is equipped while on Cetus, the polarity slot added to the weapon during gilding will not appear. Each of these attachments features different stats. It determines whether the Zaw is one or two handed, as well as the speed of the weapon. Upon gilding the weapon, players will be asked to first add a Polarity to the weapon, and then finally give it a custom name. There can be various combinations of Zaw build, it all relies on what you are really looking for from this modular combat melee weapon. Warframe - ARCANE IMPACT ZAW - Let me suck you! For Two-Handed Zaws, the Damage value is further multiplied by a factor, listed in the table below, depending on the Strike. But for this, you will have to learn in detail about this weapon. Added Lifted status to Rabvee Heavy Slam radial attack when used with a two handed Zaw. Also come see the new warframe builder at Deal with him and you will unlock the Hok’s Anvil menu with all blueprints. You have dreamed of your perfect blade! Jai increases attack speed bust cost damage, Vargeet boost crit but cost status. It is all on you what to pick, depending on your warframe the Zaw weapon can be used to amplify your strength.

Installing an Exodia Arcane onto a Zaw will visually add energy lights on the weapon's Links. If your warframe is pretty fast enough and able to deal with good damage then a Zaw builds with high status plays a big role here. Fixed a script error resulting in a loss of functionality when attempting to rename a Zaw. Once built, a Zaw cannot be disasssembled to return its components parts. || An Exclusive PixFuture Partner, Warframe Zaw Weapon Guide – How to Craft Zaw and List of Best Builds, Warframe type you can enhance its by mods, Dokrahm (Scythe/Heavy Blade) – 309 Damage, Plague Kripath (Rapier /Polearm) – 213 Damage. The tables below show the various stats that can result from different Zaw part combinations after Gilding. In this Warframe Zaw guide, I am going to help you with the best zaw builds of 2020. Warframe How To Craft Your First Zaw - Plains of Eidolon, Warframe - HOW TO CREATE A ZAW - All info and tips, Warframe - ARCANE VIRAL ZAW - Legendary Limited Zaw, Warframe - PLAGUE SCYTHE - The Reach Around. Go to the Browse Wares menu to check the blueprints of Zaw parts. Warframe does not restrict you into one or two builds. Amount normalized to 50 units. Through this Warframe Zaw guide, you will be able to understand everything about the Zaw build. These daggers are no joke when it comes to laying … A Zaw consists of three different components, the Strike, the Grip, and the Link. It gives you the freedom to assemble part based on your need.,, Links are not always called links in the item description texts; they may be called "counterweights. Before we start with the best build list lets first see how to make Zaw in Warframe. It also determines what picture is shown in the arsenal. The Plague Kripath strike is one of the most popular Zaw parts in the … WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Sorted them based on damage, Damage Bonus, Critical Chance, and Status chance. Skin compatibility is automatically determined by Strike! These weapons are available to be purchased or built in Cetus and provide you with the advantage of choosing the stats you want for your weapon.

If you come across any issues with Exodia, or odd behaviours, please let us know!

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