Andy had asked Kyle where they were going and she had replied, "Home." Phil had confiscated Chucky and thrown him in the basement, promising Andy that Chucky couldn't bother him anymore. However, as he refuses to believe her story, she sets out to find the peddler who sold Chucky to her. He returns to his cabin alone, and takes his framed Kent Military Academy shirt off of the wall to get to the safe behind it. A different ending is shown than the one in the theatrical release. Chucky, the doll possessed by a serial killer, discovers the perfect mate to kill and revive into the body of another doll. A different ending shows Chucky's face being created through the machines, then Chucky gives an evil smile, much like the beginning of Child's Play 3. With Chucky finally defeated, Andy and his friends smash apart the doll's body in a nearby alleyway before setting it on fire. During the investigation, Karen comes back home, and is angered by Norris implying that her son had something to do with Maggie's death. Pugg attempts to break them up only for Andy to push him into a shelf and hit his forehead. While Andy goes to the bathroom, Chucky manages to blow up the building, killing Eddie. Just then, Shane walks in the room and scolds Andy for freaking out the cat. By luring the doll back into his room, Pugg smashes a ukulele into the back of his head and they hold him down while Andy prepares to remove his power core. Andy tries to warn Phil, but Chucky trips him, causing him to fall and break his neck. Chucky begins shouting from the closet for Andy to let him out, but Andy instead escapes by opening the window and running home.

")I found the performances admirable. Joanne assumes it's because of Kyle's poor attitude. The next day, he comes home from school to see his mother's boyfriend Shane in their apartment, and leaves by claiming that he is going to hang out with friends. Both Andy and his foster sister Kyle deny doing anything, so Phil sends them to do the laundry. Before picking up the doll, Andy checks its battery compartment and breathes a sigh of relief when he finds that there are batteries. This is a big, bombastic, wild ride of a film, constrained within the guise of being a standard slasher-sequel.But, there's something important to think about. | While at the orphanage, the fire alarm is pulled, Andy and his care worker Grace run into Kyle as they try to evacuate. Packing the cat's corpse into a box, he dumps it down the garbage chute and lies to his mother that Shane left the door open and let the cat out.

However, he is seized by Dr. Ardmore, who puts him on the bed. The two head to his apartment, but arrive too late, as Chucky had attacked and fatally wounded him. Karen Barclay And I really enjoyed that aspect of the production. Disturbed, Karen tells him to stop making up stories, and tries to convince him that Chucky is not alive and just a doll. Andy tries to call for help to anybody on the other side of the locked door, but to no avail. He was just a little too young and a little too cute for you to believe the emotions he was trying to convey. Child's Play 2 R | 1h 24min | Horror , Thriller | 9 November 1990 (USA) While Andy's mother is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, the young boy is placed in foster care, and Chucky, determined to claim Andy's soul, is not far behind. When did organ music become associated with baseball? Asked by Wiki User. However, instead he sits alone on a nearby picnic table throwing rocks at a garbage can. It shows Kyle and Andy coming out of the factory, after Andy asks where home is, Kyle responds by saying she has no idea then says it looked like she was stuck with Andy, which is followed by a scene in the factory where Chucky's face is made with an evil grin on it.

Set-pieces are more encompassing and wild. He has it mailed to Dr. Foley, while he takes his truck and begins the drive to Harrogate. And there are new ideas being explored left and right.John Lafia's guidance as director is quite good. He arms himself with a knife and proceeds into the basement. He finishes the chant, though his nose is shown to be bleeding. When she arrives, she gets a big surprise from her best friend Maggie. It can be anywhere from a couple days to several years. Karen comes to Andy's side, and explains that no one believes him; if he does not tell the truth, the police will take him away from her. It isn't even the foster family's decision to decide whether the child stays or goes. He tries to go out on a date with a woman he likes, Rachel, but while on a date the topic of the Second Amendment comes up. When Andy comes home, Phil confronts him about his test paper, and Andy explains that Chucky did it. Why was Chucky burnt at the beginning of the movie. The next morning, Andy goes to his first day at school, and Chucky follows. Some time later that night, Shane is again scared by Chucky, who is still repeating "Shane's such an asshole". With the two of them alone, Mike tries to open up to Andy, telling him that he needs to be careful about who he hangs out with in this neighbourhood. Unknown to Andy, Chucky has shipped himself to the academy, in order to kill Andy. Edit, In the beginning of the film, a horribly burnt Chucky is seen to be reconstructed by two technicians in the Play Pals factory, he receives new body parts and a slightly altered appearance apart from his previous look in Child's Play. Completely charred, Chucky chases Andy, who runs back to the bedroom. Knowing how disappointed Andy was, she decides to go for it and buys the doll. In a deleted scene, Joanne notes this to Phil, saying that Andy is trying hard to impress them. When Jack asks why Maggie fell out of the window, Andy says that she saw Chucky, and it scared her so much she fell down. As Karen pulls Chucky's body off Jack, Mike shoots him in the heart, finally killing him. Kyle tells Chucky "playtime's over" just before he gets disfigured. Title: The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

Kyle is shown to have a rebellious side as she swears, sneaks out late at night when she is forbidden to, and smokes cigarettes when she has been repeatedly told not to by Phil. Edit, Due to the traumatic events that occurred in Child's Play, Andy held a fear of Good Guy dolls which he partially expressed to his social worker. It's implied that he did die. With no living relatives, her son is placed in the foster care system. He reveals that he did some digging last night, and discovers that Charles used to be a voodoo student of a man named John Bishop. Ready to kill, Chucky turns around, only to see Andy pointing a shotgun directly at his face. He rips off the Chucky's overalls and digs into his stomach, retrieving a gun he hid inside. Andy tries and fails to convince Omar that the doll is Chucky, and the two get into a fight. Wiki User Answered . Karen tries to confront Andy about what happened to their cat, but he does not convince her that it is Chucky's doing and he is going to murder Doreen. All Rights Reserved.

After being knocked to the ground by Chucky, he picks a scalpel up and prepares to defend himself. Some reasons could be as follows: (1) Most adoptive families are more interested in adopting infants than older children, (2) Some families may have not been able to tolerate Kyle's attitude and behavior, and (3) The most likely reason is that there is no set time as to how long an orphan stays with an adoptive family. He even tells Kyle this when she asks him why he's rushing. Hearing Norris in the bedroom, the two go to his side, and Karen tells Andy to retrieve the first aid kit from under the sink.

Chucky grabs Andy, and forces him into the Play Pals factory, with Kyle running after them. Ano ang mga kasabihan sa sa aking kababata? Why wasn't Chucky successful in transferring his soul into Andy's body? Andy asks to see either Dr. Foley or Nica, and claims that it is an emergency, but the guard tells him again to leave. Eventually they find themselves led into a carnival, and see Tyler being forced by Chucky into a haunted house. What happened to Andy's mother Karen Barclay from the original "Child's Play"?

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