The Kuleshov effect refers to what film editing technique? The niche that points toward Mecca is known as __________. It is part of an established tradition of quilt making. What is significant about the Hohle Fels Figure and the Woman of Willendorf? How do artists use visual metaphors and symbols to convey meaning in art? the structure and complex interrelationship of its parts, deals with political underpinnings (Karl Marx writings). What was William Morris' attitude toward everyday functional objects? What color grouping produces the strongest color contrasts when used side by side? Some of the world's oldest surviving paintings were made on the surface of what objects? What is one consequence of artists who work in Relational Aesthetics?

"[14][15], Robert Stam, the head of new media and film studies at New York University, coined a term for the shared activity group: witnessing publics. Visual literacy is the ability to accomodate multiple interpretations, and also recognize that others have different interpretations than our own, and be able to forgive that. ornate pillar with four passageways leading to it. What modern technology is comparable to the flying buttress in its ability to allow for larger exterior windows? The people scattered in the room wearing different colors and doing different things shows variety. explain how the Katsura Detached Palace integrates architecture with elements of the natural landscape. How does Martin puryear's work play on the sculpture's capacity to be seen from different perspectives? In the Court of Lions, the luminous effect is created by __________. How is Olafur Eliasson's Waterfall a site-specific sculpture? What was the consequence of builders using the pointed arch and vaulting systems in Gothic cathedrals? the union of local with cosmopolitan issues.

What makes virtual reality an immersive form of movie-going experience? Critics using which critical approach might look first at environmental influences on the artist? The work communicates readily with the public about important issues and events. What is one reason why Egyptian art remained relatively unchanged for 2,500 years? 2, the use of rhythmic repetition to depict the movement of the body through space was inspired by __________. What 19th century development made it possible for the impressionists to paint outside? That is what i got from it.

What is pleasing to the eye, which varies across different cultures. In a couple of sentences, compare Michelangelo's sculpture of David with Bernini's sculpture of the same subject. 54-55. expands post lintel grid vertically as well as laterally with steel instead of wood or stone which functions as a skeleton of support, pendentives= triangular concave sections created when a dome is placed on arches. The meaning of relational art is created when arts perception is altered while leaving the original artifact intact. What features identifies The Sultan Sanjar and the Old Woman as a secular (non-religious) work?

the straight lines and primary colors convey the order of nature. Tawaraya Sotatsu's Waves at Matsushima is an example of a __________. What is a rod of graphite in a wooden holder called?

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