It’s interesting that you set out to prove wrong the diagnoses of constipation -and you succeeded. She wanted to warn other members that if you ever see a male goat straining, you should first seek treatment for urinary calculi, which can kill a goat within hours. They should get about 10% of their body weight in milk daily, split up into little meals. Here is more information on bottle feeding — — and calculating how much she needs to be consuming.

Milk is 85% water and is the perfect food for babies.

I’ve washed his hind end with a warm washcloth and he has pooped a very little amount. I did not continue, although I should have. He may need another enema, I would gently and gradually repeat the enema until he only passes water, that way you know nothing is truly "stuck" in there keeping new poops from passing. They all act like you’re trying to poison them — even newborns who have never nursed on mom. I am, by nature, a catastrophic thinker, and the last thing I need is a bunch of alarmist, non-factual advice. I usually never see any of our kids poop, and all 650 have been fine. Plz suggest anything that can i do in this situation. They did end up getting up and running and jumping around.

BTW, we did see this very thing about 9 years ago, in another buckling. She does not show interest in playing with the other goats today and a really has not had anything to eat in over 12 overs. Not a bad idea to take her to the vet if she isn't acting better today. If she did manage to get up she could only move backwards because her rear legs were so stiff. When searching various Facebook goat groups, there are some where constipation is discussed at least weekly.

Which is way different than when I got him where he was pooping every time he finished eating. She won’t get up unless forced. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Quality varies tremendously from one brand to another, which is why some people say it’s great and some say it killed their kids. How old are your boys? My goat is about 10 weeks old. Since you say her tummy does not feel full, it sounds like the mom is not producing enough milk, and this one is not getting enough. She was also covered with both types of lice. Constipation was not an issue I considered the first time I had a sick baby goat, because I’d never read of it being an issue. If light pink or white, he is anemic, which is probably due to barber pole worm, so he needs a dewormer. The guy didn’t know much about her, just said that he had traded her with someone else.

Amelia has lately seemed to be cramping, looking as though she is having ‘contractions’…. I was thinking about giving another today.

I'm doing an enema on 4 day old goat. While it’s not always possible to avoid the unpleasant, prevention is always preferable to treatment. He eats Timothy hay, no grain, and always has plenty of fresh water available. At some point, it will affect his growth. I'm so sorry for the very late response. Took her to the vet, no worms barely any coccidia which he couldn’t believe and he didn’t suspect bloat.

When large enough moved outside in a pen with another female and then the two eventually moved into their own stall in the barn with my Morgan Mare.

He is still presenting a hunched stance. We have a week old mini baby goat. Just an occasional cluster. We have changed his diet from powered milk to normal cows milk from the shop( the same one we drink) as the powered milk was just not doing any good. total yesterday. Important to know why she is getting impacted to prevent future occurrence. Is it normal for him to be so little and not pooping but once a day? At the rate she is going she will die of starvation. Hi Danielle, I hope you weren’t planning to use her for breeding. Thanks for sharing this information. Non-specific on the breed as she was given to her. Mariam, Today she pooped around 5 pm feeding, and then nothing. And how much? All babies born here will also get a tiny dose of BoSe after they’ve had their colostrum. She is a ravenous eater, was bottle fed and raised in my house. It sounds like he is dehydrated, which can happen with repeated enemas. Should i take actionor wait? I tube fed her warmed goat milk, 2 oz, and kept her warm. Because she is the youngest of three, I bottle fed her with her mothers colostrum and goat milk from last year. There is no other food that can provide as much protein and calcium as milk. She could have some type of bacterial infection in her intestines, which caused the diarrhea. Which after that he pooped. His last few bowel movements were very hard.

I've had her nearly a week. However, a lot of people think constipation is “normal,” and that we have to make ourselves poop. On the flip side, there is a 28 page chapter on diarrhea. If he’s sick and not eating, then you need to find out what is causing him to be sick and treat the cause of the illness. Encourage her to exercise, she may be able to start passing poops on her own. I know if you can't poop you can cause them to bolt.

Mix a couple teaspoons with water and drench her. . Can you give me an example of an oil I can use please! Is she overweight?

Coccidia is very hard to see on a fecal because they’re quite small, and they can do permanent damage to the intestines so that goats can never absorb nutrients properly, so it’s not something you want to risk. He didn’t poop again after that and I kind of stress about my goats way to much to Thursday morning (this morning I did it again and he pooped those little chunks again. We are currently feeding him 50ml milk x4 daily. Constipated animals cannot defecate or they pass very hard droppings with difficulty. Goats are always an adventure. In the past few years I’ve suddenly started seeing a lot of posts on Facebook about goats with constipation. She is still grinding her teeth, and her poop has changed to a black sticky glob when she does go. And here is more on coccidiosis — He is urinating about 3-4 times a day. He was treated and sent home with meds Baytril and something for the coccidia. To give an enema, I use an oral medicine syringe (no needle!) Only the excess is pooped out. Hi, my baby goat is only 4 days old. If not, use a big syringe. I’ve given him some bicarbonate of soda which helps. I bottle feed him. He also has some low sugar cheerios cereal as a treat. She is having a hard time pooping. Getting her to survive at this point will be very challenging, and if she does survive, she will likely never be big enough or healthy enough to breed. I currently have 4 goats; two dams, a wether and a doeling who were the result of their dams’ first freshenings. And here is more on how many kids a doe can feed and the importance of kids getting enough milk — What you see is not him trying to poop. When weather is wonky — wet, then dry, temps fluctuating widely – we are going to see the goats’ health take a hit. It is a petroleum product, which no one should ingest. A 6# kid is 96 ounces, so 10% would be 9.6 ounces, so he needs about 10-20 ounces of milk per day and will need more as he grows. If she is not eating, you definitely need to call the vet. She will not touch it. He keeps laying down and groaning, he has a brownish yellow liquid ring around his anus. Should I give up on the bottle and let him just have the mix and hay? I started thinking constipation because she had not pooped in 12 hours, had urinated several times, bloated belly and not wanting to eat much. Dam raising today is actually far more common than it was when I got started in 2002.

You’re one of the few online sources I trust, because you combine your hands-on, practical knowledge with factual information from trusted sources.

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