Even more, despite the sparring match took place inside Vegeta's gravity chamber, Whis was completely unaffected by the change in gravity. Whis, Merus and Beerus travel to Earth where Merus confronts Moro.

The two come at Whis together with full force, however Whis easily manages to block all of their attacks with little effort. He then explains the principles of Ultra Instinct to them and points out there flaws. Along the way they sense that Merus is beginning to use his true powers and decide to head back to stop him. Whis later accompanies Beerus in traveling to the Time Nest in Age 850 to speak with Chronoa to learn more about Demigra. There, the trio meets up with the Grand Minister, who relays the details of the Tournament of Power.

However Goku wanted to repay the Future Warrior for stopping Frieza from destroying the Earth and convinces Whis to transport him to Age ??? He comments that Goku's flaw is that he's too calm and he tends to have his guard down, telling him that it could be a big problem. During the sparring match, Whis playfully writes his symbol on Beerus' forehead using his superior speed, forcing Beerus to leave to go wash it off before it dries, allowing Whis to spar with the Future Warrior alone. He is the one who directs Beerus' attention to the appearance of Zeno. Upon leaving, Whis voices his concerns over Fu. At first the Saiyans get it wrong because there were only five Saiyans notable at the time, Whis explains to them that six Saiyans were needed to create the Super Saiyan God. Soon Beerus is seemingly contacted by Chronoa who tells them that Mira and Towa are attacking the Time Nest and even offers Beerus Cream Puffs.

Beerus says they must be destroyed, but Future Trunks begs Whis (thinking he is the God) not to destroy anything, but Whis directs him to Beerus. Why is Vegeta So Desperate to not become a god of Destuction However, he quickly changes his tune when he learns there is going to be a feast and is quick to realize that this was the reason Beerus was strangely absent (presumably Beerus didn't tell Whis about it as payback for drawing on his head). Immediately after this, another being announcing himself as Fu tells them that he is a friend of Trunks and after investigating has found out that he is on the Prison Planet and asks the others to follow him because he may be in danger. The rules will be the same as the Tenkaichi Budokai and will be in five Earth days on the Nameless Planet at 10 a.m. Whis spars with Goku and Vegeta, dodging their assault with ease even causing the two to ram into each other by mistake, Goku watches as Vegeta has a turn attacking Whis on his own and then proceeds to attack once Vegeta has been downed, tapping into the power of Super Saiyan God as he does so though is still unable to hit Whis.

Whis tells Beerus that Frieza was defeated by a Saiyan, and then uses his scepter as a projector to show the past battle between Goku and Frieza on Namek.

Being Beerus' martial arts teacher, Whis is immensely powerful. Later on, as all of the Gods of Destruction stand up in recognition of Goku's completion of Ultra Instinct, Beerus asks Whis if Goku has indeed reached the full Ultra Instinct, to which Whis smiles and says yes. Whis and Beerus decide to return home and the Earth is spared like in the original history. But I'd like Broly to be the new GoD. Whis, Beerus, and Goku head to Universe 10 after Whis analyzed Black and remembered someone who had the same ki (who was Zamasu). Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Whis and Beerus ask the Z-Fighters to keep the secret of Monaka being an amateur safe from Goku, who constantly asks Monaka for a match. Sometime in the past, Beerus and Champa were fighting each other on their birthday over a Puff-Puff fruit. Whis also recognizes the 2nd Future Warrior's potential and offers to train them in the hope he might be able to mold them into a candidate for the next God of Destruction to replace Beerus if he were to die. During his fight with Beerus and the Warrior, he playfully draws his symbol on Beerus' head, forcing Beerus to rush off in to wash it off, allowing Whis to spar with the Future Warrior, though the fight does calm Beerus down enough that he is willing to allow the Time Patrol to handle Towa, although he is still mad at Whis for drawing on his forehead.

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