“I love to play the net,” says Amanda Studnicki—in life, it seems, as well as on the court.

See how it's evolved from August 2019 to the present. Completion of the Whitney Athletic Center, which will house athletic training, sports medicine, weight-lifting, conditioning, academic support and … Whitney athletic center . You have laid the foundation, inspired others and are helping Build Our Home. See how it's evolved from August 2019 to the present. It’s a cutting-edge facility, but more than that, it’s a necessity in our work to prepare our student-athletes for life after college.

Cloud City Hall  •  400 2nd St. S.  •  St. This site uses cookies – More Information. Delaware won three national titles under Raymond, using the innovative Wing-T offense the former mathematics major helped create. The athletic center will be named after 1980 UD graduate Ken Whitney and his wife Elizabeth, who donated $10 million to help fund the construction. Thank you.

This schedule reflects all field reservations booked at the time it was last posted; however, other reservations may have occurred since it was last updated. The Center is being built into the west side of the existing Delaware Stadium, which also is being renovated as part of this project. The university will contribute $ 25 million. We have reached 100% of our goal! The building also includes a 10,000-sq.-ft. strength and conditioning area, a large training room, sports medicine facilities, a kitchen and nutritional education space, an auditorium, and several multipurpose areas.

Get an up-close look at the developing interior as you follow Our teams work hard every day to achieve a common goal; this is our moment to join together in support of them and realize something greater than could ever be accomplished alone.

Christiana Care Women and Infants Addition. The University of Delaware's football stadium will get overhauled and a new athletic training complex will be constructed as part of a $60 million effort. The outside loop is 1.5 miles and the interior loop is about .85 miles.

“This year we made playoffs, next year we’ll go deep into the playoffs, and you’ve got one more year to win the championship,” Assanis playfully told UD football coach Danny Rocco. Construction should be finished in time for the 2020 football season.

“They tackle real-world problems, but they also teach teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving, even conflict resolution,” Studnicki explains.

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The new Athletic Center will serve all student athletes and it will include an Academic Center, Weight Room, Athletic Training, Sports Medicine, Multi-Purpose Space and a new entrance plaza. Trump wins greater access to Philly mail ballot center; counting continues as Biden gains, Biden takes lead in Bucks County, holds other Philly suburbs.

The program invites listeners to learn more and be part of the American conversation on-air and online. The new Athletic Center will serve all student athletes and it will include an Academic Center, Weight Room, Athletic Training, Sports Medicine, Multi-Purpose Space and an Auditorium. The new center will support athletes in all sports at UD with a 10,000 square foot strength and conditioning area, “hydro-therapy tubs,” plus a student success center for tutoring and other academic support to help athletes maintain a focus on their studies.

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