The question was what about Caesar’s young son – Caesarion. The Roman Empire was founded by Julius Caesar's heir, Caesar Augustus. In comics, he appears as Julius Caesar's foe throughout the The Adventures of Alix series. Their duties included upholding public morals, administering the state's finances, overseeing public works, and of course taking the census of Roman citizens and of their property. [19], The Roman aristocracy turned him down – they were beginning to fear the young, popular and successful general. Many Roman emperors had a notoriously short life expectancy after taking up the purple. He then placed Agrippa’s ashes in the Mausoleum of Augustus. This site has existed since 2004 and is the largest compendium of knowledge about the history of ancient Rome. In 78, Sulla died; when Lepidus revolted, Pompey suppressed him on behalf of the Senate. Antony’s strength was definitely more impressive. But before they came of age, Agrippa was surely in Augustus’ list of possible successors, even if he was not the top candidate.

Of the many senators hiding outside the city walls, only a few were sentenced to death, but the city was handed over to the victors. The alliance was cemented by the announcement of an engagement between Antony and Octavian’s birth sister, Octavia.

Soon he also learned that he had been adopted by Caesar and recognized as the main heir (2/?of the estate) under his will, took a new name, Gaius Julius Caesaradding a family member Octavianus. The next day he gave order to those that had the charge of the temple to cleanse it, and to bring what offerings the law required to God; and restored the high priesthood to Hyrcanus, both because he had been useful to him in other respects, and because he hindered the Jews in the country from giving Aristobulus any assistance in his war against him. Pompey was unable to come to terms with this situation and took over the command of the Republic’s armies in Italy in 49 BCE, the year that Caesar crossed the Rubicon and uttered the famous words, alea iacta est  (the dice are thrown). There had been peace (Treaty of Misenum) between Pompey and Octavian but hostilities opened up in 38 BCE. However, in the end, Pompey tends to be seen by history as one of the great losers, which tends not to give true credit to his earlier career and what he achieved during it. Pompey then fled to Egypt, but was stabbed to death as he disembarked at Alexandria on the 28th September 48 BCE. 05 Nov 2020. Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, also known as Pompey or Pompey the Great, was a military leader and politician during the fall of the Roman Republic.He was born in 106 BCE and died on 28th September 48 BCE.

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