In the first season, Lana and Clark Kent (Tom Welling) are just beginning their friendship, as she is a popular cheerleader dating star quarterback Whitney Fordman (Eric Johnson), and Clark cannot get near her without getting sick from the kryptonite necklace she wears. She defeated the darkness within awoke out off the cocoon (which turn to dust) in a suit wearing the symbol of the PHOENIX, red hair and green eyes (this really was made from her own body nanites from the suit), she had fully become one with the suit mind and body. Lana Lazarenko When Superman first debuted in 1938, his childhood and teenage years were largely glossed over. After learning that John's brother Crash, a Stryker's escapee, was hunting him, Lana seeks him out, hoping to bring him in before any of the vengeance fueled Irons do. Superman thinks about how he still feels the need to impress Lana even though he’s dating Wonder Woman.

This version of the character leaves Smallville shortly after Clark himself leaves to explore the world. Lana's history has been yet again re-made following the events of the New 52 and Rebirth. After undergoing treatment as part of Project Prometheus, Lana was successfully fused with nanotechnology and alien DNA and was granted powers similar to those of Project Ares. She has she gain new powers she quickly learn how to use her other news powers quickly thanks to powers like Information absorption, Genetic memory and Enhanced Intellect. To answer viewers that hated to see Lana marry Lex, Dries contends that as viewers we are seeing all of Lex, including how evil he truly is, while Lana only sees the portion of Lex that appears good. While capturing citizens, M1dn1ght achieves sentience and decides to use Lana to overwrite her programming. communicated with her father and took John. Equipment: None known. But as long as she keeps her red curls and the bow in her hair, Superboy doesn't seem all that freaked out. She occasionally sneaks imprisoned metahumans out of the facility and hides them with the aid of the Kents. They have a son, Alexander and she is pregnant with their second child, a girl. Nobody knows what future reboots and shake-ups might come to DC Comics. She occasionally gained super-human powers, usually during the Silver Age. 116-119, "Ask Ausiello: 'CSI' Sex Shocker! Writer Darren Swimmer explains that this was not something that just happened in the series, but something that had been hinted at for many seasons. Fortunately Orion and Wonder Woman succeed to remove Hammond from Superman's mind but unknown to them, a decaying Lana from the dream world apparently still exists somewhere in the deep recesses of Superman's mind. Most recently, Lana Lang was revealed to be a character on the upcoming Superman & Lois, a live-action series spun off from Superman's appearances on the Supergirl TV show. Haiduk's Lana is the only regular character to remain through the entire series, since John Haymes Newton was replaced as Superboy by Gerard Christopher after season one. Lana's favorite ice cream flavor is mocha mint. While in charge of the company, she presides over the sale of Kryptonite to the government in order to keep LexCorp in the black, as well as overseeing the implantation of a series of Kryptonite caches around the globe designed to defend against Superman going rogue. However, unknown to everyone, Lana was infected by the Insect Queen and was herself transforming into a new version of the villain. While Lana argues with M1dn1ght, they are cut short when they hear John Henry's voice. During the Silver Age, Lana became the Insect Queen after saving the life of an alien traveler who had been pinned under a tree. Lana took self-defense classes, but seems to always find herself in threatening situations, needing to be rescued. She fully loved Clark, Jason, and Whitney.

This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Superman Family members" category. Lana later functions as a Watchtower agent under the code name "Valkyrie," and informs Tess that Professor Bryce Gordon did not display any superhuman abilities during his archaeological dig in Africa. She was created in 1950, first appearing in Superboy #10. Remembering the phoenix medallion that Carter gave her to remind her that as she rises higher and higher to never look down. Ukur also comments that Lana and Superman smell like a mated pair. During the Silver Age, Lana was the literal girl next door who was obsessed with proving that Superboy and Clark were the same person. Kreuk realized that the character in the comics and her character on the show were two different people. Growing up, Lana lived a mile away from the Kent family and was admired from afar by her neighbor Clark Kent for years. [4] In season two's episode "Heat" Lana sends Whitney, who left Smallville for the Marines in the season one finale,[5] a video message breaking up with him. Certainly there have been plenty of them in the past — we can probably bet on more to come. Either way, Lana never apologized to Lois for her actions. The owner even stopped by to inform Lana that he was making it his mission to run the place into the ground, as well as "that it wasn't personal, just business".

This made Clark more convinced than ever that he could not tell Lan… They went to a church to do a tombstone rubbing of Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux for an art-history class. [40], While in Paris, Lana begins a new romantic relationship with Jason Teague.

As she entered her senior year, her clothing become more sleek and hip and was often accompanied by jewelry. Casting director Coreen Mayrs sent David Nutter, the director of the pilot episode, a tape of 69 people and the second person on the tape was Kreuk. Dex McCallum (great-uncle), As long as there's a Clark Kent, there will be a Lana Lang in his past, and probably in his present as well.

Then Lana and Lois find the chance to stop him, and use a crowbar to pry John's Kryptonite heart out of his chest, leaving him in an off mode. He then takes their guns using them to fire against Lana but thanks to Lois, who uses her vest and takes the shots by throwing herself in front of her, Lana does not get hurt. The important thing to her, though, was that no matter where Clark wen, if he ever came back to Smallville for a visit, he would always have family there in her. Louise McCallum (great-aunt, deceased),

In September 2011, DC Comics rebooted it's entire continuity. After capturing enough people, including Steel, M1dn1ght uses them as confronts Lana and nearly defeats her until her allies grab her and retreat. Unlike Lana Lang (Smallvile)] This version never lost her powers to John Corben but grows in her knowledge and control of it. I don't know where I stand. Before she goes after Skyhook again, she tries to talk John Henry out out of seeking revenge, to no avail. They remain friendly in adulthood. On Clark's last day in the Kent house, Lana and Pete are there with Clark to help see him off at the train station.

Although Superman III was not a smashing success and O'Toole never had a chance to return to the role, she had excellent chemistry with Christopher Reeve, and cemented the idea of Lana Lang as Superman's secondary romantic interest in the minds of the non-comics-reading public. In fact, the adult Lana first appeared in Lois Lane's own comic, which mixed superhero hijinks with elements of romance comics. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kaitlyn Small (half-sister),

Lana later befriends a troubled Supergirl and later became Kara's adopted aunt and mentor and offers to help her create a secret identity of Linda Lang, her niece. Diane Sherry acted out the role. Lana also saves Lois from one of their attacks. As the first real superhero, Superman has accumulated quite a few important supporting characters over the years. Before the Crisis reboot, Pete Ross had been Clark's one friend from Smallville who knew he was Superman. Unlike Clark, Lex supported Lana in her conclusions and helped her in her investigations. Almost immediately she displayed acute control over her new abilities likely in part due to the aptitude she had gained using Clark's similar powers: When Lana was three years old, she saw her parents, Lewis and Laura Lang, struck and killed by a meteor during the 1989 meteor shower that hit Smallville.

Lana's name is dropped by Superman's parents over a diner. Who does Lana Lang end up with in Smallville? She also appears in combination with Lois Lane as a character called "Loana," Superman's dreamworld wife in the Justice League Unlimited episode "For the Man Who Has Everything." Superman then is ready to throw a truck at the monster but Lana shouts to him that it's her truck. She becomes obsessed with Superman, and begins stalking him. [42], The beginning of season five saw, for the first time, Clark and Lana in a happy relationship together, one that was void of dishonesty and secrets. [29] Eventually, Lana realizes that, even though she loves him, the only way for Clark to help the world to the best of his ability would be if she left Clark and Smallville for good, which she does in the season seven finale.

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