No. The delivery person parks the truck in the area but deposits the package at the collection point. I would give zero if I could. Very very frustrated. I asked for confirmation of this THREE times, and the answer was the same: OF COURSE they could deliver the parcel on Saturday morning, at a cost hike of 50% over the “standard” rate. I don't see how talking to me in person could possibly help in finding a package that is who-knows-where. Thanks DHL ( ?° ?? Feb 4, 2016 Reply. They lost an invaluable parcel and took no responsibility for the mistake. What!!!??? I need it by 4 pm today or it is useless. AM LT

Just starting out in a small business and DHL fixed me good! Nate Hoffelder is the founder and editor of The Digital Reader. Website for making labels enforces incorrect limitations on house number,postcode etc.for many countries Receive your small packages and parcels local to you every time at one of the many Deutsche Post post offices or DHL Paketshops, for example at a kiosk or supermarket on your way to work. I'm still looking for the words to describe how unacceptable DHL Germany behaves.They sent back my package to sender without any notification, or attempt to actually deliver it.

To wit, DHL. That is total bs. Delivered the one half 3 hours past the estimated delivery time and I never got a text even though it offers to send you a text when you are the drivers next stop. Unfortunately for the eBay seller, he will get negative feedback for his decision to use the poor excuse for a shipping company.

At noon the following day it was just scanned as having arrived in Vancouver. I agree that DHL really suck I have used them twice and both times they have failed to deliver on time – due to the fact that an employee(s) have a shakedown scam running hoping to con money out of clients who might not know the legislation! I had the label made – the seller sent in my email for DHL. The USPS would have already delivered this package if sent as a first class parcel. The USPS could have done that in 48 hours or less with even the cheapest shipping option. They either claim my address doesn’t exist, or their delivery people just come and don’t even ring the bell, too lazy to walk up a few flights of stairs to finish their jobs. Their tracking stated it was delivered at a time when my property was unoccupied and there was no card put through the letter box. Reply. So it seems like I'm just another victim of DHL. I checked al three appartments on my floor but to no avail. They never say why they're charging you- no warning, no receipts, no change. I have yet to loose a package. No responsibility, no respect, zero stars.

DHL advised that my package will arrived within 12 days. DHL left note - 'as I wasn't in' - I was at the stated time so can't see how they deduced that. What an unresponsibility courier. Rescheduled for Monday afternoon, waited, no one came! Dhl Mail don’t has local vendor. The money was removed and the box re-sealed. I’ve had several packages deivered by DHL and no problems each time (well except for 1 delivery where customs chose to hold the item for 2 weeks before deluvering – but thats just customs). Sadly I had a terrible experience here trying to ship a package from Vancouver to South Africa. Should receive a parcel from Holland, (cy911301301de), it arrived in the UK in 1 day, then stayed at their depot for 3 weeks, then they send it back to the sender. He fixes author sites, and shares what he learns on The Digital Reader's blog. Again they charge you when you receive the package-also another exorbitant amount. All of the others were shipped via USPS. Proceed > Your package hasn’t arrived? Bad, but../. Should have gone with Fedex from the very beginning. Why? PM GMT People work different and hence they might not want to push themselves as hard as German employees do. Just ordered from Thomann Germany an accordion bag. It’s really a shame that DHL sucks so bad. My usual supplier of things in California for some reason switched to DHL from Fedex. I am only giving 1* because that's the lowest I can give. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Purchase Item from Chicago Ill, I am in North Carolina.

Absolute perfect, time of delivery 5 days from Germany ,amazing, tracking in the real time ,friendly, I`ll recommend they service.Thank you very much. It also shows as estimated delivery on Wednesday BY USPS who has not received the package for delivery. I called the local vendor Dhl Express and I got no any information. If they try to get ridiculous cash out of me for a $12.40 cord, I’m telling them to shove it.

I waited in all day for my parcel, nothing came, and yet the driver has the gall to say he tried to deliver it. I have had letters never arriving or things send to me arriving late. Having multiple websites and systems which do not communicate is a design decision on par with DHL’s inability to process a shipment. Basically you get what you pay for. Avoid if shipping small packages internationally!! First person in the phone hangs up after I explained everything and waited, second person, after I explained everything and waited connects me to another person without letting me know, the third person is not only rude and defensive to my complaint but also threatened to cancel my order (of course defending the fact that masks are not necessary, surely screaming at somebody' face without a mask does not represent a danger nowadays). I understand! DO NOT USE THEM!! Several cases where the address was not found, or there was no one at home (when there was a person all day waiting). I can’t afford a lawyer, but would love to sue the hell out of them because they didn’t deliver my marriage license and have caused me all kinds of problems, The company does not take responsibility for broken items by their employees,& theft of valuables! They are even saying that the letter might be back to the senders original address after 6 weeks which is the not the primary reason for sending the letter. “Earlier this year I bought a different ereader from that same seller, and with that shipment DHL decided to let the package sit in Germany for a week.”. Both the sender and I speak both languages fluently. I’ve got my tracking number and when I’m putting it on them web site to track my parcel it come up with no any information at all. Oddly, she received me the day before, and she spoke to me in English the first sentence, which was ‘for you.’ I had 3 big packages which were sent to me. I even once wrote an official reclamation letter and got apology back for nothing. Every time they send something to me, I have to pay double, thirst for the company delivering the item, the DHL again when i receive the item. The customer care told me we were unable to stop the return process. I read the stories here with anxiety welling up inside of me. I wouldn't recommend them to my enemy for shipping. Dismal experience with DHL. Multiple emails to DHL, and they never tols me they did not have the shipper info or half the address until after several repeated emails. that I am waiting for the item. I was patient due to the ongoing plandemic as the DHL states that there might be delays, but enough is enough.I once ordered a package from the UK, which was delivered by the DHL in three days !!! Urgent parcel needed to be picked up & sent to Kenya, waited in Friday, no one came. I am very disappointed with the DHL services. Tracking says "Delivered", which is a lie.

DHL seem to have become the fedex of Germany. WHAT DA FCK!!!WHY?!? When I was checking the tracker again ON 31/10/2020 its said on the tracker Handel by local DHL Dili East Timor, one of staff member said will pick up or receive on next week.5. I've had many bad online experiences, but this is just horrible. Please make sure that you don't use them.

Create and manage your express shipments online! Worst service I've ever experienced. Reply.

If they don’t come today I will get my money back & use another company....absolute joke!Look how many bad reviews there are on here & not one has been answered by DHL! I saw on my online tracker that the name and address was entered by the sender correctly.I said I wanted to file an official complaint, but apparently you can only do that if you are the sender.

I have searched for Dhl local vendor contact information and find nothing.

Finally this morning at 7:40 am it was out for local delivery. I asked around and did some research online and discovered that my experience with them (which I will describe shortly) was the norm rather than the exception, at least here in Israel. True, money shouldn't be sent but his parents wanted to do so for his birthday some years ago, so they packed 5 euro coins in a small trunk within a box. Same problem in France as Germany: DHL is really the French postal service. The answer is simple. stalemate - package claimed delivered to non existent address! They then tell you to contact the merchant, but what the hell is the merchant going to say beyond; “Do your fucking job, arseholes…”? I know this because I just shipped an ereader to Germany a few weeks back. If this fails, please. This was important and fragile glass and it was signed for by some stranger when I left clear delivery instructions for delivery to the business desk where I work and have not had a problem at all with Amazon or other shippers. I feel like walking to that centre, just si I can knock on the door and demand my package and let them know how nasty their service is. The item was a small 1 watt laser engraver made from old blueray players. THE RUDEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! DHL Express took my shytt a week nd a day that suck for nw on DHL wuld b my last opportunity. DHL should be shut down for just that. They call it administration fee, DHL is a Bunch of thieves, don’t use them.

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