PVC (plastic) pipes have a maximum operating temperature of 140 degrees. The drawback is that when the powder touches the water, it can fizzle and if your hand is near enough, some of the fine bubbles that pop can touch your skin.

Whether you’re using the powdered form or the branded variety, there are precautions that you have to take to make sure that the corrosive effects are limited to the drain pipes that you are trying to unclog. Apparently, the price of Liquid Sosa has nothing to do with higher quality or superior effectiveness. *4  The bubbles of hydrogen gas agitate the mixture to help dislodge the clog.

If you read 10 articles on the internet, you will see 10 different answers. We will arrange an appointment at your convenience and offer 24/7 Emergency Service. Most homes built before 1960 have cast-iron (vertical) sewer pipes. PVC is a white or light-colored, highly durable plastic that has shown a history of outlasting all other pipe materials. Consumer reports labels chemical drain cleaners as “among the most dangerous household products” because they’re so toxic to humans and pets. Pour it and forget it. Using a plastic spoon, pour a few tablespoonfuls of lye directly into the drain hole.

Two safer drain clearing options to try first include: Mechanical options include using a plunger or augers to clear the clog. The chemical reactions that occur to dissolve common clogs can create a large amount of heat. Avoid inhalation of the stuff. If cost is not a issue with you, then, by all means, continue using branded liquid lye. But, over time, a more aggressive solution is necessary. Consumer reports suggests using chemicals only as a last resort.

LonnythePlumber was right about the 1.5 inch cast iron. Using rubber gloves is advisable. Thankfully, there are ways to treat them yourself before they get totally out of hand.

Just by breathing them in, you could experience stinging and irritated eyes and throat. Cast-iron is prone to rusting (from inside to outside) over time. There are much safer alternatives of plungers, drain-snakes, and  Zip-It hair removers.

You can also mix the lye with water before pouring into the drain.

so ang lye water ay liquid sosa…”. HomeProPlumber provides full service plumbing maintenance, repairs and replacements for every plumbing component in your home.

There are assorted views on this subject, and ours is: Will Chemical Drain Cleaners Harm Pipes. Sec. Enzymatic drain cleaners typically take 24 hours to clear a blockage in your drain and are best used for organic clogs made from grease, hair, soap, etc. ABS was a first-generation plastic pipe, that can’t rust. But because they’re so powerful, we suggest using them as a last resort. Homes in southern Collin and Denton Counties incur no additional travel-charges. You cook, you eat, you wash greasy pots and pans and dishes and the grease goes down the drain. Liquid Sosa is a brand of liquid lye for unclogging drain pipes. A Class Action litigation involved 5 of the 6 ABS pipe manufacturer’s brands: Centaur, Phoenix, Polaris, Gable, and Apache. PVC pipes can soften and eventually break. We sell & install Rheem Professional Series gas & electric water heaters, and tankless water heaters. *9 Source: https://westutx.gov/DocumentCenter/View/200/InternationalPlumbingCode-PDF. Often a plunger doesn’t work on a hair clog. 3.

One important downfall to how chemical drain cleaner works, however, is that when the chemicals breakdown “FOG” clogs (clogs caused by fats, oils or grease) the clog material just moves down the drain.

It is not. If you’re using lye to unclog a kitchen sink, clear the sink first. 2. This Article Discusses The Risks Of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners. Lye can corrode aluminum so make sure that there are no aluminum utensils in the sink. Lye Will Attack & Can Dissolve These Metals: aluminum Click Here To Watch Lye Destroying Tin Foil: Lye Destroying Tin Foil; zinc; Note: Glavanized Steel or Cast-Iron Pipe has a thin layer of zinc to keep it from rusting.

The “why” behind these answers can be found throughout the article. So, yes, chemical drain cleaners can cause damage to your pipes, especially when: You see, because they produce heat, chemical drain cleaners can warp or damage softer pipes like plastic and older metal piping.

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