Additionally, many of the brand’s fridges meet Energy Star standards for efficiency, which can save you money on your electric bill while also reducing your carbon footprint. The highly rated mid-tier fridge has a cutting-edge aesthetic and lots of cool bells and whistles. Whirlpool's jumping in with a smart fridge of its own later this year -- it promises to sync up with the Nest Learning Thermostat, and it should cost (at least a little bit) less than the Family Hub fridge. Kenmore is the reliability leader in that category, with a repair rate of 13 percent. Personally, I prefer a more compact ice maker, like the "Slim SpacePlus Icemaker" found in many of LG's refrigerators (GE's most recent French door models use a similar design). Many homeowners are loyal to Whirlpool as their fridges last longer than other brands and don't call for as many (if any) repairs. Worst of all, these kinds of compartments don't do anything to help your fridge perform better. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. So, here we go -- five fridge features that just aren't worth it, starting with: The plastic barrier on the inside of LG's Door-in-Door compartment blocks off some of the shelves, and it feels flimsy to the touch. But ultimately, you're still just opening a door and grabbing what you want -- same as it ever was. This lovely refrigerator is Energy Star qualified and it meets federal guidelines for energy efficiency. But Electrolux went with glass shelves that curve upward at the edges. KitchenAid might be famous for its mid-century heavy-duty mixers, but the brand also makes high-tech, striking refrigerators. In 2019, the Chinese electronics company ranked 448 on the list of Fortune 500 companies. And clean the refrigerator's door gaskets with mild detergent and water to ensure a good seal. Manufacturers are constantly trademarking new, gimmicky fridge features in an attempt to win your business. Plus, the brand’s top-of-the-line models are some of the most affordable on the market when compared to premium options from other manufacturers.

Plus, it's flimsy as hell. Frigidaire has been making refrigerators for about 100 years. If you want to get a refrigerator with an adjustable temperature compartment, then it's well worth it to spend the extra cash on one that keeps it separate from the body of the fridge. The 8 Best Places to Buy a Refrigerator in 2020, The 7 Best Places to Buy Appliances in 2020, The 8 Best Top-Freezer Refrigerators of 2020, The 7 Best French Door Refrigerators of 2020, The Pros and Cons of a Counter-Depth Refrigerator, The 8 Best High-Efficiency Washers of 2020, Counter-Depth Refrigerators: What You Need to Know About Dimensions, The 6 Best Places to Buy a Washer and Dryer in 2020, Choosing the Best Refrigerator Style for Your Kitchen. Shopping for a top freezer with an icemaker? These gimmicky features might look good on a showroom floor, but you'll hate having them in your kitchen.

Just look at the approach LG takes with most of its "Door-in-Door" fridges. You might also want to avoid Frigidaire, owned by Electrolux, since its 35-percent repair rate also stands out for the wrong reasons.

GE’s line of French door refrigerators is the most pricy, but the models also have the most features, such as a K-Cup dispenser brewer, drop-down trays, and advanced water filtration. Consumer Reports has no relationship with any advertisers on this website. While there’s more competition on the market now, it remains a household name. Typically, spillproof shelves are just shelves with thin, slightly raised rims that stop liquids before they spill off the surface. These compartments are essentially just an extra door on the front of the fridge that opens up to reveal the in-door shelves, and companies pitch them as a convenient way to quickly access things like drinks and condiments. ‘How was I able to vote twice?’, Trump campaign spews lawsuits to stop the clock on voting, Riot declared in Portland as protesters demand votes be counted, Tolley Brothers Announces New Antimicrobial Product Line, full refrigerator Ratings and recommendations, Top performing kitchen gear at rock bottom prices, The best washing machines for $800 or less, Kitchen floors that stand up to foot traffic. There's a large variety of brands, models, and features, and sifting through them can feel overwhelming at first. We had plenty of contenders. GE and Whirlpool had the highest repair rates at 19 percent.

The Kenmore Elite 79043, for example, is our top scorer in that category, offering superb temperature control, energy efficiency, and noise. If you’ve got your eye on a super-slick, high-performance smart fridge, we recommend checking out Samsung’s selection. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. She is also the creator of the blog The Taboo Textbook, where she shares her favorite life hacks. It's definitely nice to have a mother lode of ice on hand when you're throwing a party, but here's the problem: The bigger the ice maker, the less room for groceries. The Best Refrigerator Brands. review process here. Their budget-friendly range still includes innovative design, efficient cooling, and excellent functionality, as well. The curved shelves in this Electrolux fridge do a great job at containing spills, but those curves eat up valuable storage space. The future looks bright, though. A more modest but still stellar option is the LG Top-Freezer Refrigerator (view on LG), which has sleek pocket handles and hidden hinges. Three models are tied for first in the French-door category: the $2,100 Samsung RF261BIAESR, the $2,600 GE Profile PWE23KMDES, and the $3,330 LG LFX32945ST. 4,953, Practically Painless Ways to Spend Less Right Now, Electric Cars 101: Answers to Your EV Questions, Choose the Right Tires for Your Car, SUV, or Truck. Side-by-side. Bottom freezers. The "Ice Master" ice dispenser in this Samsung fridge makes a lot of ice, but it also takes up space in the body of the fridge. You can get all the standard configurations, including French doors, side-by-side, top freezer, and bottom freezer, as well as notably large counter-depth models with extra-tall storage.

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