International translation clients and testimonials

Are you thinking, who will bother writing ten lines of beautiful English for them? I don’t buy it!

We get where you are coming from! We have seen very beautifully written testimonials ourselves that were thoroughly ‘ghostwritten’. You have every right to look at our testimonials and proverbially smell something fishy. But we have never had to fake a testimonial.

Why?! Are we Buddha?!

No, Buddha is way too Zen for our frantic minds! We are just a regular translation agency that gets bulk of translation content and has always delivered well and on time.

It’s that simple and that complicated! We are here with the best translators and most qualified and clever supporting staff, to provide credible and accurate translation services in 120 languages in all the fields that come to us!

So, the fancy list!

USA Translate is a full- service translation agency that gives special discount on multiple, cross-linguistic projects that come in serious bulk. Not many agencies can even stomach that! We are also completely responsible for the content that we deliver!

We do that long enough and the love and appreciation of our clients burst forth without any special requests!

Believe it or not, we still do not know how to cleverly ask our clients for a testimonial! When we finish a long-winded project for a hard-working project manager in an MNC, they write us a testimonial as a true expression of their feelings! If you want to check, ask around!

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Nancy McPhee, Director of Operations, Strong Estate LLC

“I am the proud owner of a marketing company. My primary clients are from different places of the world, and that is why I am always open to foreign languages. In the business world time is money, and I cannot afford to waste any-more time with pricey translation software of to have an in-person contact with a translation company. That is why I thought of resorting to a Professional Online Translation Agency. My employees and I are always connected with the professional certified translators over the phone or the Internet. Now we can understand my client’s demands in every detail, and I am able to satisfy them fully. This system works much better than the impersonal software technology. The perks of always having a translator available, is the work efficiency. We schedule a translation discussion when we are both available, and I can ask any questions regarding my documents. Best service ever and at unbelievable prices.”

Albert Addison

“Astonishing results! A vast number of clients I work with are situated in different parts of the world. That is why I always need a good and reliable translator. I have created a system with the translators I work with, and I always stay connected with them in order to understand every detail in my documents and to make sure my business decisions are correct. Also a great thing about the translators it the ease with which you stay in touch with them and the affordable prices they charge. I am very pleased with this service! I am definitely referring them to all my colleagues.”

Larry Lawrence

“Best experience of my life! If you are ever in need of a professional translation, then this is the company you are searching for! I always thought that I don’t need a translator, but when I almost lost a big client because of a translation misunderstanding, it got me thinking. Now my opinion has turned 180 degrees. After I had started to rely on this translation company, I realized that the service system was very prompt and accurate. They did not miss any details. It was phenomenal! This was precisely what I was looking for. Thank you!”

Austin Anderson

“This company was brought to my attention by a close friend of mine, so I decided to try their translation services. Now, after six months, my business bloomed into what I always dreamed of. This is the best decision I made my entire life! Even though I have never worked with online translators before, the whole process was very simple and logic from the beginning to the end.But the best part of always having an online translator available for you, is the accessibility to the information you are giving him. You can always ask him details about your document translation. This has exceeded my expectations!! From now on I highly recommend it!”

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  • Abbott Laboratories
  • American BioScience, Inc.
  • Baxter Healthcare Corporation
  • Bayer
  • BiogenIdec
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Boston Biostatistics
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Daiichi Asubio Pharma
  • Daiichi Medical Research
  • Elan Pharmaceuticals
  • GE Healthcare Ltd.
  • Genentech, Inc.
  • Glaxo Smith Kline
  • Hoffman LaRoche
  • Citicorp
  • First Union National Bank
  • GE Power System
  • Cisco Systems
  • CompuSmart
  • Merck & Co., Inc.
  • Organon, Inc.
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Sankyo Pharma Gmbh
  • Schering-Plough
  • HEICO Aerospace
  • Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.
  • Infoserve Technologies Corp.
  • Last Stop Computing
  • Lucent Technology
  • Micromedia

We are available 24/7, get in touch with our project managers now!
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