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Top 25 Cuban Sayings

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2020)

There are a lot of names we hear in the media but don’t pay too much attention to. We prefer to believe what the media tells us instead of doing some digging of our own. This leads to the issue where people create assumptions in their minds. These assumptions create a divide between nations. This is why when people of different cultures meet, they get surprised by reality. They are often too blinded by the media and the information shared by the entertainment industry that they find it hard to comprehend the truth. Many of us who have heard the name of Cuba in movies wouldn’t know that it is the only country in the world that has successfully met the conditions of sustainable development set up by WWF.

Cuban Language:

Since the country was colonized by Spain like the rest of the region, it ended up adopting the Spanish language. The variety of Spanish spoken in the country today is different from the versions that are in use in Latin American countries. The Cuban Spanish has been influenced by Caribbean vernaculars. Since the country is culturally diverse, that has also affected the language. The influence of the Soviet Union, the role of the African slaves in the country, the presence of the aboriginal people are some of the factors that have affected the culture and language of Cuba.

Top 25 Cuban Sayings:

There are funny and witty sayings in every language. They are used in everyday conversations. They are quite fun to learn for non-native speakers too. So, if you wish to learn some Cuban sayings, here are they:

  1. Radio Bemba:

The literal translation is ‘radio lips,’ but it is used to refer to people who love to gossip and can’t keep a secret to themselves.

  1. Tiene el moño virado:

It can be used to refer to people who have been in a bad mood.

  1. Comiendo de lo que pica el pollo:

It means ‘you are eating shit’ or ‘not paying attention’ in simpler terms.

  1. Péinate o hazte papelilla:

When your Cuban friend takes too long to answer a question, say this to tell them to ‘make up their mind.’

  1. No te salva ni el medico chino:

It means ‘there is no hope for you,’ and it can be used both as a funny expression or a serious statement.

  1. la pacotilla:

It can be used to refer to stuff, junk, or trash.

  1. Más rollo que una película:

This saying is used for people who pretend to be better than they actually are.

  1. A caballo Regalado no se le mira el colmillo:

These words of wisdom mean that if you get something for free, don’t criticize it.

  1. Vender Gato por Liebre:

You would hear this in Cuban markets when shopkeepers try to sell fake products to the customers. It means ‘bait and switch.’

  1. ¿Qué bola?

This is the most recognized phrase in the country, and it means ‘how is it going?’

  1. Eso es pan comío:

‘That’s easy as pie,’ yes, that’s what the phrase means. Now, you can decide how do you want to use it in Cuba.

  1. Estás como pescao en nevera:

Angry at your friend for not finishing a simple task? Say ‘you know nothing about nothing’ to them in Cuban with the help of this phrase.

  1. Coger un diez:

It is used to tell someone to ‘take a break.’

  1. La cosa está que arde:

The phrase is used to refer to a complicated or dangerous situation.

  1. Nos pillamos:

This one can be used for both ‘see you later’ or ‘we are leaving.’ Either way, it is a sort of goodbye.

  1. ¡Tu maletín!

The literal meaning is ‘your briefcase,’ but it is used to say ‘that’s your problem.’

  1. Tumba eso:

If you wish to discuss something else, use this phrase to say, ‘let’s drop the subject.’

  1. Está volao:

‘That’s amazing’ is the meaning of this phrase, and you can use it any time you want.

  1. Tipo cuadrao:

It is used to refer to a square type of person. In other words, it is someone inflexible.

  1. Tumbar la guara:

If your Cuban friend says this to you, it would mean you have broken an established level of trust. So, make sure it never comes to that.

cuba top 25 sayings
  1. Deja la singae:

This is how you tell a Cuban to ‘stop bothering me,’ and since it is in their language, it will convey the meaning properly.

  1. No te rajes:

If you are scared that your friends will cancel at the last minute, say this after making a plan. It means ‘don’t ditch the plan.’ It would act as a request, and it might help them commit to the plan.

  1. Esqueleto rumbero:

Literal meaning: dancing skeleton, but it is used to refer to someone who is very thin.

  1. No dipara un chícharo:

Every parent complains about their children, not helping around the house. But Cuban parents complain about the same thing by using this phrase.

  1. Mete tremenda muela:

If someone talks too much about things that aren’t interesting, then this phrase is used for them. However, Cubans love to chat, so if this phrase is used for someone, you can be certain that they definitely won’t stop talking about random things.

Now that you know these sayings, you have also gained an insight into the Cuban culture. This witty and funny language was developed by people who believe in living life to the fullest. So, visit their country if you wish to experience some of that.

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