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Which Company Can Translate A Birth Certificate From Spanish To English?

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2019)

There are many reasons to translate a birth certificate from Spanish to English. Many organizations require birth certificate translation for many purposes including visa processing, immigration, legal departments, employment firms, university applications, passport offices and other government official uses.

Who can translate a birth certificate from Spanish to English

USCIS requirements

USCIS requirements

The USCIS require birth certificates to be translated into English. You cannot translate the document yourself if you are the supplicant. The USCIS requires that a certified, professional translator must do the translation. The translator must provide his/her name, signature, address, and the date of certification to fulfill with USCIS requirements.

So, finding the best company to translate a birth certificate from Spanish to English is a difficult task, but USA Translate can make your way easy. USA Translate is a translation agency where professional birth translation services offered and are perfect for Spanish-speaking people who are in the procedure of completing an application for a visa. We can provide certified translations from Spanish to English. We have translated loads of birth certificates from Spanish-speaking countries and are sure of our ability to go beyond the expectation of our clients who need to have an English version of their birth certificate. You can trust our expertise and skills that we can efficiently translate your birth certificate from Spanish to the English language.

We’re making it easier for you

USA Translate makes your birth certificate translation process easy and convenient. We accept all sort of document formats including DOCX, PDF, and even photos immediately uploaded from your phone. As soon as you upload the copy of your certificate that has to be translated in any format, we directly encrypt it. You can feel assured of its confidentiality as we understand that your documents are essential and must be kept secure.

Translation is a highly skilled and specific task that requires precise care to give the most reliable result. Our team of translators is precisely selected who have high productive in bilinguals to match the industry criteria, and they are meticulously qualified and check each translator’s background before letting them continue with the job. Once your birth certificate translation process is completed, it is delivered quickly without negotiating the quality within 24 hours of time for translating a maximum of 2 pages of content.

easy to translate

Translation of documents for immigration

We consider the translation of documents for immigration applications, etc. very significant and do our best to bring perfect translations. Our Spanish translators are professionals who can do elite translations. They can work from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish language. We are excited about hearing from you if you need to translate your birth certificate from Spanish to English or vice-versa.

For any kinds of queries or doubts, you can talk to one of our specialists to know more about our certified berth translations for USCIS and get a free quote. You can also email us your Spanish birth certificate and let us know you will be using the translations for immigration purposes to get more information about how to get started.

He who does things in advance remains safe from trouble, well, that’s not a saying but it could be and that’s very true. We buy stuff in advance to avoid buying them on high prices. We book appointments to not miss our flights or trains to important events. From subscriptions to fees, we pay before it’s too late. Then why not translate your birth certificate from Spanish to English before the need really occurs. We suggest keeping all your official documents translated for all the times when you could need them.

With our professional translators, you can get a birth certificate translation within a day. And if you need it for immigration purposes, we can provide the certification as well. If you are planning on going to the US for vacation or employment, you’ll have lesser time for documentation, as you always have a long shopping list. It is therefore advised to keep your necessary paperwork sorted out, so that you can focus on other things that matter.

Our rates are affordable and we provide all services with quality and consistency. In case you have a special request, please contact us and we’ll guide you through the process. We have been serving clients from many countries and they have always found us the most helpful in all aspects.

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