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Certified document translation services are always needed as immigration is a never-ending quest for those who live or strive to live in the United States of America. The US immigration process has evolved over the years as time has passed by due to the need for security and protection. The process is now well-defined and verified with a strong commitment to clarity and transparency.

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Certified translation online

certified translation online

Certified documents that are ordered, discussed and delivered through online portals are called Certified Translation online. It is a usual trend these days to order translations of even sensitive documents online because it’s much harder to find a compatible translator offline. So USA Translate is here to give you certified, authenticated translation online that will live up in any immigration office and will be accepted as a viable translation in any law office.

You can of course visit our translation office in El Paso during business hours if you want to talk to us in person.

Delivery in 24 hours

fast delivery

Over time and due to numerous requests for certified document translation services, we have elaborated an effective process which allows us to quickly assign a translator and a proofreader to your task, so they can start working as soon as the payment has been done. When they are done, a draft translation will be sent to you for approval, and when approved, we will add the translation into the original template, certify it and send it to you. As a result, we work much more efficiently compared to other companies and we are able to deliver your translation in 24 hours or less.

Fast and affordable

available 24/7

We are working around the clock to suite any need, and that includes the weekends as well. With us, you can rest assured that you’ll have someone answering in a matter of seconds and have the proper answers to your questions, or to give you a free quote, whenever you need to. You can also ask about the status of your current project as well. We are affordable too: you can have your translation certified for USCIS in 24 hours or less, at only $20 per page if the page is under 200 words (most of your certificates are). If there are more words on the page, the translation will cost you $0.12 per word.

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Certified document translation services with guaranteed acceptance at USCIS

The immigration processes for those who want to come to the US both alone or with their family is very well planned and clear in its requirements. This information is readily distributed far and wide to ensure that all those who want to immigrate will not be confused by lack of clarity or access to details. The translations that are required in immigration documents are well detailed and well outlined so that you know when and how to get these details and documents and how to prepare your translations.

Certified document translation services are also needed for immigration by businessmen who have business to conduct in the United States. That is because there is an enormous trade and economy component in the country that is being dealt with by millions of visitors each year for different reasons. These individuals also have a steady need for translated documents that are required for them to travel to the US.

We have seen an incredible amount of translation related documents that are needed by many people from all countries that have come here to see and visit the country. We have an enormous amount of experience in dealing with it and we provide certified document translation services which are guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS.

certified document translation
cheap translation services

Certified translations at $20 per page

Certified translations are a compulsory component of the US immigration department as it is required for each and every document that is ever submitted to them if the document is not in English. As we deal with immigration documents for translation every day, we have seen all kinds of documents for translation or notarization. We have standardized the way we deal with these regular submissions, and due to our fast and effective approach, you can have your documents translated in 24 hours or less.

The immigration office in the US has a standard policy that entails them to only consider or certified translations from their applicants. They have a policy to not accept uncertified translations. The applicant can’t do the translation on his own, and we don’t recommend having relatives or friends do it for you. Instead, use our certified document translation services which are available at the lowest price you can find in Texas. For $20 per page, it doesn’t really worth it to go elsewhere and then deal with delays in your case due to bad or incomplete translations.

In some rare instances, you may need to provide a translation that is notarized. In order to get a translation notarized, the one providing the translation needs to visit the notary office so that he will certify to the credibility of the document. The notary officer will then authenticate the document and a notarization certificate is issued that states to the authenticity of the document. As you can see, it will take time and money to do that, and certain conditions must be met. Instead of wasting your energy with it, let us take charge: if needed, we provide notary translation as well.

Legal Translations

Legal translations are done using special techniques since time immemorial. Legal proceedings are penned down using strict and specific guidelines. There are strong guidelines in place for submitting a document and its translation in the court of law as well. These guidelines have to be followed with great care if one expects to see good results and a successful proceeding in his or her favor.

We suggest, unless states otherwise, that you use certified translations for your proceedings and legal matters as they ensure that the documents are already verified and will not be questioned or judged as invalid in the court of law in any case or circumstance. This can be the difference between winning your case and losing it so one should keep it in mind.

The ATA- American Translators Association

The institution that gives out certification for translators when they have proven their competency in translation between languages for the United States is ATA – American Translators Association. If this body gives out a certificate or membership to a translator then the said translator is good to go for offering translation services.

While an ATA certified translator is always best to use, any other person can do certified translations for the US. Still, due to the stringent requirements the USCIS has imposed, it is better to get certified document translation services from a company which is an ATA member, like USA Translate. This way, you are sure the translation will be accepted and don’t have to worry about it.

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