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Media transcription

media transcriptions

Media transcriptions are done when various media files such as interviews, movie scripts, reviews, press conferences, speeches, and other activities are all put on paper to ensure that there is a record of significant proceedings that happen all across the globe in the various medias of the world. When these proceedings are put to good use through translation into another language so that a greater audience or a specific group of people will understand the proceedings and learn new things from them, they are the media Transcription translations. Whether you need transcription services online or translation services of such transcriptions, we are ready to assist.

Academic transcription

academic transcription

Academic Transcription means transcribing lectures classes and all other events that happen in an academic setting. Translating academic transcriptions is a challenge because translating these transcriptions automatically mean that the translation will include a substantial amount of jargon that will be hard to manage and will require extra care and attention from the translator. The transcription of academic documents is an exceptionally complicated matter that does not become simple just because you are translating a conversation into a monologue. Academic ideas and lectures are still incredibly complex as they are the expression of the highest level of thought and philosophy.

Business transcription

business transcription

Business transcription services are needed when the meetings within a company, business speeches, and international or national trade negotiations and much other finance and economy relate proceedings are penned down and eventually translated into a foreign language for future references. This happens mostly because businesses have international branches, partners or future trade agreements. Their strive to develop and grow pushes them to continue sharing their ideas with foreigners who share their goals and aspirations. The interests that they share with the global market push them towards using business translation services.

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The need for transcription services online

Transcription and translation are a significant part of various businesses across fields. From lectures to movie scripts to business meetings, many things are transcribed on an everyday basis. This makes the technique of transcription a complex and varied field with a need for experience and expertise. Add to the mix a need for translation and you have a field that would require certain well-honed expertise that is not easy to come by. Our transcription professionals are well-trained in various forms of transcriptions that come our way and are fully accepting of the fact that the content in their field varies greatly on a case to case basis.

Our professional translators come with a diverse range of language groups from all across the globe and they are well trained in translating to and from their native languages in various forms of transcription. This need for transcription services online and translation comes from a need for record keeping of all the interactions that happen across the globe in various businesses, conferences and other events where the words that are spoken have great significance and come with great weight and worth. These contents have to be quantified and placed in good care and recorded well.

The transcriptions these days are regularly translated so that great ideas and important conversations, whether fiction or reality, are well calibrated and well quantified and passed from one culture to another for the purposes of business, pleasure or just simple curiosity that has to be satisfied. This is where transcription services online and translation comes into play.

transcription and translation services
transcription services online

Transcript translation procedure

Business transcriptions demand accuracy because businesses have very strict rules and guidelines to writing down proceedings and so the translation also has to be accurate down to the last word. This pushes translators to become incredibly diligent and keep an eye out for all the small words and phrases that were a part of the transcript even if they look cursory and insignificant to an untrained eye. They are here to ensure that the company or ideology they are here to translate is accurately and completely well represented.

The process of providing transcription services and translating a transcription is detailed and complex. We will try and explain this process in the following section for your understanding:

  • Comprehension: A transcript can have very diverse content depending on what the transcript is of. It can be the subtitle of a documentary on nuclear physics and can also be a video transcript from comedy central. Mind you that comedy is much harder to translate than nuclear physics. Translator first reviews the content and sees that he understands the content completely. If he finds it incomprehensible in some regard, he will consult his fellows around the room and make sure he is clear on what is being said and how.
  • Jargon: Now he will jot down all the important words and phrases that he has come across in the process and make sure that all of these words have the right counterpart in the target language.
  • Translate: Now the translator will translate all the speakers keeping their thoughts and tonality in mind and making the most accurate descriptions possible for their translation.

Whenever you need transcription services online and eventual translation of such media files you can always count on USA Translate. We provide high quality transcription and translation services at low costs and we are available both online and offline.

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