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The Best Bang for your Buck: High Quality Output at Highest Translation Quality Standards

When you’re shopping for an item, there are two key areas most of us will look at: Quality and the Price. The key word is Cost efficiency- you want a high quality process and output at comparatively low prices.

At USA Translate, we strive to offer you high quality services at prices which are low enough to make your jaw drop also ensuring Highest Translation Quality Standards through our human translation management system.

Lowest translation prices in the industry

Lowest translation prices in the industry

At a translation price of a mere US $0.12 per word, you get high quality output with a minimum of fuss. Not satisfied with offering a flat rate for all instances, we further offer negotiable prices to suit your needs; if you don’t need such high quality output as you wish to simply understand foreign content, we can offer lower rates without compromising the meaning of the text. In short, we provide some of the most competitive prices for translation in the market.

While we may be willing to compromise on our prices, compromise in quality is never an option. As such, all our translations are handled by skilled, professional translators with years of experience. Our human translation management system ensures a high quality process and a great output.

We don’t employ part-timers, with limited ability to communicate, but rather have a global body of translators, each of whom are specially equipped to operate within their own niche, with native-speaker competence. If you need to translate documents or websites for a foreign locate, then this can be immensely beneficial.


Need a Translation Agency that Guarantees High Quality Translation and Ensures High Quality Standards ?


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We also try to show our integrity about the Quality Process. Translating isn’t just a question of converting the words, but rather translating culture as well. Idioms and figurative speech are just some examples of language which cannot be directly translated, but require a skilled hand to interpret and adapt the phrases.Our ISO standard translation services will provide you error free work due to our human translation management system.

And when it comes to quality, everyone knows What does ISO stand for .

Furthermore, along with our quality process, we also utilize state-of-the-art CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) Tools in order to insure that our quality standards and cost-effective prices don’t come at the expense of more time

CAT tools should not be confused with generic online translators. While the latter translates literally, the tools provide a pre-translation for the translator to edit and adapt. These pre-translations insure that your order is completed in a timely manner while maintaining the quality process in translation.

In addition, the tools have a ‘Translation Memory’ which keeps track of the changes made by human translation and applies them to future documents which follow the same template. This insures that regular translations are completed faster and faster the more we receive orders. We do ask that you provide due notice for high volume translations, as planning and organizing the work is integral for our push to maintain a quality process in translation.

Need we say more? If you want accurate, meets all quality standards by providing high quality output and rock-bottom translation prices, look no further than USA Translate. By using our translation management system you insure that you receive quality translations, conducted by skilled specialists with native competence, which are suited to your specific needs and to the specific location and culture.

We remain steadfastly dedicated to quality while trying to maintain ethical translation prices that do not stress your wallet. We do this while knowing full well that a quality process in translation does not mean simply conveying the message, but also to localize the message and suit it to your specific needs.

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