How to count the words in any document

The pricing of any content that you need to be translated is an important factor. You are paying for your content and of course price tags are important. The quote that you will get for your translation is a varied process that involves many factors such as source and target language, the availability of the translator and many other things. But the one factor that defines the price is the length of the document and the number of words in the document. So, here is how to count the words in a Word, Excel, PowerPoint and pdf file.

The importance of the number of words

The number of words of any document is a significant part of the translation process of any document. The number of words in a document decides the amount of money that you will be charged with to get the content translated. That is why, we USA Translate, have placed many great word counting tools at your disposal that will help you in counting words in your document and making sure that you control your budget according to your translation needs.

But many times it’s not about the word count tools as these word count tools are designed for the foreign languages and not for English or any language that can be written in the Microsoft document. We would like to talk about Microsoft Office and its connection with the word count.

Microsoft Office can be used in many languages other than English. It covers almost all the languages that are spoken by the nations in the United Nation and have their semantics in their program. So a person can make excel sheets, Powerpoint presentations, word documents and all other types of content in these languages. This also means that there are ways to create good content in your native language in a computer that will be easy to share with the translator and will be easy for the translator to scour through while translating. Most of the translation projects that the translators receive are scanned copies of the texts written on plain paper that are to be translated. This can become hard many times because the translator will then be expected to understand the written word even if it is illegible for one of many reasons.

count the words

How to count the number of words

Word count in documents

word count in documents

We have made this post to help you when you have documents you need a translation quote for but don’t want to send the files before you decide which translation company you will choose. Now, you may be wondering about the problem of word count in software used when transcribing wordy content on the computer. So let us explain how to count the words in a Word, Excel, PowerPoint and pdf file.

Word counter tool

word counter tool

The number of words determines the price of translating a document. We would want to see your document in order to count the words to give you an exact quote. One way we achieve this precision is to quote using our document word counter methodology. Our tool is able to count the number of words in just about any document and the best part is, it is free to use by anyone, at any time.

Scanned files

certified translation word count

If the project involves a large number of words and is of sensitive nature, you may not want to share it with us before knowing what the final price would be. In general, when it comes to certified translation of personal documents, people are reluctant in sharing their documents. In this case you can count the number of words by your own and to do that have a look below at how to count the words in any document.

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count words tool

PDF Documents

PDF documents would require most understanding. The word count is readily available in the right corner bar of the Adobe Acrobat in later versions. If you have the latest version, then just go to file, scroll to details and look at the word count. But if you have an earlier version then the solution is the internet. There are many websites that will count the words in your .pdf file when you upload your document to their website. You will get the word count and then retrieve the word count details in a .txt file. You will save the text file and share it with your translator when you submit your content for a quote. This way, there is no debate about the word count in the document that you are submitting.

Word Documents

In a word document, the word count is always showing in the bottom bar of the document. You do not need any special services to see the word count in a word document.

PowerPoint Documents

In a power point document, you will go to the file tab and open the bar. In the bar, there will be the icon of ‘properties’. When you click the properties bar will find that the word count is also available with all other details that could be used by you when asking for a quote from the translator. SO we will advise you to copy paste the properties into a separate word document and submit the document while asking for a quote. This way, you will know all the possible counted words and you can discuss the pricing more clearly and comfortably with the translation agency.

Excel Documents

Now again, we, USA Translate, will advise you to go online and find a good website that counts a number of words in computer documents. These documents will then be uploaded to that website that will give you the word count. You will take a screenshot of the word count and submit with your documents when asking for a quote so that you will know the right price.

Now you should know how to count the words in any document type no matter if it’s a Word or Excel, PowerPoint or pdf file. When asking for a quote just make sure you send us the requirements and the word count. If you are unable to figure out the number of words in your document and need accurate translation services, no worries, just send it to us and we will count it for you!

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