Legal Translation Services

The legal system of any country is requiring legal translation services to be used for documents written in another language that are most demanded by system of civil and criminal law.

This type of documents generally includes government and legal reports judgment oaths, regulations, legislation, technical documents to support the efforts of litigation, licensing, litigation and arbitration documents, contracts, filings, patents and trademarks, court and witness transcripts, statements, registration documents, expert reports, legal disclaimers, confidentiality agreements, legal certificates and reports, letters of credit.

legal translation services

Measures must be taken to ensure that the documents are legal when they are used in the system of civil and criminal justice. Although the list of documents for which legal translation services are required is endless, here are some examples:

sales contracts
property titles or lease documents
distribution agreements
arbitration documents
complaints invitations

last will and testaments
immigration documents
death certificates
birth certificates
marriage certificates
powers of attorney
recordings of telephone conversations
police interviews

court documents
decision documents
partnership deeds
insurance policies
trademarks and copyrights
service contracts
escrow instructions

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Legal Document Translation

legal document translation

Particular attention should be taken in translating a legal response that could be used for legal affairs or by the courts. An example that would indicate if a dying person lived in a foreign country, in order to observe the relevant legal procedures of that country, should provide a notarized translation, or oath.

Legal documents are written in a precise manner which determines their integrity and self-document translation services or online legal translation services is something that requires more than just translation because we fully and seriously accept the requirements of the legal documents.

Patents, trademarks

patents, trademarks translation

We also offer our customers the translation of legal services patent in German and Japanese, which is not an easy job and must be executed by skilled professionals, but it is one of several important steps that will be required when applying for a patent in a country where English is not a native language in order to approve an application for a patent. For this purpose, because these documents contain specific information regarding application we use specific legal writing style.

The legal policy and regulations vary greatly from state to state. Our highly qualified team of translators has a high degree of deep knowledge of the industry. These practices and presenting qualifications and knowledge that have utilized our translators in translation of legal services patent from Japanese, German or any other language. In order to deliver unadulterated data and in a reliable way, we have a constantly updated glossaries of legal terminology.


law contract translation

An important point for you as a customer is to make sure that your data is safe and that it’s operated under strict discretion. This shows credibility of confidential legal translators who have gained among our customers in the country to which we offer legal translation services for most contracts, judgments, legal letters, invitations and documents.

We are open for cooperation on projects regardless of their volume, with low cost that contains lecturer services and we stand behind our work giving you free opportunity to perform any necessary adjustments to the business transfer.

Highly Specialized Legal Translation Services


Our 10 years of experience providing the highest quality of legal translation services for leading law firms and our global expertise ranges from providing translations of patent documents to legal contracts and sworn certification.

The teams of translators in this area spend at least five years of preparatory training to develop their skills and knowledge and to become experienced experts in this sector and gains with the art of legal terminology and requirements that ensure your project more quality.

Capacities which give us 3,000 experienced and reliable linguists working in our group allow operation of specific and large-scale projects and services that we can customize according to your needs. Free quotes are open and if you need you can get them even today.

legal translation from and into any language
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professional legal translators

Professional translators


USA Translate understands the legalities of certain documents or projects that are mostly required by civil and criminal law systems. Translations for such projects also require project translators composed of translator professionals who understand every aspect of a legal translation. Careful and thorough understanding and exact terminologies must be observed by professional translators doing the tasks in order to preserve the right message conveyed for each translation project.

We always aim to provide our customers with high quality, accurate, and affordable services. This commitment has brought us to the point of hiring only professional translators to complete every translation project we have. Our in-house teams of proofreaders and translator professionals are dedicated to serve with optimum precision and high quality translations especially the legal ones. On top of that, we are open 24/7 .

Quality language services in any field


Our translators are highly skilled professionals who can translate all kinds or types of documents from and into almost any language. We also translate projects from all areas or fields of specialization. Aside from legal translation services, among our translation services rendered are for industries such as; Business, E-commerce, Education, PR and Marketing, IT Related, Industrial, Technical, Medical, Press and Editorial, Media Communication, Telecommunications, Websites, and a lot more.

When translating legal documents, utmost care is needed and more often than not, certified translation and/or notarized translation are commonly employed and provided. Requirements may vary from country to country, but whatever it is that any country requires, we are always up to the challenge to do just that.

Our translation rates are surely affordable and we don’t impose additional charges nor do we have hidden fees even for projects ordered on weekends and those with rushed deadlines. Get in touch with us right now and give us a try.

legal language services available 24/7

Importance of Native Speakers in Legal Translation


For an accurate translation, employing native speakers of the target language is crucial. Native speakers possess an inherent understanding of cultural nuances and legal language, ensuring that the translated documents maintain their intended meaning and legal validity. This expertise is vital in legal document translation services where precision is paramount.

Legal proceedings often involve complex terminology that only a native speaker can accurately interpret and convey. Legal translation agencies prioritize native speakers for translating legal matters, including financial statements and official documents, to mitigate any language barriers that could lead to misunderstandings or legal complications.

Moreover, native speakers in a legal translation company bring an added layer of authenticity and reliability. They ensure that translations are not just linguistically correct but also culturally appropriate, which is essential for documents like marriage certificates and legal agreements where the smallest error can have significant legal implications.

The Role of Legal Experts in Translation


Professional translation services specializing in legal fields must include translators with legal expertise. These professionals understand the intricacies of legal terminology and are adept at handling documents required in various legal proceedings. Their knowledge ensures that the translation meets the specific requirements of government agencies and courts.

Legal translation projects often demand more than just language skills; they require a deep understanding of the legal context of both the source and target languages. Legal experts can accurately translate documents such as witness statements, deposition translations, and arbitration documents, ensuring that they are legally sound and ready for use in any legal setting.

Legal teams rely on translators with legal expertise to produce documents that are not only linguistically accurate but also legally compliant. This includes translating original documents like deeds, contracts, and confidentiality agreements, where any misinterpretation could lead to legal disputes or financial losses.

legal translators

Types of Legal Translation Services We Offer


USA Translate provides legal translation using highly qualified and experienced professional translators covering a wide range of language pairs. Legal translators must accurately carry the information intended in the source document, giving no space for uncertainty. This requires professional providers who are specialized and experienced in legal translation.

Our expert team of legal translators allows us to offer document translation services between nearly any language pair and to our clients anywhere in the globe.

We work in different legal translation areas, including:

  • Affidavits translation
  • Litigation document translation
  • Immigration document translation
  • Witness statement/deposition translation
  • Legal certification translation
  • Contract translation
  • Arbitration translation
  • Confidentiality agreement translation
  • Correspondence translation
  • Foreign legal text translation
  • Summons translation
  • Patent and trademark filings translation
  • Deeds translation
  • Legal disclaimers translation
  • Legal marketing translation
  • Government and legal ruling reports translation
  • License translation
  • Will translation
  • Articles of incorporation translation
  • Letters of credit translation

We know the importance of confidentiality in legal translation and process all such certificates under the highest level of safety. Our unique business allows us to select a suitable translator, or team of translators, for every legal translation job. We ensure fast turnaround times while keeping a high level of confidentiality through non-disclosure agreements.

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What is the importance of using native speakers for legal translation?

Using native speakers for legal translation is crucial because they possess an inherent understanding of cultural nuances and legal language in the target language. This ensures that the translated documents maintain their intended meaning and legal validity, which is essential in legal document translation services to avoid misunderstandings or legal complications.

How do legal experts contribute to accurate legal translations?

Legal experts bring a deep understanding of legal terminology and the intricacies of legal contexts in both the source and target languages. Their expertise ensures that translations meet specific legal requirements, are legally compliant, and are suitable for use in legal proceedings, including translating complex documents like witness statements, arbitration documents, and contracts.

Why is confidentiality important in legal translation services?

Confidentiality is paramount in legal translation services because these projects often involve sensitive information that, if disclosed, could compromise legal proceedings or lead to legal repercussions. Legal translation agencies implement strict confidentiality protocols, and translators are bound by non-disclosure agreements to protect clients’ data and maintain trust.

How do legal translation services help overcome language barriers in legal matters?

Legal translation services help overcome language barriers by providing accurate translations that ensure clear communication and legal compliance across different jurisdictions. This is essential for preventing misunderstandings and ensuring that legal documents, such as government reports, legal disclaimers, and financial statements, are accurately translated and valid in the target language’s jurisdiction.

What types of documents can legal translation services handle?

Legal translation services can handle a wide range of documents, including but not limited to affidavits, litigation documents, immigration documents, witness statements, legal certifications, contracts, arbitration documents, confidentiality agreements, correspondence, foreign legal texts, summons, patent and trademark filings, deeds, legal disclaimers, government and legal ruling reports, licenses, wills, articles of incorporation, letters of credit, and marriage certificates. These services ensure that all translations are accurate, legally compliant, and culturally appropriate.

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