Technical Translation Services

Texts with technical content give the reader information with precise content of the product or service. Translating these technical texts requires different skills and specialized knowledge of professional terminology in the relevant area concerned for texts for which you need to make technical translation. Besides expertise in the specifics and terms of the area, speed and accuracy are also an important requirement. We at USA Translate understand these requirements and we are able to provide technical translation services of high quality at affordable rates.

Qualified Translators

Qualified Translators

Our company has a professional staff of technical translators who are well versed, knowledgeable and professionally qualified to perform technical translation in almost all industrial sectors and sub sectors of the top global industries such as: energy, electronics, Information technology, hardware, computer software, engineering, mobile technology, building technology, telecommunications, Aerospace industry, patents, optics, Environmental Technology, Support and service, machinery.

Terminology Database

Terminology Database

In the technical translation services that we offer, we create a terminological base that is available at any time to our customers who are given the opportunity to use this database and the right to manage those data that are perfectible, expand or upgrade for some future need which would be called by clients, because our engineers attach utmost importance to checking the translation in terms of whether it is used right and with proper terminology. This is a process that often requires more available time.

To access this central terminology database, you do not require any additional infrastructure or special trained personnel to take advantage of the benefits or the advantages that our database provides.

Native Translators

Native Translators

Our technical translation services are being done by experienced technical translators whose native language is your target language.

This allows adequate translation of professional terminology and their proper application. Our teams of experienced technical translators are constantly in trend with the latest technical specialties and changes in technical terminology and regularly work on the upgrade. Hence, our technical translators are given another feature that they are not just technical translators but also good researchers who skilfully research technical language and terminology and upgrade their capacity with new technical terms dictated by the development in the technical sphere.

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Customized technical translations

Using experience that we have from our technical translators who successfully govern and manage terminology, a quality approach and thorough analysis of technical translations is made, enabling our customers to be informed, professionally educate themselves or their employees, suppliers or customers of the language spoken.

In this respect there is no difference whether you are working on the design of software, manufacturing of hardware, hosting platforms offer and secure telecommunication solutions or if you are a manufacturer of some products or provide services, the sector of your professional orientation is always a priority no matter what the competition of global industrialization worldwide is huge.

What could set you aside as a leader in the international market share largely depends on your commitment and the used potential you have achieved through communication with users and customers who need to offer advantages and benefits. To build a global brand that will be based on loyalty from your customers, you need to be armed with communication skills in the target language which can be used to understand your customers. We can help you in your global quest by providing website translation, software localization and high quality translation for documents of any kind.

Customized technical translations

high quality and fast technical translation services

Large glossary of technical terms allows us to provide high quality and fast technical translation services

The latest technology transfer is always supported by our translators who do not use a mechanical translation tool that would make the translation nonsense. The only purpose for which we use computer assisted translation is for the translator (or the translation team on larger projects for technical translation) to build a glossary of technical terms. This allows completion of the current activity while using relevant terminology in the existing memory and could also serve for some of your future projects.

This can also be useful when two clients have similar tasks and may be even in the same sphere of industry where it is possible that they are using completely different terminology for the same thing. In some cases, the customer has existing approved terminology that can be developed or can be used to complete the translation of the source document if there is uncertainty or ambiguity in consultation with the client.

Our technical translation services will guarantee delivery on time and will provide launching of your project on time. If we have doubt in terms of whether it is possible to carry out the translation of the project, we will contact you and inform you. We urge you that, whenever you plan a project in a timely manner, you contact us in order to edit and make an appointment as soon as possible. In this case it depends on the approximate amount of text you want to translate, or you prefer more editions of backup copy and of course specifics of the language that you would like to make the appropriate translation.

24 hours translation services

Urgency is mostly the case where USA Translate encounters projects requested for 24 hours translation. When customers are into extremely tight deadlines for any translation projects they have, we take the challenge of providing rush translation services without compromising quality and precision for each rushed job orders. Rush translation services, also called express translation services, generally take 24 hours or less to get done and delivered.

At USA Translate, we take 24 hours translation just as we take non-rushed technical translation services: Almost everything is the same except for the urgent deadline. We are open 24/7 so we are always ready to serve express translation services with high quality precision and affordable rates. We impose uniform price rates for all, no additional fee or hidden charges, just same flat rates with our regular translation services from and into any language specified.

24 hours translation
express translation

Express translation

Our in-house teams of professional and native translators and proofreaders from all around the world are always on-call and ready to serve you anytime, anywhere. Our project managers are always online to monitor all projects especially those which are subjected to urgent deadlines like 24 hours translation. Our clients can also monitor the progress of on-going projects or access previous one with our updated web based project management system on our website.

Our customer service personnel will immediately answer your queries and will help you with anything you need for your projects. Connect and get in touch with us right now thru our online live action center (live chat) and get a free word count and a live quote for your needed translation.

USA Translate takes rush or express translation projects with urgent deadlines of usually 24 hours or less. We are able to take on any document, no matter what the subject is, as we have specialized translators standing by for any industry. If you need technical translation services done in a rush, get in touch. Some of these translation services that we cater are:

  • 24 hours translations
  • Overnight translations
  • Same day translations
  • Rush translations
  • Express translations
  • Urgent translations
  • Weekend translations
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