Document Translation Services

document translation services

It’s amazing how a piece of paper turns into an important document as soon as some private and significant text is written on it. Some of these are so crucial that our identity depends on them. We can’t travel without them, we can’t get a job without them. Some of them even become the basic element of our lives and we can’t represent ourselves in society without them.

And when we switch places, these documents must be translated into the language of our destination country. Authorities can only recognize your credibility when they have an official assurance from the country of your origin. Furthermore, if you are traveling to a country for a specific reason such as Job employment, medical checkup, lawsuit or any other unique purpose, you’ll need the relative documents as well.

But compiling all the papers will not be enough, they’ll only make sense to the immigration when they are translated accurately. The officials don’t have time to run background checks to assert the claims of immigrants, which is why they rely on certified translations. Having a responsible professional at the backend means that the documents are right and have been interpreted accurately . If you want that peace of mind, choose us for all your translation projects.

USA Translate offers the best document translation services at a price you will love. Our translation experts always strive to provide you with the highest quality translation for every project. USA Translate can help you with English and 80+ other languages.

Document translating services can help individuals and businesses alike. If your company wants to do business in the global market, USA Translate will help you with document translation services in over 80 languages.

We developed a unique project management software, adjusted it and improved it over the past several years with input from our many clients to provide you the very best translating service result. USA Translate experts will provide accurate and fast service, translating a wide variety of documents, as:

Business and Economy Translations

business translation

International business documents have to be translated with high accuracy as it is of vital importance to you and we provide it because we are experts in our field. Whether you need your business translation or localization, USA Translate will provide you with the highest quality using specialized translators only.

Government Translations

Government Translation

Everyone in the United States needs to access social services or government programs whether they speak proper English or not. This means that all the public service announcements or billboards need to be translated in a wide range of languages in order to have the desired impact; thorough and accurate translation.

Law and Legal Translations

Law and Legal Translations

USA Translate is able to assist you with all legal documents in any language. Translation experts will provide accurate translations for any type of document, including contracts or any other legal documents. Our translators are mother tongue linguists and we offer the best certified translation services possible with fast turnaround at the lowest rates you’ll find in Texas.

Marketing Translation Services

MarketingTranslation Services

Marketing translations are most important to any multinational company or business that wants to expand their reach overseas. All marketing documents are of great value as they define the success of your campaign and should only be translated by expert translators such as our specialists.

When you need to translate a marketing document or to localize it for another market look at us to efficiently and expertly get it done for you. Our marketing specialist translators will help you with any marketing document you have.

Technical Document Translation Services

Technical Translation Services

If your company has any products that need user guides, manuals or any other type of technical documents, an accurate translation is very important to your customers so the product is used safely as intended. There is no better place for technical translations than USA Translate. Our translation experts have a solid technical understanding and can help you translate any type of technical document, including engineering, pharmaceutical, medical and many more specializations.

All our 3,000 translators serving clients all over the world are checked in order to confirm their specific technical expertise.

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affordable document translation

Professional translation for documents at affordable rates

Looking for the best document translation services provider in the US? Choose USA Translate. Our expertise in translating documents from and into almost any language in the world is qualified and recognized by the American Translators Association (ATA) and the International Standards Organization (ISO). Our certified translations are 100% accepted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and other prestigious agencies or institutions.

USA Translate has several in-house teams of professional translators, proofreaders, and project managers who are always ready to provide high quality translations at affordable rates. We provide documents translation services for various fields, areas and industries. No matter what is the size of the project entrusted to us, we will always provide the highest quality output and deliver it on time.

Fast to deliver top quality translations at low rates

We offer flat rates per word across all types or kinds of translations that we do. We do not have any hidden charges or additional fees for rush translations or for translations done on the weekends. For large translation projects, we can give you discounts. We can also use CAT tools in our work and if your document contains a lot of repetitive text you will pay less for such content thus lowering your translation cost.

You can view and monitor the progress or status of your ongoing projects thru our web based project management system. For regular customers, you may even access your previous translations done with us, for future usage.

Here at USA Translate, our topmost priority is quality assurance and it is always ensured and taken care of by our quality control team. That’s why you can always expect that our translations are dealt with precision and accuracy to produce high standard quality translated outputs. You can communicate with our 24/7 live action canter (live chat) for any concerns, questions, and clarifications along the.

fast delivery and great rates
why choose USA Translate

Why choose us with so many companies around

In the translation industry today, several translation services companies translate various projects from and into many languages around the globe. USA Translate belongs to this roster of companies and agencies that provide such services. We render high quality and accurate document translation services at truly affordable rates. Our services always comply with ISO and ATA standards of qualified services.

We only employ the services of professional translators to work with us. This way, we can preserve our commitment of providing spot-on translations for any field, from and into any language. We always put our customers first and their satisfaction is our main concern. That’s why we always see to it that every translation project entrusted to us will bear our seal of precision, accuracy, and high quality standards all the time.

Top of the line translation process

Our company has created and designed our web based project management system intended to give our customers easy access to ongoing projects, as well as to previous translations done with us. Our in-house professional translators and proofreaders who are being led and supervised by our project managers are always ready to serve 24/7, and always ensure that projects are done and delivered on time, or even earlier at times.

USA Translate provides translation services for various areas, fields, and industries. While other companies translate only a limited number of languages, we translate from and into any language there is in the world thru our professional translators. Our translation teams always adhere with ISO and ATA standards to serve our clients with high quality and affordable translations.

translation for any document
why are we inexpensive

Why are we so inexpensive?

You just got our rates for document translation services, and you have become oddly suspicious of the fact that we are not charging as much as other service providers in the market? We are also delivering surprisingly quickly, and you can’t figure out how? You are suspicious, and you want to know how are we doing all of that? It is too good to be true indeed so let us share our secret ingredient with you.

The secret ingredient is just proprietary management software that provides numerous advantages. One of the most important ones is the fact that we have a live connection will all our translators and we can quickly assign them to any task. The entire translation process is managed through this software and because of it, we are faster and more efficient than any other company.

The rates are based on price per word for any translation. This price is decided by multiplying the rate per word with the number of words to be translated. We keep our rates per word low and gain on volume. That means you will get your translation at the same rates per word no matter what language you choose or how technical the translation is.

The result is not only happy clients but a happy translation agency. We get more clients, we provide our translators with more work and diversify their portfolio; we do not force them to stay with one pesky assignment for three weeks. It makes all parties happy, and most important, you get highly accurate document translation services at all times.

Document translation services online

Several businesses including big and successful brands, have lost wealth and damaged their reputation by picking the wrong service provider to deal with document translations. Such results are a huge drawback effects and have negatively influenced them. An evaluation of lessons read the hard way, can often show that investing in a good translation company is crucial.

USA Translate has translators, who have professional document translation qualifications and we have examined them for quality. Moreover, several of our translators are certified and have additional abilities in a variety of fields; we call them subject matter experts or SMEs. The experience and skills of our translators help to ensure that messages are translated accurately. A company that works in global markets should always ensure that the same message is delivered to its different customers and stakeholders, which can easily be achieved only by getting professional document translation services online involved.

Relying on a professional document translation service like USA Translate enables your company to develop a connection with trusted translators. Partnering with an authentic translation agency means you will receive the results you need, in the right voice and tone, consistent with your company’s name and personality.

document translation services online

No matter where you are in the world and whatever translation services you need, we can provide your needs. Our topmost priority and main concern is to guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction and happiness. Connect with USA Translate now and together let us conquer the world of language, with the best document translation services provider that’s fast and reliable yet cost-efficient.

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