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The translation price is based on the number of words in your document. To find out the number of words and the price of your translation, use our free document word counter.

How to calculate your translation price

There are quite a few ways translation is being priced on and depending on the company you are working with, you may end up paying more than you should. Here are some of the ways along with their advantages:

Price per word. This takes the number of words in your document into account. There is a certain translation rate per word which is multiplied by the number of words and you have your total cost. This method is the most accurate as the client doesn’t have to spend more than needed.

Price per page. Some companies still use this method for general translation. The disadvantage is that a page could only have a few words, yet you will end up paying the whole price. We are only using this method for certified translation, and general translation or translation for business is based on a per word rate.

Price per hour. You may find it weird, but some companies are still using this to charge their clients. With this method, there is no way to know the price until the project is done, and it is generally more expensive than the others.

USA Translate uses a price per word calculation, where we count the number of words and multiply it with our translation rate per word. In general, this is the most accurate calculation for both clients and agencies. But in order to calculate your translation price, you’ll have to know how many words there are in your document, and this is where our free document word counter comes into play. Simply state the number of words or use our word counter where you upload your document and add your contact details, and the tool will calculate the price and send you an email with the number of words and our price.

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Accurate translations done fast, at affordable rates

From and into any language

from and into any language

There are only a few agencies that could translate from and into over 120 languages and we are one of them. We are working with over 3,000 qualified translators and we are able to translate any document of website no matter the field of expertise or the language combination.

The lowest rates in the US

lowest rates in the US

USA Translate is as US translation agency in El Paso, TX which provides accurate translations as some of the lowest prices you can find in the US at this level of quality where 2 translators are assigned to each project to translate, edit and proofread.

We are always available

always available

We address to clients from all over the world and as such, we need to be available at any time. Try us out: get in touch by calling, emailing us or using live-chat, and we will always have a project manager available to answer any and all your questions.

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Use our document word counter to get your free quote

Over the years, we have been working with well-known companies from all over the world, providing accurate translations at affordable rates and we are doing our best to please our customers. Translation is what we do, and we like to do it in high quality. There are always 2 translators assigned to a project to translate, edit and proofread the translation. Translators are only allowed to translate into their native language, and they need to have experience in the field of your document. That is the only way to get high quality output and that is the reason why we are working with so many translators.

Use our document word counter to get your free quote. There is no obligation  attached to it, in case you don’t find our price affordable and don’t want to work with us, simply click the non-interest link in the email and you will never hear from us again.

Why Use Word Counter Tool?

USA Translate provides an essential word counter tool facility for translators and clients to estimate and budget website and document translation projects. This tool gets a website URL and returns with the number of words.

Following are some benefits of this tool:

  • Saves time: It allows you to estimate and budget quickly and easily your website and document translation project. Have you ever spent some time planning a project, to see that it exceeds what the customer is willing to pay?
  • Easy to use: It is designed to be extremely intuitive, so users have virtually no learning curve. Just enter the URL of the website or drag and drop the file you want to count and press the “Count” button.
  • Low cost: This word counter tool is entirely free to use.

One of the useful functions this tool provides, though, is a word count tool. To fulfill an accurate and quick estimation a word counter tool gives the best fit.


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