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Many of us do not realize the privilege we are born in. We are the only species on planet that can communicate its needs with others of its kind. We can cooperate with each other, build societies and nations, work together for mutual benefit, and reap the rewards of living with other people. But these are the privileges we enjoy because we are humans. However, there are also those privileges that some of us get to enjoy because of their gender or nationality. Some people may claim that there is no such thing as privilege and people only get what they work for, which might be true in some cases, but to deny the existence of privilege can only make you a part of the problem.

Those who don’t have to fear for their lives because of the color of their skin cannot understand the ones who do. And maybe they don’t want to understand the less fortunate ones because it is not their problem. However, it is a rule of the world that it eventually punishes everyone. The ones privileged today will lose their privilege and then they will have to fall back on others for support. But if they are not supporting the ones who are suffering today, then they can hardly expect anyone to have their back in the future.

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Like climate change deniers, the ones who deny the existence of privilege can be proven wrong very easily. There are many doors that only open for a certain class of society. The situation of third world countries is proof that the first world countries and their people are privileged. Even our passports, the most important travel document a person can own, are given importance based on their color. A person from a first world country would have a better chance of getting visa of another developed nation than someone from an underdeveloped state.

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Almost every other person in the world wants to travel, and who can argue with them when we live on such a beautiful planet. There is no wonder of nature that one cannot find on earth. From snow capped mountains to rain forests, sandy beaches to lakes, the attractions are endless. Some adventurous souls pick up the most dangerous places on earth and put their names on their bucket list. However, everyone’s travel dreams can end up unfulfilled if the immigration offices of different countries are not accepting of different passports.

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There is nothing people can when their request for a visa gets rejected based on their ethnicity. None of us can change our identity, not that we should have to. But the injustices in the world makes us wish we could. However, not all rejections are based on color or race. Sometimes people make mistakes when applying for visa that can jeopardize the whole process. When someone decides to do everything on their own instead of asking someone for help or looking up the requirements, they can mess up the situation and land themselves in trouble.

A very common mistake people make when applying for a visa or for immigration is not getting their documents translated. Someone applying from China for a US visa cannot submit their birth certificate in Chinese. They will need to get it translated in English for the benefit of the immigration officers. But birth certificate isn’t the only document that will have to be translated.

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Passports are also issued in the official language of the issuing country. Although there are a few countries which offer passports in multiple languages, mostly they are issued in just one and therefore cannot be shown to an official body without getting it translated in the relevant language. A passport has to be thoroughly checked before a visa can be stamped on it. It works as an identity document for the applicant. But if it is in a foreign language, the checking officers won’t be able to verify the identity of the applicant. Therefore, they will need its translation in a tongue they understand so they can verify the information written down in the passport and decide whether or not to issue visa to the applicant.

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Passport translation is not an easy task. It is something that will be presented to a government body; therefore, it must be carried out by a professional. People who have experience with translating documents for immigration will be the perfect choice for this task, and not some website or online tool that can’t even offer 50% accuracy. Official translations should be one hundred percent accurate and come with a signed statement of the translator that they are complete. They should also be accompanied by the original document as a proof.

Traveling is a fun activity but all the fun can be taken out of it by rules and regulations. Especially when people don’t follow the rules, a simple process can get very complicated. Anyone who wants to save themselves from unnecessary complications should get in touch with a reliable agency who has experienced professionals on their team. They will be able to handle your passport’s translation professionally. You can get the interpretation at affordable rate. You can also get urgent translations from an agency because they understand the importance of time and how sometimes people can end up in tricky situations. As long as you find the right person for your passport’s interpretation, you will be able to travel wherever you want.

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