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Having trouble negotiating with a human language translator for a free word count? Or are you having trouble with counting the number of words for your website translation? Your case is solved! USA Translate has the answers to these because we offer a hassle-free solution to Online Word Count .

Free Word Count Tool – Website Word Counter

The process is very simple if you want to use our Free Word Count Tool. If you have a website that you want to quote for website translation, use the Website Word Counter, simply copy and paste you website link to the box provided and then your email address to another box provided for your email and all you have to do is wait for our reply which will be emailed to you at the soonest possible time.

Another simple step also if you have a document that needs to be translated to whatever language you require, you can just simply “drag and drop” the file from your computer into the big box provided in our free word count tool. It will accept documents file in different formats like MSOffice document, PDF, web document, or e-book. And then on the other box simply copy and paste your email and wait for the reply for the online word count and the quote which will be email to you at the soonest possible time.

free online word count tool
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USA Translate Offers Hassle Free Word Count Tool

If you are still not comfortable with our free word count tool or our website word counter or you want to make sure that your document is received then we have another option which is to call us through Skype and we will answer your call promptly because we know and understand how urgency is your requirement. Or if you don’t have Skype we still have another option which is to get a Translation Quote with our Online Customer Support Representative. We provide all the areas for your convenience because we take of your concern first as much as we handle with care of your document translations with full confidentiality and delicateness.

And best of all, if you want to try how excellent our services, we provide a Free Online Translator for 150 words document in any language that you want it to be translated. USA Translate always thinks of the best ways to make our customers happy and totally satisfied with our services.

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