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Having trouble negotiating with a human language translator for a free word count? Or are you having trouble with counting the number of words for your website translation? Your case is solved! USA Translate has the answers to these because we offer a hassle-free solution to Online Word Count.

Free Word Count Tool – Website Word Counter

The process is very simple if you want to use our Free Word Count Tool. If you have a website that you want to quote for website translation, use the

Another simple step also if you have a document that needs to be translated to whatever language you require, you can just simply “drag and drop” the file from your computer into the big box provided in our free word count tool. It will accept documents in different formats like MS Office, PDF, web document, or e-book. And then on the other box simply copy and paste your email and wait for the reply for the online word count and the quote which will be emailed to you in just a few minutes.

free online word count tool
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USA Translate Offers Hassle Free Word Count Tool

If you are still not comfortable with our free word count tool or our website word counter or you want to make sure that your document is received then we have another option which is to call us through Skype and we will answer your call promptly because we know and understand that you need fast answers. Or if you don’t have Skype we still have another option which is to get a Translation Quote with our Live Chat. We provide all the areas for your convenience because we take of your concern first as much as we handle with care of your document translations with full confidentiality and delicateness.

We also offer you a free online word counter to do a text count for your website or for every file you may have that needs to be translated. We have our own web based project management system or software designed and created to give our customers easy access to any translation projects done with us. This program includes our free word counter to count pages and determine the amount of words in them.

If you want to receive a report about the amount of words and the pages, fill in here your email address:

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Process Runtime


Total Words



Website Results

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If you want to receive a report with the amount of words and a quote for each file uploaded until now, fill in here your email address:

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Files Results

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Use Our Free Word Counter 24/7

If you need spot-on translation services for your website or for any files and documents from and into any language, USA Translate can do all that for you!

In order to use our free word count tool, you just simply have to use it above on this page and it is always accessible 24/7. We also have a live action center or a customer care service center along with it which is accessible thru live chat on our website. Here at USA Translate, our in-house teams of professional translators and proofreaders spearheaded by our project managers are available around the clock to provide you with accurate, high quality, and affordable translation services for any language you specify.

We also provide certified translation for immigration in the US, at only $20 per page! All certified translations are guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS office. Our turnaround time is 24 hours or less. Notarized translation is also available if you need it.

How to use our tool

Our online free word counter found on our site works in two ways:

  • for websites (web pages) word counting,
  • for files (any document format).

We have provided special boxes for you to fill out with the necessary details needed for you to get your free word count. After submitting your website link or uploading the files subjected for the text count, our software counts the pages and words and you will then get an email containing the amount of words contained in your documents or in your website, along with our obligation-free quote.

Try it now and if you agree to our quote let us know. If not, you don’t have to do anything, your documents are not stored on our server so your privacy is safe with us.

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The Advantages of Using Our Word Count Tool

When we plan to price per source word, then we can give our client an accurate translation quote. And when a client knows accurately what they’ll be paying they’re more likely to select us than another translator or translation agency who charges by target word count and thus can only give a rough estimate of what the final cost is expected to be.

Though, charging by the number of words has substantial advantages too. For instance, you might work with clients who present documents in formats that don’t include a count, such as a hard copy of the document or a faxed certificate.

When we do work with clients who prefer these type formats, we won’t have to give a meticulous amount of time counting each word separately or making a rough estimate by multiplying the words on a page.

To fulfill an accurate and quick estimation our professional word count tool gives the best fit. With the help of the tool, you can calculate not only the words of your files and documents, but you can also count the words of your website. Rather than downloading apps, you can drag and drop your work into this word counter.

Easy way to count word

It is hard to count your worries but even harder to count the words on your website or documents. It is actually impossible to keep track of the number of words in an article let alone a whole website. But you don’t have to worry about it, with our free word count tool, you can get things calculated within a matter of seconds.

At USA Translate, we believe in assuring that our customers have convenient solutions when it comes to their translation needs, no matter where they live, what they do and what is their requirement.

This is why, when we realize that serving an international clientele with a huge number of diverse requirements need more than just customer care, we direct our focus towards tools that can save time and effort for our clients.

Moreover, even if you are looking to just get the price by words, you can do that easily. It is our wish that we can serve you with quick solutions accessible online 24/7, and we have made it possible.

So next time you want your website localization done and you need to get the count, come and use our free tool without any trouble at all.

Website Word Count
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