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Do have a name change birth certificate that is written in one language but you need it translated into another language in order for you to use it? Are you looking for a competent translation company that will do this particular job for you? Worry not; we are here to provide certified name change certificate translation to help you solve your problem.

Why a name change certificate is important?

The certificate that is issued to an individual who undergoes a name change is called a name change certificate. Many countries have a culture of changing the name of the wife and placing the husband’s last name into her own name permanently. This is a main and common reason to get a name change certificate issued that states that this person now goes by a different name. This is done because this person used to have a different name earlier that she has used in various places and it will be confusing to see whether the name has been changed or this is a different person once this person starts using a new name.

To make sure that these confusions do not occur and the person’s identity does not get mishandled and her data lost; people get a name change certificate to make sure that their name changes are well documented and verified by the government. This makes sure that their name in the system is clear and well connected with their previous history, identity, and information.

Most women go through new passports, identity cards and other documents for identification even if they do not change their names at all. This is because it is necessary to still make them new identities that show that they are now a part of a new family and the connection between them and their new family is well established. This form of document change is incredibly common and is also called document change.

If said document is in any other language than English and you want to travel to the United States, you’ll need a name change certificate translation.

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Cheap certified translation

cheap certified translation

Getting your name change birth certificate translation shouldn’t be expensive since it’s a simple document containing under 100 words, yet some companies may change you high rates. We provide cheap certified translation for any personal documents.

Fast delivery

fast delivery

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The Need Of Name Change Birth Certificate Translation

The name change certificate translation will be needed during the immigration process if you have applied in your previous name or marital status and now need to inform the government of the fact that you’ve changed your name or your marital status by providing proper documents. You could also need a name change birth certificate translation at your place of work or for personal reasons to show to someone important in your life.

Most immigration policies, jobs, universities, and many other venues require that you show a name change birth certificate that states your previous status and your new name. This gives individuals a need to get certified translation so that they can provide a valid copy for review.

The Process of Translation

The process of translating a name change certificate is simple yet it requires much care as the document is of dire importance and great significance. The project manager reviews all the information provided in the document in the original language and confirms all the details of the documents with the client.

If he finds out that there is some information needed in the target language that is not present in the original language, he will get in touch with the client and discuss the situation with him so that the client knows that there is information expected of him in the target language that he has to provide. This information may not be present in the original language and so the client should consider providing the information on his own accord. Once the project manager has established these fine details with the client, he will now proceed to assign a translator to translate the contents of the document. This process may not take much time as name change documents are small and basically filled with information and data to translate.

The translator will review his own translation of all the dates and forward his translation to the reviewer for review. Once the reviewer has confirmed that all the information is accurate and well put together, the project manager will then submit the translation packet to the client along with a certificate of authenticity.

Special Circumstances

There are other reasons to want a name change as well. Sometimes people go through name change certificates because they have changed their religion and have now given themselves a name that suits their new found calling. Marriage annulment also means that there is going to be name change involved and that is also a complete process of a name change that women have to go through just as they change their name when they get married.

Name changes are also done as a simple act of changing the name of your children from one name to another because the last name did not suit their personality as the superstition goes. These kinds of name changes also require the same amount of paperwork and attention from the government as you change their entire documented history.

Name Change Birth Certificate Translation

Name change birth certificate translations are beneficial, especially if you are traveling overseas. A birth certificate is much more than just a certificate presenting the details of your birth. As you know, it is often used as a legal document to prove identity and get other documents.

But when would you require to translate your name change birth certificate?

If you change your name in your original birth certificate, then it is often a good idea to also translate your name change birth certificate if you are moving to a country where the first language is not the same as the language used in the birth certificate. This is particularly true and likely legally needed if you are planning to immigrate.

Do you have a name change birth certificate issued in another country and need an English translation? We’ve got you covered. With over 200 working languages, we can give you the best-quality translation of your name change certificate. Certified translations of certificates are also available.

Be sure to hire our professionals to translate your name change birth certificate so you can be prepared when you’re in another country! Contact us today for your certified certificate translation.

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The name change birth certificate is a significant part of modern day translation and we are well experienced in this kind of translation. Immigration agencies recommend USA Translate to their own clients because they know that authenticity and responsibility are our guidelines, and we can provide name change certificate translation in under 24 hours. We are also available 24/7 which is a real advantage for clients, and all our translations are guaranteed to be accepted anywhere in the US.

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