Translation Rates

USA TRANSLATE adheres to a very competitive pricing structure offering affordable language services; our translation services rates for all languages are maximum $ 0.12 per word. We provide these exceptional translation rates per word thanks to our skilled in-house translators.

Unlike other translation companies, which may outsource your project, we aim to provide a more hands-on experience involving direct communication with the translators we employ. As such, if you are not happy with the translation you receive, we take your comments into serious consideration and work to edit the translation to suit your specific needs. This way, we insure that you are never shorted.

translation rates

In addition to our quality staff translators, our excellent translation rates per word stem from the use of high-tech machine translation services, not to be confused with generic online translators, and thorough Proof Reading and editing guidelines .

Translation Rates

affordable language services

Due to using a perfect management system which ensures quick assignment of translators and perfect communication, we can offer the lowest translation prices in the industry.

Translation tools

translation cost

We use specialized translation tools which aid translators during their work, therefore, they get the job done faster, allowing us to offer the most affordable language services you’ll ever find.

Save Money

low translation cost per word

Want to save even more money? Ask our project managers to use translation memory technology, which will lessen translation cost per word and give you the same quality output!

Affordable language services

Affordable language services

The use of computer-assisted translation tools with internal translation memory aids our translators to insure that we complete your project in a timely and efficient manner without faltering in Quality Standards while offering affordable language services.

In order to be even more precise and insure there are zero mistakes, we can also employ independent linguists to proof read the material we have translated, which may add to the translation rate, but also guarantees a first-class article.

The proof-reader gives feedback towards our project manager as well, to insure our own translators improve and so that future articles do not need this bump in the translation services rates per word.

As such, we do not vary our translation prices per word depending on the complexity of the content, and nor do vary our rates depending on which translator you use from our staff. Each and every one of them is aware that quality should never be compromised with regard to translation, for misunderstandings may have disastrous consequences.

Thus, if you employ our translation services, then you only have to worry about the one translation rate with the assurance that we will always strive to provide the best, and we will always treat the customer as if he is the only client. If you want a direct quote on the translation prices per word of a specific project, feel free to use our Online Word Count as well.

We Insure to reduce the translation rates per word before sending in the information.

Firstly, insure that you have extracted the information as otherwise we would have to use localization specialists to extract and re-embed the data back into the original software settings.

Secondly, you should insure that graphs and images have extra open space for text, as translated texts usually take up more room. In addition, checking your content for mistakes can also reduce your translation price per word by avoiding extra proof reading costs.

We carry out an initial review of the source material anyway, at little to no cost. We understand that accuracy in translation is paramount, as is providing the customer with affordable language services.

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