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The need for translation of certain documents can serve many purposes and uses, thus making birth certificate translation services a necessity. Documents such as birth certificates which are usually required when applying for a visa or immigration, for a university or in some legal procedures need to be translated and certified. The certificate translation services we offer include translation of birth certificates from over 100 other languages into English with absolute professionalism in translation, speed and precision. Also, we guarantee approval of the certified copy of the translation of a birth certificate by all competent authorities in the US and other countries.

Birth Certificate

We all love buying things, going to new places, having fun, entertainment, but what we want the most is a steady income and a stable life. Ironically, even for a person who is capable enough, achieving the above is not very easy. The same reason why many people in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh choose to move to the US, in the pursuit of a better life.

The first encounter that they just can’t avoid is with the USCIS, the US immigration authority. While applying for a job, the common requirement that they have to fulfill is getting their birth certificate translated and notarized. It is inevitable for immigrants to meet the USCIS birth certificate requirements. Without that, there is no further processing.

We understand that and therefore, we are here to provide you high-quality translation services for USCIS. With our assistance, we’ll make sure that all your process goes smoothly as planned and you won’t have to worry about a thing. So instead of waiting for your travel agent to direct you to a local translator with little to no knowledge of rules and regulations, contact us, and we’ll take care of all your translations with quality.

Reliable birth certificate translation services


Translation of birth certificates is usually needed for legal, immigration, professional or academic purposes, where the translation of this document is really important. USA Translate ensures both accuracy and quality of our services provided by our authorized and certified translators recognized by the USCIS. The preliminary procedure when receiving such a document is an assessment of the type and nature of the document and therefore, an assessment of the person from our team to be entrusted with a particular translation activity.

The permanent objective of our company is to provide security to our customers and guaranteed quality of the service that we offer, which provides a long-term relationship with them. Many of them are our regular clients who express their loyalty through continuous cooperation with our company and have a positive experience and reliability on our translation work.

certificate translation services

Same day translation

same day translation

We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our translation managers are always available by live-chat, email or phone and they’ll give you a free quote in minutes! Your birth or marriage certificate will be translated the same day.

The lowest rates in USA

lowest rates in USA

Due to using our own made translation management system which allows us to be in touch with our translators at any time, we provide high quality translations at the lowest rates in the industry!

Certified translation 24/7

birth certificate translation services

If you need fast certified translation for your personal documents, USA Translate is the best choice! With us, you get your marriage or birth certificate translation the same day, guaranteed. Ask for a free quote now!

certified translation quoteCalculate your certified translation cost!

Importance of Professional Translators


Professional translators play a crucial role in the translation process, ensuring accuracy and clarity in every translated document. These experienced translators are essential for legal document translation, providing a reliable and precise English translation of foreign language documents for official purposes.

For government agencies and other official authorities, utilizing professional translation services is imperative. The professional translation service guarantees that the translations meet the necessary standards and requirements, which is vital for documents such as police records and translations of birth certificates.

Marriage & Birth Certificate Translation Services FAQ

certificate-translation-faqWhere can I get my birth certificate translated into English?


Any US translation agency which provides translation for immigration can translate your birth certificate. Even a freelancer could do it. You just need to make sure that your translation is accurate and bears a certificate of accuracy which is done according to USCIS rules. If you’re not sure what you will receive from others, get in touch with us and we’ll do the translation in 24 hours and it is guaranteed to be accepted.


How much time would you need to translate my birth certificate?


In most cases, customers receive the appropriate translation of their birth certificate the next day. There is an exception in certain cases where there is postponed time of translation, which should be checked by using our special tool certification translation.

Also, the next most frequently asked question is – whether the translation of the birth certificate will be accepted by the USCIS?


The answer is yes, all translations provided by USA Translate are accepted and recognized in full by the USCIS and other relevant institutions and bodies in the United States and we assure you that the translation of the birth certificate obtained from USA Translate is absolutely recognized and accepted everywhere.

Customers are often interested in – what will the final product of the translation of their certificates sheet look like?


The transfers that have appropriate certification by an institution, cannot be fully authentic in appearance compared to the original document that includes tables, colors and stamps, and also comply with the same vocabulary as the original keeping of the meaning of words. See our certified translation sample for more information.

Which institutions usually require marriage or birth certificate translation services?


Universities, recruiters, most foreign governments and USCIS.


Are the translations submitted by mail identical to those accepted by the USCIS?


If it is a document that would serve in immigration proceedings, USCIS requires that the document be authentic. If the electronic verification of the translation that you provide is digitally signed and stamped by a certified translator this is a valid document and accepted by USCIS without exceptions.

translation differencesIs there a difference between a certified translation sent by mail and one sent electronically?


There is no difference between these two types of certified translations except the manner of receipt of the relevant documents which are electronically signed and sealed with an electronic digital signature. The documents are in pdf format or some other type of delivery such as by mail and have a signature and are stamped by the official certified translator.


What are the determining factors that translations provided by USA Translate will not be rejected by the USCIS officer?


The experience that we have had at USA Translate in recent years and because of the quality of our work which is correct and accurate, we are aware of the specifics required by the USCIS and the translations we need to make towards their needs and directions. If you use our birth certificate translation services, rest assured our translation will be accepted by the USCIS.

I need a certified translation of a Certified Diploma of Higher Education and a copy of it. Will an electronic digitally signed and certified translation be accepted by my school/college?


We urge you to find out if your school/college agrees to accept an electronically certified and digitally signed copy of your diploma of higher education. Usually the authenticity of this particular document is questioned; therefore we recommend that you bring a printed paper with our signature and seal of the official certified translator. We are not able to ensure, in advance, that electronic certified translations signed with an electronic certificate will be valid and accepted by the school or university, and we must respect the security policy of the institution, but as previously mentioned, if the institution confirms that it accepts electronic certified translation obtained electronically via email then that would save you time and money.


What format do I need for the translation of a birth certificate to apply for US passport?


US passport agencies always emphasize and require your original documents with our signature and seal which spanning classical verification of the document.

birth certificate translation for USCIS

Birth certificate translation for USCIS


When it comes to translating personal documents for immigration there are strict requirements imposed by the institutions the translation is intended for. While both US and UK use the same term for certified translation, the requirements are slightly different. Such things need to be taken into account before going with the first freelancer you may have found to be the cheapest option. While the actual translation could cost you a bit less, if the certificate of accuracy is not done right your document may be rejected.

Unless you want to go deep into the requirements and make sure that everything is fine before facing rejection, it is best to use the services of a company that is aware of such rules and regulations. This is one of the main issues people are facing when dealing with immigration as bad translation is not accepted.

If you need birth certificate translation for USCIS, we can do it for you. We deal with just about any language and our translators are aware of the requirements. Even more, we guarantee the fact that the translation provided by us will be accepted by any USCIS office in the US, so you don’t have to worry about rejection due to bad translation.

Why vital records such as birth certificates are so important for immigration?

vital records

Vital records

Vital records such as birth certificates are most commonly subjected to translations especially when needed for immigration and other significant purposes. Birth records are mostly useful for almost any document processes anyone can have because it contains pertinent personal information of a person at birth. The records state must be preserved and translations must all be identical to the originals.

USA Translate understands how important it is to have all birth records like birth certificates to retain the records state and originality even after the translation is done. These translations could either be certified or notarized, depending on the requester agency or institution.

where do you need them

Where do you need them?

In the US, birth certificates are generally requested as supporting documents for petitions, requests, and applications processed in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offices. Some other institutions and agencies may request birth records for various reasons including licensing and identity verifications.

It is always important to ask the requester of such birth records if the needed translation must be a certified translation or a notarized translation. The two have their own distinctive differences although both types are considered valid and acceptable. USCIS generally accepts certified translations unless a notarized translation is necessary.

why they are important

Why such documents are important?

Birth records like birth certificates are mostly useful for various purposes, including applications for; Visa, US Social Security benefits, School enrolment, Passport, Driver’s License, Marriage License, and a lot more. A complete version (long-form version) of a birth certificate is generally accepted and preferred in most cases because it contains all the possible information of a person, such as the following:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Full Names of Parents
  • Official Seal (for record verification) from the Issuing Office

Meeting Government Agency Standards


Government agencies require official translations for various documents, including original birth certificates and other vital records. Translation providers must adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that the translations are accurate and accepted by these agencies.

Certified translations are often needed for passport applications, visa applications, and other immigration processes. A qualified translator with a proven track record can provide the necessary certification by translator to meet the specific needs of federal government and immigration translations.

Translation with guaranteed USCIS acceptance


When you need birth certificate translation for USCIS, you must keep in mind that it should be a certified translation. It is mandatory for all immigrants regardless of the country or region they belong to. USCIS, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, is the official department of immigration for the United States. It is therefore, even more important for immigrants to follow their rules and regulations.

The reason behind the compulsion of certification is to ensure credibility and assurance on the part of the immigrant. In our view, instead of worrying over finding the best person for your birth certificate translation for USCIS, we suggest you to come to us.

Our experts in birth certificate translation services will provide you with a translation that’s fully accurate and in accordance with the exact wording of your original document. We have a 100% approval rate at USCIS. Our happy clients will also support our claims. We have been offering the best translation services for almost twenty years now. It is a matter of immense pleasure for us that we understand industries and their translation needs better than any other translation company. We’d suggest that if you have a birth certificate that you want to be translated for USCIS, you should get in touch and leave your stress to us.

Translation with guaranteed USCIS acceptance


When you need birth certificate translation for USCIS, you must keep in mind that it should be a certified translation. It is mandatory for all immigrants regardless of the country or region they belong to. USCIS, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, is the official department of immigration for the United States. It is therefore, even more important for immigrants to follow their rules and regulations.

The reason behind the compulsion of certification is to ensure credibility and assurance on the part of the immigrant. In our view, instead of worrying over finding the best person for your birth certificate translation for USCIS, we suggest you to come to us.

Translating Official Documents for USCIS


The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has specific translation requirements for documents submitted during the immigration process. Common documents needing translation include original birth certificates, marriage certificates, and police records, all of which must be translated accurately into English.

Translations for immigration purposes must be done by a professional translator to ensure the document’s content is accurately represented in the target language. This helps avoid any issues or delays in the immigration process and ensures that the documents meet USCIS standards.

Immigration documents, such as marriage certificate translations, require a certification statement from a professional translation company to ensure accuracy and validity. When presenting these documents to immigration officers, it’s crucial to have English language translations of the source documents. These translations serve as proof of identity and must be precise as requirements vary from country to country. Immigration translation services facilitate this process, ensuring all source language documents meet official standards for seamless border transitions. This includes translating a wide range of documents, such as source documents, to assist with immigration needs efficiently and effectively.

Handling Vital Documents Efficiently


Vital documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other legal documents often need translation when moving from one country to another. Thousands of birth certificates are translated each year for various official purposes, requiring a complete translation that maintains the document’s integrity and meaning.

For university applications, license applications, and other official uses, the accuracy of the translation is paramount. Professional translators ensure that these documents are correctly translated and certified, meeting all the necessary legal requirements for acceptance by the relevant authorities.

Certification and Notarization of Translations


When it comes to translating official records, the accuracy and certification of the translated documents are paramount. A notary public often plays a crucial role in this process, adding a level of authenticity and legal acceptance to the translated documents. Whether translating from the original language to English or another official language, the involvement of a notary public ensures that the document is legally recognized.

The translated documents, certified by a qualified translator, must be accurate and complete to be accepted by official authorities. This certification process is essential for documents like birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other vital records, ensuring they meet the necessary standards and requirements for official purposes.

guaranteed USCIS acceptance
Translation of birth certificate for USCIS

Translation of birth certificate for USCIS


Most people don’t even know that they need a certified translation of their birth certificate when they are applying for immigration to the US. Then they look for translation agencies so they can complete the requirements of USCIS. In such a scenario, people can fall prey to translation agencies that have no experience translating documents for USCIS. Birth certificate translation for USCIS needs to be accurate otherwise the immigration application will be rejected. People who are in a hurry pick the first translation agency they can find and end up paying a huge sum to get the translation of their birth certificate.

The right criteria for choosing a translation agency are to make sure they are certified and can provide birth certificate translation for USCIS. Look up the reviews to find out if an agency has provided satisfactory services to its clients in the past or not. We want you to choose USA Translate, so you have no problem with your immigration application. We don’t want you to waste your hard earned money on translation which is why we offer the best translation rates and provide the most accurate translations.

So if you are looking for translation of birth certificate for USCIS, get in touch with us today.

Navigating the Translation Process


The translation process involves several steps to ensure a quick turnaround time without compromising quality. Professional translators ready to handle various types of documents work efficiently to meet deadlines and provide translations that are both accurate and reliable.

Translation providers offer document translation services for a wide range of needs, including translations of birth certificates and other vital records. Their services often include translation certification and notarization, adding an extra layer of validity for official documents used in legal and governmental contexts.

Ensuring Accurate Representations


Accurate representation of the original document in the target language is essential for legal and official purposes. Translators must have expertise in both the source and target languages to provide a faithful translation that accurately reflects the content and intent of the original document.

For passport applications and other legal document translation needs, having a certified and experienced translator is crucial. This ensures that the translation meets all the necessary legal standards and is accepted by official authorities, avoiding any potential issues or rejections.

Providing Fair Prices and Quick Turnaround


Offering fair prices and quick turnaround times, professional translation services cater to a wide range of clients and needs. Whether it’s for university applications, immigration translations, or legal documents, these services provide efficient and reliable solutions.

Professional translators work diligently to ensure that all document translations are completed on time and with the highest level of accuracy. By maintaining a balance between quality and efficiency, they help clients meet their deadlines and achieve their objectives, ensuring that their foreign language documents are translated correctly and accepted for official purposes.

Competitive Rates for Professional Services


Professional translation services offer competitive rates to accommodate various needs and budgets without compromising on quality. These services ensure that translations are accurate and faithful to the original document, regardless of whether the document is in the native language or another relevant language.

For clients needing translations into the English language or any other official language, competitive pricing makes it more accessible to get high-quality translations. This affordability extends to a wide range of documents, including legal records, academic certificates, and other official records, ensuring that everyone can benefit from professional translation services without breaking the bank.

USA Translate always ensures 100% acceptance for any US requester like the USCIS. We render affordable, accurate, and high quality birth certificate translation services. We are open 24/7, try our services now!

We are available 24/7, get in touch with our project managers now!


What types of documents typically require official translations?

Documents that commonly require official translations include birth certificates, marriage certificates, police records, and other legal documents. These translations are often needed for immigration processes, university applications, passport applications, and various official purposes.

Why is it important to use professional translators for legal and official documents?

Professional translators ensure the accuracy and authenticity of translations, which is critical for legal and official documents. Their expertise in the relevant languages and familiarity with specific translation requirements help ensure that the translated documents meet the standards set by government agencies and other official authorities.

How does certification by a translator or notary public work?

Certification by a translator involves the translator providing a statement affirming that the translation is accurate and complete. A notary public can further authenticate this certification, adding a level of legal recognition to the translated document. This process is essential for official records to be accepted by authorities.

What should I expect in terms of turnaround times and pricing for professional translation services?

Professional translation services typically offer competitive rates and quick turnaround times. The exact cost and time frame can vary depending on the complexity and length of the document, but professional services strive to balance affordability with high-quality, accurate translations.

Can professional translation services handle documents in any language?

Yes, professional translation services can handle documents in a wide range of languages. They employ experienced translators who are proficient in various native and official languages, ensuring that your document is accurately translated into the target language, whether it is English or another relevant language.

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