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Do you have long college or academic transcripts that are in need of professional translation and you are worried about the cost? Do you need to have your academic transcript translation or your college transcript translation done today? Do you feel like transcript and translation are needed to be done by a professional translation service? You are right, you will need a certified translation for such documents, and only a professional translation agency can do it for you. Are you worried about the price you’ll have to pay? Worry not; we are here to help you out at an affordable price.

Transcript and translation

Are you thinking of continuing your studies in the US as a foreigner, or maybe you want to secure a job in the US? This is where transcript and translation become important. College and academic transcript translation along with your diploma translation are the base documents of your application, documents that are used to determine your academic standing and your learned skills. Since the US institutions are very strict about whatever classes, courses or other preparations you’ve undertaken in your country, such documents are needed to be accurately translated into English and more important, the translations need to be credible, which is the reason why certified translation is needed. Even more, some institutions need an extra layer of security and may ask for a notarized translation.

You may also find at some point that you are required to submit evidence of any other academic achievements besides your diplomas and transcripts in order to secure a job in the United States. While this is usually done when you first apply for the job, further documents may be needed at a later time, when you are to be promoted to a superior standing within the same company, or you may want to jump into searching other job opportunities.

No matter the reason why you’d need to have your translation done, it needs to be an accurate, high quality translation. While your birth or marriage certificate can be translated easily and it is done word for word, when it comes to transcript and translation, it is different. Since the courses or classes you have taken in your country aren’t easy to be translated, research is needed in order to adapt such information to the target country. USA Translate doesn’t only provide a basic translation, but a localization of your document, perfectly adapted to the US.

college transcript translation

High school transcript translation

high school transcript translation

We can provide you with your certified high school transcript translation in 24 hours or less. We translate from about any language, no matter if it’s Chinese or Punjabi, we will have it done for you in a day!

College transcript translations

college transcript translation

Went to college in your native country and want to continue your studies in the US? With us, the translation of your college transcript will be ready in 24 hours or even less. Get in touch and ask for your free quote now!

Academic transcript translation

academic transcript translation

Your academic transcript translation needs to be accurate and well done. We guarantee high accuracy with every translation that we do, no matter if it’s a small diploma or a large academic document.

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Your advantages in working with USA Translate?

Certified or notarized

certified or notarized translation

No matter if you need a certified or a notarized translation, we can do both. Usually certified translation is enough, but sometimes notarization is required. If the institution you’re aiming at needs your translation notarized, we can do it for you just as easy. Simply get in touch with us at your convenience and ask for your free, no obligation quote!

Ready in a day

ready in a day

We are living in a fast paced world and we needs things done yesterday. We know that, and this is why we strive to have your translation done in 24 hours or less, at no extra costs. No, we do not have any extra rush rates, or weekend rates, but you can get in touch and ask if we can do it faster than this, and we’ll try to accommodate you.

Guaranteed acceptance

guaranteed acceptance

There aren’t many translation companies out there to offer guaranteed acceptance for their translations and this is yet another thing that differentiates us from the crowd. Our professional translators are well-aware of the requirements and your translation will be done accordingly, so it will be accepted with no issues, it’s a guarantee!

Some more reasons to trust us

There are more reasons why you’d want to use our services and if you are worried about your translation, this should clear your mind. We are a real translation agency in El Paso, TX with real project managers and translators. Although we are based in Texas, our translations are accepted anywhere in the US. If you can’t visit our office, you can easily order online and rest assured, we will deliver as promised!

Here are some more reasons to work with us:

  • we are available 24/7, yes, we are online even during the weekend!
  • we don’t charge extra for rush jobs or for jobs that need to be completed over the weekend;
  • we charge $20 per page if the page is under 200 words. If there are more than 200 words on the page, we charge $0,12 per word. This is probably the lowest price you can find for certified translation;
  • we can translate from any language into English;
  • we take on any project no matter its size.
academic transcript translation
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The Challenges of Transcript and Translation

International educative institutions, companies, and authorities are very serious about confirming potential candidates’ claims of academic abilities and expertise. If you are considering advanced study somewhere other than your native country, or expecting to secure work in a foreign country and need proof of your academic credentials, it is essential that your diploma or transcript be presented correctly.

Many countries have rigorous standards regarding the change of academic credit from one language to another. For this reason, all the documents relating to your study must be translated professionally. USA Translate is an industry leader in transcripts and translation, and we always offer specialized translation from a professional translator. We deliver certified, notarized translations to our valuable clients at low costs.

Transcript and translation can also be very valuable when you are finishing your course of study. You might find that you require to submit your transcripts, or other evidence of academic performance to apply for a position. While this is normally only needed during the initial period of employment, you might find that you need the translated documents many times for different employment possibilities. At USA Translate, we go beyond necessary transcript and translation to truly localize your document.

Whenever you have high school, college or academic transcripts to be translated get in touch, we will be there for you at any time!

We are available 24/7, get in touch with our project managers now!
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