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20 Best Ways To Learn Spanish

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2020)

The world is moving way too quickly, but the only way to make sure you don’t get left behind is by adapting to new trends. If you refuse to use a smartphone in 2020, then you are only limiting your chances of interacting with people. It is even worse for businesses if they decide not to have a digital presence. When the whole world is on the internet, you will miss out on a lot by not joining them. But the internet is not the only thing that you need to adjust to. Changes have been occurring everywhere. Cultures and languages are evolving too, and it is up to you to keep up with them. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages on planet earth, and it is going to become even more significant in the future.

20 Best Ways to Learn Spanish:


Although studying any new language can be challenging, Spanish is not that difficult. If you wish to become fluent in it within months, follow the right steps. Here are the twenty best ways to learn Spanish that you can go through step-by-step:

  1. YouTube Videos:

If you would rather study at home, then check out the various lessons on YouTube. Keep a diary to note down the important points from each lesson and revise them later.

  1. Read Magazines and Newspapers:

Reading a magazine or newspaper in a foreign tongue may not make sense at first. However, overtime, you will start picking up words.

  1. Watch Spanish Channels:

One of the best ways to pick up something is by watching entertaining content in it. If you start viewing shows and movies made in Spanish, it will improve your grasp of the tongue.

  1. Listen to Radio:

Music is one of the best ways to learn something new. You can also look up the meaning of lyrics while listening to songs. This will help you immensely in improving your vocabulary.

  1. Write a Journal:

Start writing a daily journal in Spanish. If you write every day, you will pick up new words.

Learn Spanish
  1. Grocery List in Spanish:

Whenever you are going grocery shopping, make a list in Spanish. It doesn’t matter how many words you have to look up the first time; you will get good results in the end.

  1. Download an App:

There are plenty of apps that teach vernaculars in a fascinating way. Pick the one that matches your preferences and study a lesson every day.

  1. Hire an Online Tutor:

If you wish to become fluent in Spanish quickly, hire an online tutor to talk to every week. You can find a tutor on freelancing websites.

  1. Try Podcasts:

Listen to Spanish podcasts during your free time. Focus on each word and sentence so you figure out the pronunciations.

  1. Spanish Books:

It won’t be very easy to read books in a foreign tongue. But you can start with fifteen minutes of reading daily and then increase the time as you pick up more words.

  1. Language Exchanges:

There are websites that connect people who wish to learn different languages. On these sites, you can exchange your vernacular with the speaker of the tongue that you want to learn. If you wish learn quickly while teaching someone else at the same time, this is the best option.

  1. Online Quizzes:

Take online quizzes in Spanish whenever you have a bit of spare time on your hands. It is a fun way to learn a new tongue.

  1. The Right Version of Websites:

Most of the websites you visit frequently will have a Spanish version. Start visiting that and read every drop-down menu to learn new words.

  1. Translate a Book from Your Childhood:

Is there a book you have read or had read to you a hundred times in your childhood? Translate it into Spanish. Since you know the book very well, handling this task won’t be a problem for you.

  1. Interpret Something Daily:

Whether it is an online article or your work email, interpret or translate it to keep the learning process going. And make sure to do this every day.

  1. Make Flash Cards:

They were pretty helpful in college, right? Then there is no reason why you shouldn’t make a few of them for learning a new vernacular.

Learn Spanish
  1. Read Subtitles:

Turn on Spanish subtitles when watching a TV show or movie. It might slow down your speed but read the text while listening to the English translation so you can understand the dialogues and study a new vernacular simultaneously.

  1. Change the Device Language:

Change the default language of your smartphone or computer for a week and don’t cheat during that time period. This practice will help you more than you can imagine.

  1. Spanish Leaflets:

Visit a museum or exhibition and pick up Spanish leaflets. Read them to learn about the art pieces and polish your linguistic skills.

  1. Get a Pen Pal:

Find someone to exchange written letters with. Your writing skills and your grasp of Spanish will both be tested during the process. However, it will have a positive effect on your learning process. You can find a pen pal through various websites. Such sites connect people with the person who matches their requirements.

Trying to study a second tongue can be complicated, but if you are an English speaker, it will be easier to understand and learn Spanish. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and you will be able to converse in the vernacular in no time.

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