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5 Reasons to Use an USA Translation Agency to Expand to New Markets

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2017)

Expanding to new markets is a daunting prospect, especially for smaller businesses reaching across oceans for the first time. Using an USA translation agency can make the process easier in just about every aspect although these five reasons are more than enough motivation to hire professionals.

Nothing gets “Lost in Translation”

There’s nowhere in the world quite like the USA and its melting pot of people. Translation agencies in the US often employ people who are bilingual which means faster translation and a better understanding of different dialects and idioms that don’t have direct translations. This is especially effective in advertising and business literature.

Universal language

Math may be the true universal language but English comes pretty close in the global market. English has become one of the most commonly understood languages in the world through movies, pop music, comic books and many countries teach it in secondary schools. As the most populous English speaking country, using a USA translation agency seems like a natural choice.

Quality Control

Using a translation agency in USA instead of freelancers ensures your translation is up to industry standards. Translation agencies maintain their quality of work by requiring their translators to meet certification standards of organizations like the American Translators Association. Outside agencies may not require such rigorous training.

Certified Translations

Since the translators employed by an USA translation agency are required to meet certain certifications, it goes to follow that their products are also certified. Technical and legal documents are usually certified and can easily be notarized for official use by courts, governments and business dealings which makes crossing borders an easier process.

A USA translation agency has the resources

Instead of relying on one or two people to expand your business to a new market, a team can fully translate pertinent business documents, software, websites and legal contracts within impressive schedules. USA translation agencies can also help navigate the sometimes intricate formatting standards in different industries.

With the internet increasing its reach every day, global markets aren’t going away any time soon. It’s a common goal for many businesses to expand beyond its home country and that usually requires some navigating some cultural and language barriers. An USA translation agency is the perfect partner to successfully communicate across the globe.

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