French Translation in USA

5 Reasons to use French Translation in USA

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2017)

French is probably a language one would not associate with translation in USA, but unknown to many, French is one of the leading minority languages in the USA, with over 1 million speakers. It is only beaten by Spanish (12%) and English itself. It’s on the same level of use as Chinese, Tagalog (Philippines), and Vietnamese. Here are 5 reasons to use French translation in USA.

You need French translation to do business in USA.

Louisiana, Missouri or Maine – these 3 states in the USA have a good majority of its population speaking French. It would certainly build better relations if you could transact with them in French, even if only on paper. If you employ the people there, chances are some of their documents would still be in French.

You have or are looking to establish ties with France.

Next to Germany, France is the second wealthiest country in Europe, only narrowing beating the UK. Unlike Germany, the United States has a long history of friendship with France. France is the ninth largest overall investor in the United States and both countries have been importing each other’s products, in particular, aircraft and engines, chemicals, and electronics.

You are a travel agency selling Caribbean vacations.

Most islands in the Caribbean are French territories and the main language spoken is French. Your  agency would need French translation to communicate with the locals who are mostly employed at the resorts and hotels.

You need to do business in Africa.

Surprisingly, several African countries, especially in the West and Central region have French as the official language. To do business there papers must be in French. The United States is Africa’s top export destination. Main products are metals, chemicals and petroleum products.

French translation is needed if are doing business with French Canadians.

Quebec, where most French Canadians are concentrated, also has the United States as its top export destination. Even Canadians have to learn French to work in many places in Quebec. Quebecois regularly vacation in its nearest neighbor, the United States, where it is warmer and the closest area where they can find relatives.

Similar to the percentages of speakers in the USA, French translation ranks 4th, behind English, Spanish and Chinese.  Of all the language translation in the USA, it is certainly counted as one of the important ones.

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