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5 Spanish Words You Might Not Know

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2022)

5 Spanish Words You Might Not Know

The Spanish language is the native language of Spain. It has its fair share of English-derived words that people tend to think are Spanish but in fact, aren’t. One of the major sources is the basic vocabulary of food, especially for foods whose names have no English equivalent, as the intermingling of cultures has expanded our diets as well as our vocabulary. Here are five examples of Spanish words or Spanish phrases you might not know are actually from English.

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1) Gallo

Many speakers of English are familiar with gallo (Spanish pronunciation gah-yoh), which means rooster in English. But did you know that there are actually several other meanings for gallo? In addition to being a rooster, it can also mean a wine glass or cup and is used as an expression of surprise. Take a look at some examples: ¡Juan! Gallo! ¿Qué haces aquí? Juan, what are you doing here?

2) Feliz

In most languages, happy is a single word. But for a Spanish speaker, feliz English translation is happy and lucky. So, you could use feliz in place of the words luck and fortune—for example: Feliz día de San Valentín! (Happy Valentine’s Day!) or Felices pascuas! Feliz Navidad! (Merry Christmas!)

3) Amor

The English version of Amor is sometimes translated as love, but that is only part of its meaning. Amor has a wider range of uses, encompassing not just love between two people, but also feelings of affection for friends and family or even feelings about inanimate objects.

5 spanish words you might not know
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4) Rosa

The word for rose in Spanish is rosa, which makes sense, considering all things pink and flowery are generally referred to as rosas in Latin America. While it has no plural form, rosa is also used as a term of endearment. So instead of telling your sweetheart you love them by saying te amo, you can tell them te quiero como una rosa (I love you like a rose).

5) Humilde

Humilde is a Spanish word thats literal translation is humble for an English Speaker. It’s an adjective that means being unpretentious and having an abundance of modesty—in other words, it has more to do with personality than one’s level of fame or wealth. The humilde man or woman never brags about their accomplishments, but always downplays their own achievements.

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What are 5 Spanish words?

Given here are 5 English-derived Spanish vocabulary common phrases that are used on regular basis: Gallo, Feliz, Amor, rosa and Humilde.

The impact of Spanish on the English language is more evident in American English because of the Spanish colonization of a large part of the Americas from 1492 to 1832.

38.81% of the population is of non-native speakers in San Antonio, Texas, i.e. they speak Spanish on regular basis.

If you’re a native speaker of English or new to Spanish language learning, you may find Spanish pronunciation a little complicated. If asked which one is easier, obviously, you’ll get the answer that American pronunciation is much easier.

Spanish language learners can now learn easily as many apps and audio books are available that let you learn the language and its pronunciation. Audio books will help correcting your pronunciation.

Language practice is needed for a perfect vocabulary in Spanish. One might need language learning strategies. Having a clear motivation will take you higher in learnings.

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