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Various Challenges in Academic Translation

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2018)

Academic translation plays an important role in the lives of people around the world. These translations are not like any other document translation. Academic works cover a number of genres, manners and reasons. From technical to theoretical and from simple art to complex science, these contents are meant to encourage, entertain, and outline ideas and challenge thoughts.

Academic Translation

The different nature of an academic content provides various serious challenges for translators in academic translation. While all translations require diligence, academic content is in a league of their own.

the challenges

The Challenges

You can’t find a single list of all the challenges translation service face when organizing academic content for translation as there are so many, such as:

  • Text style
  • Text format
  • Purpose
  • Number of charts, graphs, etc
  • Period language
  • Degree of acculturation
  • Target audience
  • Ideological adjustments
  • Cultural adjustments

Loads of academic texts around the globe, above all the social sciences, create a range of exceptional challenges. These academic content deal with several terms, ideas and concepts that are understood in a single area, were understood during a particular time or have highly different meanings within differing cultures. Most translators want their documents to read like an original document but an academic translation often does not lend this comfort.

Some Points to Consider Prior to Academic Translation

Before you translate an academic text, there are number of things you need to consider that many other translation services do not have to worry about.

  • Subject matter: If your subject matter is specialized, you need to make sure your translation service employs professional translators with knowledge in your field. Knowing the language of the field ensures that words are properly used and applied, because a single letter could change a complete mathematics or scientific formula, as an incorrect translation of a document can considerably change the whole meaning of the paper.
  • Terminology: Make sure that you are going to have your localized words, phrases, and concepts the same even in the target language. The same goes for the translation of text. Do you want your text to read just like you wrote it or do you want your work updated, it is totally your choice.
points to consider
  • Syntax: Many authors express their emotions and intent as much through syntax as they do have some meanings. While long flowing sentences may not be favored in English, to break up a highly difficult longer sentence from a different language during translation may destroy the spirit of the message.
  • Ideology: Academic translations by their nature are meant to share a view, teach a concept, or promote thought. These concepts often cause ideological differences. In most translations, the globalization and localization of texts would edit information to limit cultural variance

There are many challenges involved in translations for academic documents. Even still, they are translated successfully every day. USA Translate offers the service that you need to be provided, in order to make sure your project meets all your needs.

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