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(Last Updated On: October 21, 2020)

Getting an accurate and high-quality language translation is a complex process; every language service provider has provisions in place for quality assurance. Still, it’s essential to go over these provisions with your language service provider. Additionally, the cost of high-quality language services must be backed up by the assurance that the services provided are accurate and reliable. This is one of the most significant features of the translation process. At USA Translation we understand that your translation projects require highly trusted, high-quality results.
We continuously maintain a consultative relationship with various government departments, academic institutions, universities, diplomatic missions and translation industry stakeholders at regional, national as well as international levels. USA Translation relies on a team of experienced native language professionals coming from various parts of the world who are well trained to deliver high-quality language translation services. We have an excellent team of certified translators providing professional services in technical, legal, medical, commercial, scientific as well as specialized texts at a very competitive price.

How Do We Keep Delivering High-Quality Translations?

• We concentrate our forces on continuous monitoring and evaluation of the translators and proofreaders in our community.
• We carefully choose the translators in our team. Only educated and experienced translators with strong translation experience are privileged to be part of our translation company.
• Fluency is performed by designating each project to a target language, native translator. This approach, the text delivers more fluently, and the reader does not sense that the text was translated.
• Precision: One of the most crucial factors concerning the accuracy of the translation is your ability to interact with the translator. USA Translation allows you to communicate with your allocated translator and send the translator strict instructions in every state of the project. You can ask topics and even provide your glossary to the translator. The translator can talk to you if they need an explanation from you about the source content. This way, you have a translation without additions and deletions: precisely the message you wanted to convey to your target audience.
• Most of the translations are checked and analyzed by a second, independent, native speaking translator. The second translator’s responsibility is to detect and eliminate mistakes, terminology errors, grammar and spelling errors. Additionally, the second translator observes language consistency, text readability, sentence composition, and format.
• We continuously update our translator community using peer analysis and client feedback.

We transform our allocation algorithms according to the translator’s production. This way, only highly ranked translators have access to your project.
• Our network of expert linguists uses the leading translation technology through the translation management system, which automates TM management and glossary support,
translator assignment, and promotes quality control with our client review module. These tools keep the translations consistent with your tone and style.
• When you choose expert translation (for texts that need a specialist to translate them – i.e., medical, legal, technical) we find a native translator who matches the subject matter and content of your project. Those translators specialize in specific market areas, thus giving you personalized, high-quality language translation service for all your particular requirements.

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