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Applying for a Spanish Passport, Ten Checkpoints

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2020)
Applying for a Spanish Passport, Ten Checkpoints

Do you ever forget to buy something important while doing groceries and then feel angry at yourself for forgetting it? Everyone does. Some get over this issue by telling their shopping partner to remember the thing they usually forget while others start making a list of things they need and taking it with them to the grocery store so they don’t miss anything. Checklists are helpful not only while grocery shopping but every time you have to do something important. People make one when they are traveling to make sure they pack everything they will need on their trip. They also make one when they have to discuss something with a client so that they don’t forget to mention important things.

The more important something is, the harder getting it becomes. The bigger you dream, the harder you will have to work to achieve those dreams. A lot of people dream of settling down in a foreign land for various reasons. Some want to pursue their goals and turn to the country that offers the best opportunities to its people. Some run after fantasies by going to places they had heard about on the TV but the reality is not always the same.

Although a lot of people wish to move to the US and follow the American Dream, not everyone wants to move to the loud country of the Americans. Many prefer European countries over the US for various reasons. For starters, there are better opportunities to grow in European countries. There are also better opportunities for studying and starting your own business. A European country that not many consider to be a famous destination of foreigners is Spain. But the second largest country in Europe attracts a lot of visitors and immigrants every year.

spanish passport

What Makes Spain So Great?


It is the place where world’s second most spoken native language originated. Spain has a very colorful history. It was once divided in different kingdoms with each having its own language. But none of them became as famous as Spanish. Today, the official language of Spain is an official language in over twenty countries. It spread over the Americas and never left the land even when the Spanish invaders did. It is also one of the most studied language in the world.

spanish passport

A lot of historians visit the country frequently to learn about its origins and the past. There are forty-seven UNESCO World Heritage sites in Spain. The place is also known for its literature and art. But the biggest reason why people would want to move to this country is because of the fun-loving nature of the nation. There is nothing that the Spanish love more than having fun. No wonder the country has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. It is also a great place for starting new businesses but it is not a piece of cake to get Spanish citizenship.

Applying for a Spanish Passport, Ten Checkpoints:


Spanish passport is known in the world for giving its holders great travel freedom. They get access to 185 countries where either no visa is required or it is issued on arrival. A passport so important is not issued easily. Here are the checkpoints you will have to clear to get a Spanish passport:

  1. Residence:

If you have lived in Spain for ten years or more on a permanent visa, you can apply for the citizenship easily. But that period is different for different people. For refugees, it is reduced to five years. And for the citizens of Latin American countries where Spanish is an official language, the period is reduced to mere two years.

  1. Married to a Spaniard:

If you marry a Spaniard, you can apply for citizenship after spending a year in the country. But you will have to submit proof of the marriage.

  1. Permanent Residence:

Before getting citizenship and after spending five years in the country, you can apply for permanent residence that will make getting a Spanish passport easier for you.

  1. Criminal Record:

You will also have to present your criminal record to prove that you have not engaged in any criminal activity during your time in your country. Such records will be issued by authorities in your country.

  1. Financial Record:

Proving that you have the financial means to support yourself will help with your residence application. If there is someone living with you whose responsibility lies on you, you will also have to prove that you have the means to take care of them too.

  1. Marriage Certificate:

If you are applying for residence based on your marital status, you will have to present your marriage certificate to the authorities.

  1. Application Form:

Submit your fully filled application form along with proof that you have paid the application fee.

  1. Spanish Exam:

Unless you are from a Spanish speaking country, you will have to give an exam to prove that you know the language.

  1. Spanish Culture Knowledge:

You will also have to attach the results of an exam in which your knowledge of the Spanish culture will be tested.

  1. Birth Certificate:

Original birth certificate and its certified translation, if it is not in Spanish, will have to be attached with the application. You will also need to get these documents legalized.

When you have checked all of the above-mentioned points, then you can be sure you will get the passport.

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