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Are these dolphins prepping to become marine translators?

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2019)

The fact is that the Dolphins are considered the smartest animals in the aquatic life. They have always been considered incredibly clever; but this has gone to the next level when the Dolphins, who listened to whale sounds, start mimicking the voices they had heard. This new discovery has made some curious riff in the community of Discovery Channel fans. Are we seeing animals, learning each other’s language and have real communications across the specie line and becoming conversational with other species? Are the Dolphins marine translators?

are dolphins translators?

Are dolphins marine translators?

5 dolphins in captivity have started to make whale noises during the night, although they never heard whale sounds in real life but only as recordings, during their daytime shows.

We all know dolphins can be trained to participate in shows or even some marine rescue missions and they are probably the smartest marine animals on Earth, but from that to marine translators is still a long way.

Study: Dolphins emitting whale sounds in their sleep

From marine translators back to humans

We at USA Translate think a bit different. If the Dolphins can be marine translators, why can’t any human become a professional translator? We, as translators, have of course seen this phenomenon in humans on multiple occasions. Kids who are raised abroad learn the languages of their upbringing like they are their own first languages, slang ad euphemisms included. This is because a person will pick on the environment that they live in day and night.

Many individuals who moved away from their native land in their middle age also become fluent and native in the foreign language of the country they moved to. Many achieve this success without even trying, simply because no one around them speaks their native language. And many do not ever learn the language of their surroundings even though they live in a foreign country for many decades because they settle with their own nationality and continue following their native language and customs.

human translators
human linguists

A network of translators

The idea that dolphins can be marine translators is based on the studies fact, that the dolphins can imitate sounds they have never heard live, and that they are the smartest marine animal as they are quick to learn and grasp things. The idea of USA translate is to accept more and more people who have experience in other languages and form a network of translators, based on their actual life experiences.

People, who might have moved to areas different from their own countries or the regions where they were born, have the ability to learn the language of that area while still having prior knowledge. This is what makes them smart, and this is what is needed as well, the ability to deal with more than one language and to translate one language into another. Having the knowledge of the customs and culture of the area where each language is spoken is a plus.

Why US translation services online?

USA Translate does not hesitate to hire individuals who are excellent in a language that may not be native to their heritage. Many people learn foreign languages for various reasons and keep these languages with them for the rest of their life. They conduct business in those languages and even marry into the families that are native speakers of the language.

You will see this phenomenon in the Middle East in the most interesting manner. There are many Arabs that marry westerners while traveling to the west and many westerners who marry into Arabs when they come to the Middle East for business or employment. So you see an incredibly beautiful cultural diversity where individuals who are considered the opposite of each other live together and bring up beautiful, culturally aware children. There is a whole generation of children who are brought up this way and are beautiful heirs of both of their native cultures.

USA Translate thinks that maybe dolphins have learned from humans and are learning to say hello to their fellow Whales thus becoming marine translators.

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