Being Mono-Lingual Can Hurt Your Business

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2017)

If there is one place you would think you could get away with being mono-lingual, it would be the United States

After all this country prides itself on speaking English and has been a significant part of the reason that the world’s business is often carried out in English. So how much would a company in the good old US of A lose by being mono-lingual? The statistics tell us that it could hurt pretty bad. There are approximately 23 million people (i.e. potential customers) in the United States who do not speak English as their primary language. Studies show that people prefer to shop in their primary language, though they are willing not to if necessary. Presenting an “English-only” front to such a customer could cost you their business. If someone who speaks Spanish very well has an option between two companies and one speaks Spanish and one doesn’t, which will the customer choose? All other things being equal, they will probably go to the company where they can speak most comfortably with a representative that is not mono-lingual.

Multilingual agents and employees are preferred

In the absence of staff who can communicate in different languages, a company can at least make the effort to ensure they have printed materials and media available in foreign languages for potential customers. Also having a welcome look for speakers of foreign languages at company locations and facilities will make people feel like they are accepted and understood.

One of the easiest ways to become a bilingual or multilingual company is to have your website translated. It is best to hire a professional translation company to do this for you, with a native speaker of the target language translating. You can have an introduction to your company including information about services and charges on the web. You can also post a “FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)” page in multiple languages. These pages can be translated and posted to inform customers who are mono-lingual about you in their own language.

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