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Birth Certificate Translation in USA and Its Importance when Immigrating

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2019)

Your birth certificate is an important part of the documents which you need for applying for a visa. That is why you need a quality birth certificate translation when you are preparing your visa application documents.

Certified Birth Certificate Translation?

If you come from a country with an official language different from English, you need your birth certificate translated when you plan getting a green card, sponsoring parents’ visitor visa and others.

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High-Quality Translation

Usually there is no need for the birth certificate translation to be notarized but the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services requires it to be certified. The certified translation means that it was made by a professional translator who gives assurances that it is accurate and complete.  The translator must know these two languages very well and have experience in working with them. You need a certified translation because it is considered to be a legally binding record, accepted and recognized by the U.S. institutions.

Along with the translation, there must be a signature of the translator or a representative of the translation company under a statement about the accuracy and the completeness of this certified translation.

Birth Translation & Immigration

Birth certificate translation is required for almost every immigration filing, whether you are trying to get a travel visa or becoming a stable resident or citizen of a nation, maybe with a naturalization certificate.

USCIS requires that a professional translator translate your birth certificate before you present any filing including the birth certificate. Even if you are fluent in both the languages, including English and the language of your birth certificate, a certified translation is still required.

At USA Translate, we take the translation process of birth certificate seriously. Given the importance that this certificate carries particularly at the immigration office, you cannot allow taking risks with the quality of work performed on the birth certificate translation. That is the reason why we exist, to give you best benefit for your time and resources such that the certified birth certificate translation shall smoothen processes such as educational usage, visa petition, and other immigration purposes.

translation of birth certificate

Because of the importance of your birth certificate as a document when you are an immigrant in USA, you need the translation to be made by professionals. Although there are no restrictions in who can certify a translation, the best option is to work with a reliable translation services company which has a rich experience with such translations.

When applying for a visa or green card, everything about your documents should be perfect. This will help the officers process them fast. So, get to know the applying procedure very well, collect all of your documents and make sure that you have received a quality and certified birth certificate translation.

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