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Boliva Soccer Players

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2022)

Bolivia Soccer Players

Since 1926, the national football team of Bolivia (also known as La Verde) has played international football. The Bolivian Football Federation organizes it as one of the 10 FIFA South American Football Confederation members. This team has won many medals, including an Olympic gold medal. They haven’t won an international match in more than a decade. How do they compare to other countries? What are the qualities you should look for in a player?

During a Practice Session

Before a match against Peru, the Bolivian soccer team warms up. Both teams must win this match to be eligible for the 2018 World Cup. The popularity order is used to rank the players. The topmost famous Bolivian players are listed. Jose Francisco Gomez, Limberg Gutierrez, and Milton Erick Melgar are some of the most prominent players.

Some of the best and most famous soccer players globally have been born in the country’s soccer clubs. Many of these players are international superstars. The original team was founded in 1930 and was named after Tachuichi Aguilera. The current national soccer team is comprised of players from the Tachuichi Aguilera football academy. The Academy was founded in 1991 and is home to some of the best players in the country, including former students.

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List of Talented Graduates

Check out the list of talented graduates from the Academy. Juan Carlos Arce Justiniano was born on 10 April 1985, and Limberg Gutierrez is the best Bolivian soccer player. All of them are well-known and have participated in international competitions. They are very prominent in the country and have represented the country at significant football tournaments worldwide. Their photos can be found at the end of this list.

Bolivia is home to some of the best soccer players around. Bolivia is home to some of the best and most promising soccer players. Although the one adores are from other countries, their talent is highly prized. A scholarship at Aguilera Academy is available for those who want to participate in the World Cup. The Academy has produced a large number of top-quality soccer players. Strong academic backgrounds are also important.

The international success of the Bolivian soccer team is a testament to their lack of Olympic experience. Since 1936, the national team of Bolivia has sent Olympic Games athletes. Since 1964, the country has participated in the Summer Olympic Games. It has nearly perfect attendance at all of them. The national under-15 soccer team won gold at the Youth Olympics in Singapore in 2010.

Notable Soccer Players

The country has produced many notable soccer players. Many outstanding players have made a name for themselves internationally. High-caliber soccer players can be found at the Tachuichi Aguilera soccer school in Cochabamba. These three men are among the top soccer players globally and have received numerous awards in international competitions. This is the proudest moment in the country’s history.

Bolivia invented a new version of soccer. Futbol de Salon is indoor soccer played on a court with smaller goals. Although the game has been played in Bolivia since 1926, the national team has not advanced to the World Cup. However, there are many other outstanding Bolivian soccer players. Their soccer skills are still in development because they are mostly young players. They are known for producing great footballers and are well-respected for their ability to be very good.

The nation’s soccer players are amongst the best in the world. Their talent shows in their abilities. These players are known for their hard work and loyalty, in addition to their superb football skills. These players are passionate about their sport, and the country’s national team is regarded as one of the tops in the world. The national team has never advanced beyond the first round of a World Cup. The Academy produces outstanding players.

Copa America has yet to kick off, but 11 players have tested positive for COVID-19 upon arriving in Brazil. Eight are Venezuelans and three Bolivians, soccer bodies of the two countries said on Saturday.

Venezuela, which plays the tournament’s opener on Sunday against the hosts, has summoned 15 new players for its squad. Three members of its coaching staff were also infected.

Its football federation said in a statement that all “are ready to join our group in Brazil later today.” Those infected were not named.

Later the Bolivian Football Federation said three players and one member of its coaching staff tested positive. It added all its infected personnel are in good health and isolated.

  • Copa America drops Argentina as host two weeks before kickoff amid the COVID-19 surge.
  • Chelsea upset Manchester City to capture 2nd Champions League crown

Bolivia’s first match in the tournament will be on Monday against Paraguay.

South American soccer body CONMEBOL stressed in a statement that “the matches will be played as scheduled.”

Brazil health minister Marcelo Queiroga said Venezuela players who have the virus would return only after they test negative. He said there’s no reason for the Brazil match not to occur on Sunday.

What is the National Language In Venezuela?

“There will be no going and coming of players. Players who tested positive will be quarantined,” Queiroga said. “If we had no possibility of positive cases, we wouldn’t need rigorous protocols. Venezuela is lucky that they will bring other athletes.”

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New Arrivals

The new players for Venezuela were goalkeepers Yhonatann Yustiz, Giancarlo Schiavone and Luis Romero; defenders Eduardo Ferreira, Diego Osorio and Francisco La Mantia; midfielders Leonardo Flores, Christian Rivas, Christian Larotonda and Abraham Bahachille; and forwards Richard Figueroa, Daniel Perez, Eric Ramirez, Robinson Flores and Jan Hurtado.

Venezuela was allowed to make profound squad changes because CONMEBOL changed the limit of five substitutions due to COVID-19 in the final list sent by teams.

Coach Jose Peseiro said his preparation for the match had been affected.

“Today, we didn’t practice; we were isolated waiting for the tests. Tomorrow we will play with 11 who did not have the time to practice or play together,” he said. “I won’t have seven players I had in the match against Uruguay.”

On Tuesday, Venezuela had a 0-0 draw against Uruguay in a World Cup qualifier.

Brazil’s Federal District

Earlier, the health secretariat of Brazil’s Federal District, which includes Brasilia, said 12 infected Venezuelans were isolated in a hotel.

“They are all asymptomatic, isolated in single rooms and are being monitored by the team of CONMEBOL” and local specialists, the statement said.

Venezuela arrived in Brazil early Friday. One day earlier, two players tested positive for COVID-19, Wilker Angel, and Rolf Feltscher. They did not come to Brazil, the emergency host of the tournament, after Colombia and Argentina were pulled.

Bolivia’s squad arrived on Friday. The first of nine foreign teams came to Brazil for Copa America.

Brazil has the second-most recorded deaths from the coronavirus globally, more than 480,000. President Jair Bolsonaro, a critic of social distancing policies, is the leading advocate for Copa America, which will have no spectators.

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What is Bolivia ranked in soccer?

Bolivia’s men’s national soccer team is ranked 79th in the FIFA World Rankings.

Is soccer popular in Bolivia?

Football is the most popular sport in Bolivia. Bolivia has over 2,000 football clubs.

Is Bolivia the poorest country?

Bolivia is one of the poorest and most unequal countries in Latin America.

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