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Localization: How not to lose your Brand colors and message in translation

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

With every starting business, whether large or small, your online visibility is the most important factor to be taken into consideration. In the online environment everything is connected and any user can get in touch with your business’ product or services with just one click. That is why you need the best exposure to attract interested customers, and brand localization should be your first concern.

Brand localization and online promotion

Online promotion steps

There are a few important steps to take for the best online promotion of your business:

  1. The first thing to do is to choose from which perspective you want to sell your product or your services, such as quality, industry, field, etc. With this in mind you can proceed to the next ones.
  2. One of the hardest things is to find a name for your brand. This can usually cost you a lot of time because of the brainstorming process. It can take 3 minutes, but it can also take 3 days, this is why it is indicated to be done within a group of people.
  3. The localization of your message is the way to go to overcome different cultural and language barriers and adapting your product for each market. Your website must be tailored to the targeted market by implicating even significant events and holidays so you can really connect with the audience on a deeper level. Translation companies usually offer services like website translation and localization which can be your best choices in this direction.
  4. A huge impact is brought by the color palette of your business’ website and promoting materials. Everything gets another twist if you want to promote your business to anywhere other than your native country. Colors are perceived differently by different countries and the thing that determines this are:
    1. Culture
    2. Religion
    3. Environment
    4. Time period
    5. Trends
color significance
brand colors

Successful Brand Localization

More business owners than ever recognize how vital it is to localize their brand to foreign markets. Brand localization is a process that includes translation to adapt a message to a specific culture. In the case of marketing, brand localization plays a significant role for companies looking to interact with international markets.

The fact is customers overseas are hungry for quality products and services that solve difficulties and make their life easier. The provider of such products and services who can communicate to them in their language is usually missing from the image. By taking advantage of brand localization, your company can be liable to draw lots of new clients and get significant profits from interested foreign customers.

Embracing brand localization is smart because you’d be speaking directly to multiple audiences around the world. You’d be promoting connections not only with prospects and first-time clients but building relationships with returning clients who are very important for your business.

Colors can bring company success

The colors’ meaning differs from one culture or religion to another. Here is an example: Globally, the color is related to safety or money. In France on the other hand, this color is associated with criminality. With a little investment in research, you can give your website a boost in the target market using localization services.

Primary color association according to Korin Iverson, the graphics designer of Tips and Tricks HQ



Red is one of the most dominant colors and will always draw your attention. This color’s meaning can be positive and then it is associated with Power, Love, Excitement, Sexy or Enthusiasm. But it can also be negative like Aggression, Anger, and Violence.

Red in different countries:

  • – In France it represents Masculinity
  • – In Most of Asia it shows Happiness and Prosperity
  • – In India it is the Symbol of the Soldier
  • – In South Africa it represents Mourning
  • – In Australia Aborigines it is considered as the Ceremonial Color


Yellow is considered the first color that the human eye can recognize. It creates the feeling of Wisdom, Joy, Friendship, Caution, but can also have a negative meanings like Jealousy, Cowardice and Deceit.

Yellow in different countries:

  • – It is the color of the robes worn by Buddhist priests
  • – In Burma and Egypt it is the color for Mourning
  • – In India it represents merchants and farmers
  • – For Hindu this color is worn for the Festival of Spring
  • – In Middle East it represents Happiness and Prosperity
  • – In Greece it shows Sadness


As you have probably noticed, this is the color most commonly used in advertising. It usually means Trust, Knowledge, Peace or Loyalty. A negative aspect would be that it can suggest Depression, Detachment or Apathy. Using colors in a smart way and keeping it the same when doing localization will provide your brand consistency.

Blue perceived in different countries:

  • – To Most of the World it is considered a masculine color
  • – In China it is seen as a color for little girls
  • – In Iran, Korea and Mexico it is the color for Mourning
  • – While in Eastern Cultures it is a sign of Immortality

Doing some research in these areas, even though it is hourly or financially consuming, the result is worth it. Take these aspects into consideration, because having the right idea, name and brand can easily get you on the right path for success.

We at USA Translate can help you by offering our Website Translation and Localization Services so that your online brand localization will leave a high impact on different markets and international audiences.

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