can a notary public translate documents

Can a notary public translate documents?

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2019)

Can a notary public translate documents? The short answer is yes; a notary can translate and certify a document in the US. If a person asks a notary for a translation, and the notary is fluent in the languages used, the notary may translate the document.

Can a notary public translate documents?

Well, certified document translation is not an official job of the notary because there are some rules notaries have to follow when performing a translation.

Humans love authority and holding power but everyone chooses a different method of pursuing power. Some become politicians and rulers. They enjoy long years in the office if they manage to gain the trust of the masses. Some turn to jobs that are not associated with the government but the state. These jobs range from foreign service officers to revenue officials. Although all of the power positions are given to people to help the masses, there are some jobs that are designed for those who want to make others’ lives easier through their work. One such position which is related to important documents is that of a notary public.

They have helped people in more ways than can be realized. Their duties include not only verifying the identity of a document but also helping people understand legal papers so they know what they are signing and what that signature could mean for them. A lot of people don’t know what exactly those holding this position do and as a result, there is a misconception that they can translate a document. They can’t but if you need to translate and notarize a document, we can do that for you. We also provide translation notary statement so get in touch with us for all your translation and notarization needs.

the rule

The rule

Some people believe that a notary has the legal power to translate documents created or written in a foreign language. Just because one state allows notaries to translate a document doesn’t really mean another state will, because rules regarding the notary work differ from state to state.

Can a notary public translate documents? Notaries are allowed to translate documents for clients, although not in an official capacity. And if the notary opts to translate a document, he/she can’t notarize any signature on the document. The document must be notarized by a notary who didn’t translate it.

Certification of Documents

Notaries can also certify a document in the US and they are normally asked to certify a document. But not all states, however, authorize notaries to do this service. Not all documents are entitled for certification by a notary. The following information will facilitate your understanding better.

The act of document certification is completely different from the notarial act involving a signed document. Notary does not take an acknowledgment from anyone, he/she just make or witness the making of a translation or a copy of a document, or evaluate a translated document with the original document, and then certify that the document is a true reproduction of the original.

certification of documents

Can All Notaries Certify Documents?

Now that you already know the answer to your main question – can a notary public translate documents, let’s see if a notary can certify documents. the short answer: not in every state. Some US states like New York and Michigan do not permit notaries to certify documents as an official notarial act, and some states limit the types of documents or records that notaries may certify:

  • Florida Notaries must be available when the document is made. The Florida notary performing the certification must either create the copy or supervise the person who makes the copy. Also, Florida notaries can’t certify copies of very important records if a copy can be prepared by the custodian of the public record.
  • California Notaries can only certify copy of power of attorney, or copy of its own journal entries if demanded by the court.
  • Michigan notaries cannot certify a document that it is a true copy of the original document. They can only acknowledge the signature of the person making the original or true copy statement on the document.
  • Texas allows notaries to certify a copy only if the original is a non-recordable document. We know this rather well as we are a translation company in El Paso, Texas.

When a notary certifies a document, he/she is not promising the accuracy of the original document, its contents, or its possessions. The notary is simply stating that the copy of the document is a true and absolute copy of the original document that existed. The notary’s certification is prepared in a notarial certificate worded specifically for this purpose.

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