Chinese immigration in America

A Certified Chinese Translator is Needed for Chinese Immigration in America

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2019)

When individuals who were previously married in China and got divorced move to the United States; they find that they have some paperwork to face regarding their previous relationships. United States law states that there is a lot of credibility made regarding the previous marriage that a Chinese person may have had. Therefore a certified Chinese translator is needed for Chinese immigration in America.

Who remembers watching Jackie Chan’s dubbed movies as a kid? Everyone, right? They were the best because they had the perfect blend of humor and action. But sometimes when one of those movies were on TV with subtitles and without dubbing, we realized how complicated and unique a language does the Chinese speak. Since it was so different from English, it made a lasting impression on a lot of people’s minds. Some even tried to learn it after growing up and a few succeeded too. But the vast differences between the two languages make Chinese a very difficult language to learn for those who speak English. Which is okay since most of us will never need it in our lives.

And those among us who do need it will require its translation for one purpose or another. Now since the language is so unique, it cannot be interpreted by just anybody. You can try going to a bilingual person for help, but the results will be disastrous, especially if you need a certified interpretation. The only one who can help you is a Certified Chinese Translator who has years of expertise in the field and we can help you connect with one since we have qualified native translators on our team.

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Where to get a certified Chinese translator?

USA Translate says that this is because of a general stigma, sadly, comes that says that there are many individuals who try and get married in the United States for visa or residency while they have spouses in China as well. This pushes the United States to carry out laws that encourage the Chinese and many other populations to show paperwork that proves severance of old relationships back home before making new ones in the United States.

Divorces are sad tragedies that occur because life isn’t fair. But if you are a divorced couple in China and you want to immigrate to the United States of America, you have to follow a specific procedure to ensure that your papers are taken in and cleared effectively. Chinese immigration in America is a bit tough due to this but proper translations will get you there.

Chinese immigration in America

If you are dealing with Chinese immigration in America then you have two reasons to ask whether you need to go through special procedures in order to process your divorce papers through the US immigration system. Both will require a certified Chinese translator.

Marrying a US citizen: If you want to marry a US citizen and you are a Chinese national who was previously married in China; you will have to present a divorce certificate with a certified translation to the US Immigration and Citizenship office. You will require it to get your marriage visa or fiancé visa (K-1 visa or K-2) processed.

Chinese Residents: Even when you are already living in the United States and want to get married here, you will require a Chinese divorce certificate while you apply for civil marriage in US court to marry someone in the United States.

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Chinese To English Certified Translation Services

The certification should be translated in accordance with the US Federal Regulations 8 CFR 1103.2 (b) 2 relating to the US Department of Homeland Security/Immigration Regulations/Powers and Duties – Availability of Records

These translations are provided by the Chinese to English translators who are experts in divorce certificates. They have experience in dealing with agencies such as USCIS, US passport, US colleges, US schools and US courts. They know the legal requirements of the Chinese immigration in America by heart and they produce divorce certificate translation that caters to the specifications of these offices right down to the ‘T’.

USCIS regulations ask that the translator himself certify that Chinese to English translation is complete and accurate. They also have to verify that they are competent in translations from Chinese to English.

USA Translate is here to help you out with all of your paperwork requirements to let the past go and begin a new life in your new home, including a certified Chinese translator. We have an excellent team that works with many professionals who will produce the best and most perfect paperwork for you to present to the legal office.

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